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mrspeteAugust 5, 2014

The subject is bedroom doors: We have three doors in the master bedroom. One for the bedroom itself, one for the closet, one for the bath.

The main bedroom door and the closet door are too close together, and they're going to bump into one another and be an aggravation . . . forever. The locations of these doors is unchangeable.

Would it be okay to use a pocket door for the closet, knowing it'll rarely be closed anyway, yet stick to standard hinge doors for the bedroom and bath?

I would not want to use pocket doors for the other two doors. Unlike the closet door, they're doors that are used constantly, and a pocket door in those locations would likely wear out.

Would a pocket door in between two regular hinge doors look odd?

Assume, obviously, that the pocket door would match the other doors in terms of size, style and color.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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I don't see why that would be weird at all if the pocket door was the same style and color. Would a "twin door" or maybe an "accordion door" work?

Here is a link that might be useful: Twin Door

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I would use a pocket door.

Is making one (or both) an inswing door so they don't bump each other? Even if you use a pocket door, is the bedroom door going to block the closet door when the bedroom door s open?

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mrs pete - we did that very same thing. Bath and bedroom are swinging and the closet is pocket. We do use it on occasion but very rarely and our closet is also a pass through to the laundry.

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We're using pockets for our closets and Mba. Didn't want the closet doors swinging into the narrow hall, and the MBa door would be open mostly anyways. (L shaped bath with shower and WC around a corner) Just get the same style door for the pockets as your main door and it'll all match.

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Thanks, folks. You've convinced me that a pocket door is an acceptable choice.

Yes, I'd kicked around the idea of a bi-fold door, but I think I like the idea of a door that disappears altogether better.

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The pocket door will be offset slightly from the plane of the bathroom door and offset more from the plane of the bedroom door.

The trouble with pocket doors is the shallow hardware that is designed to disappear into the pocket and is a nail breaker to open. A better solution is to make the door opening larger and use a pullman style handle with a stop that keeps the handle from hitting the jamb.

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Mrs. Pete..I would love to see your floor plan if you are comfortable sharing it. I know you have worked hard on it. Congratulations on reaching this point.

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Personally, I don't think I'd like a pocket door because as you say, the tendency would be to leave it open. I would not want my closet on view all the time even if it's only on view to me! Would narrow french or double doors for the closet be in the way of the other doors? We have them on our coat closets and I find them very functional. As a secondary solution I like Renovator's idea of a stop that prevents a pocket door from closing flush with the jamb.

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I vote pocket. It's good to use them sparingly in a build and you need to keep an eye on the hardware, but this sounds like an ideal situation for a pocket door - will not get heavy use, does not need a regular door to separate spaces from sound and/or smells. :)

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I just put a pocket door in an area with 3 standard doors. As others said, keeping it the same style & color makes it less obvious that it is different.

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Have you considered a barn door? I was having similar issues in my sons bedroom. I showed him some of theses doors from pinterest and he thinks they are the coolest thing. Problem solved .

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We used pocket doors in closets, but mainly our master. I closed it just the other day to see if it was painted ;). We've been in for 8 months! It is thru the master and thru the bath, I doubt it will ever be closed again. Btw, it is painted and the hardware is nice. I will say, placement of switches can be a bit challenging...

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I did pocket doors for my closet and think it's fine. But also consider turning a bi-fold into a double french door?? I did this into my bathroom because there wasn't much space to pass by to the far side of the bed with a full-size door open, so it's halved the space the door occupied when open.

Here's a link on how to:

I personally followed her directions and LOVE my double doors!! It's SOOO fancy looking that guests always comment on it. They think it's a fancy custom door, not an old bifold closet door modified lol. Wish I had done that with all my sliding doors in hindsight...

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Yes, I did knock around the idea of a barn door, but I quickly dismissed it. Since the two doors are side by side, if I do a barn door for the closet, I feel that I'd have to do the same for the bathroom . . . and I don't want a barn door bathroom. The only barn door I've ever seen in real life was a bathroom door on a hotel room, and while it was okay, I didn't like that it provided visual privacy . . . but no acoustical privacy.

Small French doors are a definite possibility. I could even go with glass type doors -- with fabric behind, which would give some color to that wall.

We are definitely the type of people who -- if we go with the pocket door -- will probably close it about once a year. The open door wouldn't bother us in the least.

However, I've also been considering simply turning the door "in" instead of "out". I know, "in" means that some of the closet space will be covered by the door, inaccessible unless you go into the closet and close the door . . . but that bit of closet is going to be the least useful anyway -- you'd have to see the floorplan for that to make sense.

Anyway, LOTS of good thoughts! Thank you so much for your help!

Red, yes, I will be very glad to share my plan -- I'll try to put it up this afternoon. My program and printer don't play nicely together -- anything I print comes up in shades of light gray /unreadable. So I'll need to print a copy and then ink over it by hand. It'll take me a bit to get it looking nice for y'all.

My husband and I are rather pleased with it, and I'm a bit frustrated that it'll still be probably two years 'til we can begin construction. Our youngest is a high school senior, and we aren't leaving our current house now while she's in that transitional year. Then, since she's not really emotionally ready to leave home, she's almost certain to begin at our community college, so she's going to stay home at least another year after high school, then transfer. While I wholeheartedly support these decisions and know they're best for her, one little part of me says, "But I am ready to build my new house now." Of course, I never give voice to that thought.

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We are doing a pocket door on the MBath because when it is open it blocks the linen closet.

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