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mudlady_gwAugust 21, 2011

I am considering a trip to Door Peninsula in October and I want a motel with Free WiFi, or at least the opportunity to pay for the internet. I read a number of advertisements of motels in which the internet isn't mentioned. I found one place that said it had DISH TV and one that offered DSL. I think the peninsula may not be well served with high speed internet and email. Does anyone know about those services on the peninsula? I am going to Google for a McDonald's because I would expect them to offer WiFi.

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"Today's Door County visitor often comes equipped with his or her laptop with a wireless internet card installed and at the ready. But you're not going to find an airport or a Starbucks to get your internet fix for the day. Fortunately, however, there is an ever-increasing number of venues for you to try. We'll strive to keep the following list of hotspots as current as possible."

See link for more:

Here is a link that might be useful: wifi Door Peninsula

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Thanks Zep 516. I wonder how well my Verizon (very simple) cell phone will work. I travel fairly often and always check with my pet sitter every day. Until recently I had 4 dogs and 3 cats. Sadly, I now have only one dog and three cats. I may bring the dog with me.

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Not sure about the Verizon phone. Definitely take the dog. We have more then 10 cats..

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I used to have four rescued/adopted Siberian huskies, but three have died and I have only one now. I do have three cats in the house where they are safe from the Sibes who would kill them instantly if the opportunity arose.

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