HP Laptop Cannot connect to internet Via wireless Or Direstly

iggieAugust 5, 2013

I have an HP laptop using windows vista, reached a point where I could not connect to the internet via wireless or direct. I took thing to a repair place was told I needed a new hard drive, they installed one charged me 145. Thing worked haphazardly for about a month, cusor would jump around in the middle of a word but otherwise ok. Then last week when I tried to get on line got the message that computer could not connect to the internet just like before they installed the hard drive. Took laptop back to repair place was told thing needed a new mother board and they wanted additional money told them to kiss off and took computer. A friend suggested that I might fix it by installing and external USB wireless device, I bought a Cisco wireless USB valet, did not help a bit. The laptop powers up fine and I can get to the point of selecting a connection but cannot get on the web. After thinking about it I was stupid to buy the new hard drive idea, a hard drive would not have anything to do with connecting to the internet. Also I now get the message that the version windows they installed was not genuine. Is there anything I can do to fix this thing or should I toss it? Any help will be thoroughly appreciated. Iggie

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PKponder TX

So are you unable to connect or unable to browse? They are 2 different things. If you are unable to connect, what error are you getting? Tell us about the home network. Do you have a cable modem or something else? What router do you have?

Can you manually navigate to www.google.com? Many times I have had customers state that they can't get online when in reality, they just had their browser opening to a home page that was just a bad web address.

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"Also I now get the message that the version windows they installed was not genuine."

It may need to activated.

Genuine Windows: frequently asked questions

Please read the link for possible help.

As for the internet connection, do other computers connect in your house, the reason I ask is having an issue with both wireless and direct connection (Ethernet) seem to suggest a possible router / modem issue.

Here is a link that might be useful: genuine/faq

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Did they install Vista when they replaced the hard drive?

You need to return to them and tell them to re-install but use the 25 digit activation code on the sticker underneath your laptop. This is totally legal. Perhaps they used a pirate version so if you get any flack from them suggest that unless this issue is resolved you will contact Microsoft telling them this person in using illegal software. Also suggest you will contact your local BBB

You also need to get that old hard drive back. Whether it is defective or not is of no consequence, your data is on that drive and you do not need it sold at a flea market or other outlet.

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Thanks for the replies. I am using a Netgear wireless router and we have another HP laptop that connects wirelessly to the internet without problem also a desktop that works fine where internet connection concerned. I do not get any error message simply the message when I try to connect to say Internet explorer a caption, saying the computer cannot display the webpage and that I am not connected to the internet. When I run the help stuff I get a message that they cannot repair problem and suggest I call my internet provider. My internet provider( Road Runner Via Time Warner) says they cannot help me because my service is working properly and my problem is with computer. I will call the repair place tomorrow, they are supposedly a reputable company. Thanks again to all who replied. Iggie

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It does not seem to be a network adapter issue either, as both wireless and direct connection are problematic.

The next step to see if a program typically Anti Virus is causing issue. So lets boot the computer to safe mode with Networking and see if you can connect that way, lets just concentrate using a direct connection.

Restart the computer, keep tapping the F8 Key, the computer will boot to the advanced boot options menu black screen with white letter. From the list presented to you, use the arrow key to select Safe Mode With Networking once selected hit enter on the keyboard. Now try to connect to only Google.com. Let us know if you can connect that way. Do not surf the internet in this mode.

Please be sure to try another browser too maybe before doing all this above in case this is a silly internet explorer issue..


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I did as suggested started laptop and tapping the F8 key. I got the safe caption with networking I then hit enter. When I tried to connect to Google. I got a message saying that my connection had been lost and to try and reconnect.. I then shut the unit down. My desk top works fine as does my wife,s laptop which we use via wireless. Thanks to all who replied. Iggie

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