Gas Cooktop: Bosch vs. Fagor

eleenaOctober 8, 2012

Considering Bosch 800 Series NGM8054UC ($984.6 after rebate) and Fagor 3FIA5GLSTX ($799 + 2-piece induction set).

To me, the $185 price difference is not a big deal when it comes to major appliances, especially b/c I already have a portable induction unit.

Style-wise, they are pretty close.

Bosch is slightly more powerful (which is a plus) but slightly wider (31" vs 28", which is a minus).

Ir really boils down to quality: reliability, longevity, and performance.

Which one do you think I should get and why?


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How much do you need five burners?

The Fagor has that nice triple-ring 10500 BTU burner in the middle. The Bosch has conventional burners and the larger burner in the middle crowds the others slightly. I'd look at Bosch's sister brand Thermador which has a counterpart to the Bosch (SGS305FS) with a similar layout, plus my favorite of these, a 4-burner version of same (SGS304FS) that has only a bridge grate in the middle, but that allows more space for the other four burners and still manages one 16,000 BTU burner that's much more powerful than the Fagor's triple burner and equal to the larger central burner in the Bosch or Thermador 5-burner 31" cooktops. Thermador uses single-ring burners throughout, but they're star shaped. Theoretically that provides more even heat without resorting to complex double or triple burners. Don't know if does in practice, but they sure look cool (which is probably why they use them). Being Thermador, they probably charge more than the related Bosch units, although the 4-burner model may be in the same range as the Bosch.

I also like the Bertazzoni P24400X 23" 4-burner cooktop that makes the most of a small space, has a 12K dual-ring burner, and is surprisingly affordable, or the Gaggenau of the same size. The latter two leave plenty of space for a nearby induction cooktop.

I've never used any of these though (except the Gaggenau I mentioned) so can't vouch for their performance.

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You are my hero!

Your post made me realize that I had been trying to solve a wrong problem.

Of course, I need a 24" (no more, no less) gas in order to fit an induction unit and optimize the number of burners for my tight space! And I was going between 12" (or 15") and 30" ones, that is why I couldn't figure it out for such a long time.

I am guessing you like your Gaggenau 24" unit?

I am curious if Gaggenau gas units are really that different from other brands to justify the price tag?

Or is it just about the brand name?

Unless they also cook by themselves w/o your interference, LOL

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I had a 24"w Gaggenau gas cooktop where i used to live (which worked great) but I'm going electric in my new place. Gaggenau's cooktops aren't as expensive as their ovens (what is?), and you can often pick up a new 12"w or 15"w unit for a three-digit price tag. You can match some of their electric, induction, and gas cooktops along with downdraft vents (or even a one-of-a-kind pop-up updraft vent that nestles between your cooktops and/or grill) for matching controls if you care about such things (I usually don't).

This is another 24" gas cooktop I like. Four different sized burners, including a double-ring 13,300 BTU, and it may be the least-crowded 24"w cooktop out there, with three of the burners offset so you don't have to lean over one pot to get to another.

Here is a link that might be useful: Smeg SR60GHU3

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"Gaggenau's cooktops aren't as expensive as their ovens (what is?), and you can often pick up a new 12"w or 15"w unit for a three-digit price tag".

Where??? I'd really love to know.

Even the floor models I have seen were selling for ~$1200.

BTW, we "settled" on this particular SMEG yesterday! I think it gives me the best bang for the buck.

My very first plan was to have 3 Wolf modules but I tried and did not like their induction at all.

One of my recent plans (before this thread) included 3 Miele combisets: 2 12" gas (wok and 2-burner) units plus 15" induction.

But that would be 24" for gas with 3 burners - and for a much higher price - vs. 4 burners on SMEG. Yes, I know Miele wok unit will be more powerful and it is a better brand.

If I knew I'd be in this house for a very long time, I wouldn't care about the price difference but I am not sure at the moment.

I am not a chef or a gourmet cook (nor I aspire to become one). I seriously doubt that I'd miss the 20K power. :-)

But my plans are still evolving... Who knows what I'll feel tomorrow if someone brings an 24" all-surface induction to the market within a few weeks? LOL

Thanks for all your help!

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Starting to look like we're going to have the exact same kitchens when we're all done....

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Do you have a SMEG DW?

Any pix of the kitchen in progress?

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Talk about LOL. I have a room full of appliances still in their boxes and an empty kitchen waiting for me to decide which and how many walls to remove before I can even start laying out the cabinets.

I have a Miele dishwasher, near top of the line, stainless steel with 3 racks and configured to hold large/heavy items on the upper rack, glasses and small items on the bottom rack (leaning over to lift something heavy is liable to make me fall). It's about 5 years old but in good condition - I obtained it via barter. I'm so impressed with the new Miele dishwashers though that I may sell the old one and buy new.

Here's what I have so far:
Miele DW
ISE Evolution 3/4hp disposer
Elkay undermount D-shape sink
Gaggenau 12" and 24" halogen cooktops (don't know which will fit yet) (both bought years ago for a project that fell through)
Gaggenau 12" barbeque grill (new)
Miele W1926 240 volt washer that I'm taking with me from my prev. home
Kenmore gas dryer (white one that looks like a Frigidaire)
ISE H-990 instant hot water dispenser
Cree CR6 overhead LED recessed lights

Also, several items for a downstairs kitchenette that will serve two bedrooms and a new bath: a 24"w undercounter U-Line fridge/freezer/icemaker, a single-drawer 24"w, 16"h Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer dishwasher, another 12"w Gaggenau halogen cooktop. I still need a little bar sink and a microwave (maybe that new tiny cube-shaped Whirlpool, or maybe the Sharp 24"w hanging MW. Nah, let's go for a GE Advantium 240 over the cooktop, which serves as a microwave, a convection oven, a speedcooker, a warming drawer, or even a toaster. I'll be all set, a full kitchen in a tiny space.

Now all I need is some cabinets, countertops, wall coverings, new windows, a full-size fridge, the Fagor 24"w side-opening oven (I'm waiting until I know which side it needs to open; there are different models for right and left) and construction and demolition of several walls. I also need to decide on how to ventilate the grill and cooktop, and run several electric lines to power things this 1940s house never had, like a dishwasher, disposer, grill, electric cooktop, and maybe a laundry machine (Fagor's 240-volt combination washer/dryer that fits undercounter and is only 24" wide and deep, and needs only a cold water feed to work. It washes and dries the clothes in one shot.

Should be done in a few days .... :-)

Oh and I'm renovating the basement and adding a bathroom and two bedrooms as well. So far all I've bought is a Kohler 6' tub, which is currently keeping my unused appliances company.

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Oh, I'm thinking of getting a Smeg 36" DW too if I land a good price for one and can find the space for it, in which case I'd save the Miele for a future project/sell it/give it to a friend

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Oh I do need a fridge, don't I?

I'm lusting after this looks-like-built-in-but-isn't Kenmore Elite pair, which is actually just a nice separate freestanding 32"w cabinet-depth fridge with a same-size upright freezer next to it, surrounded by an optional trim kit that makes them look like a huge Sub-Zero with an overhead compressor. The two of them cost 35% what a real set of built-ins would. I may need to keep them separate though, or may not have room enough and have to stick with a boring 36" side-by-side freestanding fridge.

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Oh, and I thought I was the only one buying appliances before having the layout. :-)

Then what are you doing on GW instead of working on it? LOL.

I guess the same thing as I am...

BTW, it looks like I may not be buying a SMEG gas cooktop. I found a 12" Gaggenau yesterday for a 3-digit price - by accident as I was not even looking.

Thanks for the list!

I have not even started looking at certain things, so it helps.

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