Is this feasible?

WalkerlifeNovember 6, 2013

I'm looking to create a nicer bathroom, but toying with the idea of nixing the standing shower and trying to go with a tub/shower combo. I'm attaching two photos I've found that show this. I like the molding/trim work that frames the space. Could this lead to a potential moisture problem?

I imagine a shower curtain rod could just go on the inside of the trim.
Also, what kind of alcove tub would allow a wood paneled front?

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Here is the other photo I've saved.

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My sister had a set up like that with a ventilation fan located outside the shower. There was always a problem with moisture in the upper corners of the shower. I would want to be certain the steam rising in the shower behind the panel had some place to go.

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When I built my kids' bathroom years ago, I installed a cast iron tub and then built a wall on the "front" of the tub. It has an arched opening you step through to get into the tub. With the tub being 5' long and the side walls each being maybe 12"-15" wide, the arched opening is 30"-36" wide.

The ventilation fan is located on the ceiling above the tub, inside the enclosure.

We've never had any moisture or mildew problems on the walls or ceiling.

With the type of design in either of your two photos, you don't necessarily need a tub that will "allow" a wood-paneled front.

Those two designs might actually have a piece of stone or solid-surface material set on top of and along the length of the front edge of the tub. The topping material can be sized to overhang the front of the tub enough to allow a wood-paneled or tiled apron front to be installed under that topping.

Since I pretty much enclosed my tub in with that front wall, I used a cast iron tub for durability.

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If you do go with this model, the second one seems a better choice, with the alcove trim being high enough and unobtrusive. The first one looks too enclosed and constricting. Hope to see how it went!

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