Wood vs. vinyl windows

frozenelvesAugust 24, 2012

We are really trying to get our design within our budget, and our builder said that we can't afford wood windows (on the inside) and should do vinyl as it will save a lot. We are having a darker stained trim and medium floors throughout the house. He says that the windows he uses only come in white or beige. I can't help but think that will look bad. Any opinions?

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I'm not a great fan of white or beige vinyl paired with wood trim but it may depend to some degree on your wall color. There are vinyl brands that have a wood look laminate trim. At least one of these I've seen in person and it doesn't look cheap at all, and is a higher quality window than builders grade. More expensive than the ones he uses too I'm sure, but you get what you pay for. Probably less than wood tho.

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If you are doing all painted trim, it can look OK, but it can look cheap and plasticky as well. Go look in person at the windows he is recommending. That is one item that is very expensive to change out later and it really affects the look of the home negatively if you choose unwisely. I would look to cut costs by going with a low cost carpet and basic laminate counters, etc, before I'd cut window costs and end up with something that didn't look right. Those are items that are easy to upgrade later. But you have to see the choices in person to be able to judge, as well as examine their specs.

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Epiarch Designs

pleae provide more info then wood or vinyl. What specific brands is he recommending or what wood brands?
I personally hate vinyl windows. There are some very good quality non-vinyl options such as full fiberglass Marvin Integrity Ultrex and also the Wood Ultrex, whcih is just a small upcharge but gets you wood on the inside. The other option is to adjust the window quanity and sizes. Consider adding more fixed windows instead of operable. THese wont only save you upfront money, but also they are more energy efficient. All windows do not need to open.
Big round top windows add a lot if you have any of those as well.

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+1 on lzerarc's comments

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There are windows that save money that are not vinyl. You should be talking to a window to a window specialist. It's dis not a simple matter of wood vs vinyl.

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