Approximate cost of a Wolf 30' gas range???

lds1October 12, 2009

Can anyone tell me the approximate cost of their 30" Wolf gas range? Have been searching online and can't believe I can't get a cost. I understand there will be variations in price but I'd just like to understand if it can be on our radar or if it's totally out of budget.

Also, I've seen some posts complaining about the small oven space in this range... have you found this to be the case? I bake a lot (desserts and casseroles) so oven space is key.

Thanks in advance!

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For a given distributor (some geographic territory), there probably won't be any variation in price, except up, for price. As far as I know, Wolf/SubZero is a UMRP brand -- the dealers sign a contract that forbids them to sell under a specific price. It's legal price fixing, 90s style.

You also won't find pricing on the web for many brands, as they forbid dealers to sell out of their own "local delivery" areas. Others just have an outright policy that their dealers can't advertise prices.

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We recently shopped these and in the upper midwest we could purchase one for $3999.00. There is a rebate deal but it requires purchasing more than one Wolf/Sub-zero product.

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In the SoCal region, the UMRP for the Wolf is $3,999.00. Same thing for the Viking 30" all gas range. While I know that Viking increased the interior dimensions of its oven in the 30" in its latest model, I don't know about the Wolf yet. I plan to look tomorrow, as I'm shopping for one, too.

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Ok, very helpful all, thank you. Not sure we can justify the extra +$2k over a GE Profile gas range as we plan to rebuild in 5-8 yrs or so and would then want a 36" range. Hmmm... is there anything in between? Perhaps a bit better than GE profile?

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Wow-I need to move. Upper midwest and SoCal area for $4000. Today looked at and fell in love with 30" Wolf model DF304-cheapest price in Lake Erie area is $5731. If I could find it here for $4000 I'd snap it up in a heartbeat!

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Check out a post called "nxr." This is getting rave reviews. I have been doing a lot of research, and actually got a hold of several appliance repair folks that have come across these are say they are "excellent" ranges. From a reliable source from a company called PSE&G in New Jersey that fixes appliances across a 2 million plus customer base. They are an electric and gas utility in NJ. They said all the parts are the same ones found on Wolf ranges. At $5000 for a Wolf...why bother. I am sure it is light years better than the profile.

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If you can stand it for five years, look at the $800-ish Frigidaires -- they were one of the few "box-store" pieces I considered paying money for. Decent burners and continuous, cast-iron-esque grates; a "good, disposable" piece, in my opinion. I have a hard time justifying the price of the GE, as it, in my opinion, doesn't cook much better than the Frigidaire would.

The NXR is a very interesting piece at the $2000 price point. I would agree that it "cooks better" than the Frigidaire or GE.

American Range isn't, from what I can tell, a UMRP brand, and the 30" piece can be had for under $3000 here (San Francisco), or through online sources.

The BlueStar 30" piece seems to be closer to $4000 (though I have not checked with EuroStoves for their pricing on the 30", only the 36"). I do know that the northern California distributor is letting the 36" stainless pieces he has in stock go for 10% below UMRP. I chose to do business through EuroStoves for a variety of reasons, even though the local promotion was not nationwide.

If you're looking for a "Realtor-recognized" brand, see if Thermador has any on closeout at your local retailer. I understand they are changing models and discounts below UMRP may be available.

To Chris -- many retailers can sell in an area that is more than just a stone's throw in radius. You may be able to get one or more of the reputable NYC dealers to deliver to you. Don't talk with Trevor at EuroStoves if you have your heart set on the Wolf, you're likely to be persuaded to consider other options, be they sealed-burner or open, especially as $5,000 buys an awesome 6-burner piece delivered to your doorstep

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What about a used one on Craigslist?
For example, when I remodel, I may put my Viking 30 in gas up for sale on Craigslist or move it to my rental house and remodel that kitchen. Have not decided...

I think I want an induction!

The reality is that a used Wolf Gas will work pretty well. There are no electronics on these... Just a thought!

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chris45ny, I had no idea price would vary that much even with UMRP. I ended up with the dual fuel model and still payed less than what the AG would cost you. Higher end appliance buying has been an odd experience.

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sfjeff - don't mean to hijack but can you be more specific with your Frigidaire recommendation. The range has been by far my hardest decision. I am debating everything from BlueStar to NXR and now this lower end Frigidaire.

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Chris and owls, you may be looking at the difference between DF and all gas. Chris you specifically stated DF304 and the price owls is quoting seems about right for all gas (although a little low-seems like the 30" all gas was about $4k a couple of years ago when we were looking.)

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tom_p_pa stuck on the range decision. The NXR threw me off completely. I am so convinced that spending half as much for a range makes sense. I am not a pro cook by any means, so the look is a big driver for me, and the NXR seems to have a good look with good performance, certainly better than the run of the mills ranges (as people have been calling them). I guess all this research has opened the NXR possibility I never thought of before. I have been back to the store 10 times by now, and just cannot see a 2 grand difference between the NXR and its upscale counterparts. I have not heard anything bad about its performance. I called AusTex that sells them, and they have had ZERO returns or complaints. Someone mentioned about it being hard to clean, but others said it is not.

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capecodcook, I missed the model number in chris45ny's post. I was quoting the AG price but the DF price in the upper midwest is $5149 still less than the $5731. The difference makes more sense now.

lds1, if you like the Profile you may want to look at the GE Cafe too. I could not find any range in between those two general price ranges with good service available in our area. We also looked at DCS while less than the Wolf it's still in that price area. The Cafe as 5 burners (sort of) and a lower oven drawer that heats up to 450. Prices vary so shop around and ask for the best price.

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I believe it was the Frigidaire FGGF3042KF -- Selling, at the time, at our San Francisco area Lowe's for $799 with "free" delivery. I looked at the next model up, but I didn't think that the oval-shaped burner and slightly different convection system would make a significant difference for us. Going down a model, I didn't like the grates or knobs as much, and it was virtually the same price.

We had one on hold until we discovered that we'd need gas work. For better or for worse, the "let's replace the range so we can get by for a few years" headed down the slippery slope of NXR, 30" American Range, 36" American Range, and eventually a 36" BlueStar.

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I have been down that slippery slope as well but with a piano from a used Yamaha upright to 6' Schimmel grand. Sigh.

Guess I know where I am heading range wise.

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Here in Santa Monica, CA, I saw the AG 30" Wolf for $4,259.

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Thx to everyone for the responses. We're now thinking of going to a 36" wolf that we can keep when we rebuild down the road (5-10 yrs).

SFJeff, we're also in the bay area- on the Peninsula... where should we look for the best price on this?

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Wolf is UMRP, as far as I know. You are unlikely to find an authorized dealer selling below that point. The dealer I used to like in Burlingame isn't who they were a few years back, and I didn't get good service in the place in San Francisco I used to trust. I'd avoid Cherin's as they have proven to me that they have no respect for women there.

I've recently had good conversations with Todd at General Appliance in Berkeley, but have not done business with him, so I can't comment past the "good feeling" there. A few years back East Bay Restaurant supply was carrying residential ranges, including Wolf. You might want to check them, potentially for a floor model or a closeout.

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Freidman's in Concord has a beautiful showroom and a wide range of sales staff knowledge. Jay there was helpful. I have no impression of their business practices. (Though on a $3000 purchase of a UMRP product, I would think that they'd pay the delivery, which they don't.)

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Ours will be $3999, but I just learned that the S-grates are going to be (gulp!) $128 each for 4 burners and $50 for the center for a total of $562!!

(Why, one wonders, would it cost an additional 14% to have the grates--which are not add-ons, but are necessary to the operation of the equipment--shaped differently?) Does that seem excessive to anyone else?

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Wow. I think I always assumed you could order the range with either style of grates - I'm planning on purchasing a 36" AG 6 burner next month and had been contemplating which grate style. Almost $800 more for the curvy grates seems a bit steep to me.

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That seems excessive to me also but that's what often happens, some companies suck you in then sting you for the extras that everyone really wants in the first place.

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just purchased a wolf 30" all gas range, got a floor model for 3499. slight cosmetic imperfections not noticeable and worth the $500 savings which will go towards my faucet.

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In Oct 09, we got our wolf AG 30" range for a little under $3000. I wasn't planning on buying a range, but the price was right and there was free delivery. I was at a special "tent" sale in the parking lot and there was only one 30" wolf range. It seems like the wolf prices are pretty much the same from dealer to dealer, but I was lucky.

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Tom P PA, did you ever get the NXR?

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shibainu, where did you find the Wolf for under $3k? I'm envious!

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willinak, I'm sorry for the late reply. I'm only here when I am shopping or doing research. Our Wolf was purchased in the Denver, CO. Before, I was seriously considering a used 30" Viking AG for $2000 off Craigslist. It was a few years and need a cleaning. I called the next day, and it was sold. For this reason, I thought our wolf range seemed like a good deal.

I was lucky, again, and found a short riser for the wolf on ebay for under $20.

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Some in this thread are confusing the All Gas model that is lower in cost with the Dual Fuel model that is close to 6 grand!

Devil is in the details.

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where can I buy WOLF df304? In Toronto today price 5000$

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Craigslist ? ? ?

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