Kenmore SBS fridge - year 2000 - acts like freezer

jallyOctober 14, 2013

OK, here's my issue.

I removed the 2nd-to-bottom drawer of fridge to make more room for veggies, since a shelf has more room than a drawer.

All along that worked fine, but lately I find the veggies such as carrots and zuccini are becoming frozen no matter which way I click the veg/meat switch.

Does anyone here have any idea why this could be happening?

Added note which may or not be a factor:
the bottom drawer is stuffed to the hilt with baggies and plastic jar of dry fruit such as craisins and choco bits. I just don't use the fridge for storing meats, rather I use the freezer for meats.


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anyone have a clue?

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Turn the main dial up in temperature. Your drawers are a set degree below the main temp. If the drawer is freezing, turn up the temp on the whole fridge.

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MF, thanks - though to clarify - which are you referring to:

The Air Balance (which adjusts between fridge & freezer)?
..that's now set at "3"

Or Thermostat (which deals with entire unit)
..that's now set at "4"

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Update - I now have both the AirBalance & Thermostat knobs turned to dead-center, because just today, I removed a seltzer which was lying on the shelf above the bottomMost drawer...

...only to find that the seltzer had turned into a block of ice.

And my egg cartons are on the same shelf. I'm scared to see what they turned into.

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