DCS Owners - 5+griddle or 6+griddle

adamdocOctober 23, 2012

Hi all - I think I'm leaning fairly decisively toward a DCS all gas range for the price, infrared broiler, great racks, and overall reviews. My question is this: do we get the 5 burner + large griddle option, or the 6+griddle? DCS doesn't do an 8 burner.

5+griddle Pros/Cons: large central area for huge pots, larger griddle... BUT, if we don't love the griddle, we wasted a potential burner... Unless we can use this as a burner. Any feedback there? Also, how often do folks really use all 6 burners? If you have a central burner, can you use all 5, or is it central alone vs. the 4 peripheral?

6+griddle Pros: more burners, BUT potentially a too-small-to-be-useful griddle. I have searched like crazy, and can't find a ton of good stuff on 11" griddles being adequate or not...

Advice appreciated.

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I gather you're looking at the 48" range. I have a 30" range with just the 5-burner configuration. I like the range configuration a lot but to be honest I've never used all 5 burners at once. You can put pots on all 5 burners at once but if you put a wok or very large pot on the central burner you are limited to smaller pots on the side burners. I have used 2 woks at once by putting them on the 2 front burners. I don't have or really need a griddle - that's really a personal choice you'll have to make based on what you cook and how much of it. I'd probably go for the 6 burners and smaller griddle but it really depends if you think you would use a large griddle a lot. You can also buy a griddle pan to put over 2 of the burners if you want more griddle space.

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For anyone who owns a DCS with griddle, how well does the griddle work and does it take a long time to heat up?

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Wow - old post coming back! I did end up buying the 6-burner with the 11" griddle. I must say that I love it. We only recently started using the griddle regularly, but I find it to be fantastic. I've used it mostly for french toast (a family favorite), and find it ready for cooking in about 5 minutes, though I am definitely not letting it heat up fully, and after a batch or two, things get going more quickly. I find the heat to be VERY even, with only the inch closest to the drip catch being slightly cooler. It's a great griddle, and a far cry from electric versions or cast-iron-over-burner types. Do make sure you season it well, though. It took us about 5 batches and 2 rounds of seasoning for the surface to be 100% nonstick.

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Adamdoc, we are also getting a DCS range but the 36" 6 burner model. Can you tell me if the range top is easy to clean and what you use to clean it? Thanks.

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So, the range top is easy to keep clean, but not easy to keep spotless. I wipe splatters/spills pretty quickly with a wet paper towel, and then use barkeepers friend for occasional stuck/burnt spots. That said, I'm learning to get used to the look of well used appliances, which is tough for me because I am generally the guy that wants everything to look new forever. This appliance will from the kitchen, but not when looking down on it while cooking, if that makes sense...

Basically, the stainless front rail, and visible front of the stove are easy to keep new looking with regular cleaners, but the beaded steel top itself, while clean, will show signs of use pretty quickly. The barkeepers friend will make it look great, but not new. We have a few scattered brown spots (tiny) here and there that just won't come off. That said, it doesn't look gross - just used. Even my old ceramic top had some spots you couldn't quite get off, but the black background color made them harder to see.

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Thank you Adam, I was wondering that about the top. I really wanted a BS but after the way they treat their customers no way. So DCS it is, I'll pick up some bar keepers friend. Thank you. :)

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Thanks for bringing this thread back to life.

I am having a hard time deciding on a range and can't stop thinking about the DCS (vs. Wolf) for a sealed burner. I was concerned about the cleaning issue, but Adam, what you said about keeping it clean has eased my mind a bit. Still considering the Bluestar as an open burner choice, but the oven door heat is a big concern for me. Does the DCS oven door get too hot to touch?

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Sorry for the delay! No, the oven door does not get hot. We actually had our neighbor's kids over yesterday to help them bake for a school project, and they were able to press their noses right up to the glass (I didn't recommend this, but as a not-yet-parent, I didn't stop them in time). They were totally fine. The glass is just slightly warm, but not even uncomfortable to the touch.

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