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lisadluNovember 12, 2013

Hello - We are currently redoing our MB shower but the guest bathroom shower/tub combo is immediately next! After researching it looks like an acrylic tub is overall best but I don't want the non-skid bottom. Can anyone recommend a 30x60 tub, 14" high, nice glossy acrylic without a non-skid bottom? I don't want it to feel or sound flimsy either. Like to keep it below $400. Thanks!

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I can not imagine why anyone would want to risk falling in a tub by not having the traction a textured bottom offers. I would never recommend a tub without the texture,it is just not safe.

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I prefer to use a pebble-like bathmat instead so I can control when I use it. Have you ever tried to relax in a bath with a non-skid bottom? It feels like you are sitting on sandpaper at best and cleaning it can be challenging. Maybe others have "bottom friendly" non-skid tubs they would recommend. :)

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Hi again, if you use a bathmat can't you cover the textured surface? I have a cast iron tub from Kohler and the textured bottom is not an issue for me. I take a bath daily without feeling uncomfortable sitting or lying in the tub. It is not hard to clean either. I wipe it down on the sides daily to prevent the bathtub ring, but just hose out the bottom. Then every week or so do a cleaning of the whole thing. My tub is nice and white. Maybe water hardness plays into how grimy the textured bottom gets. I know some people think the texture is a dirt trap.

I am the only one using the tub and I don't work on our farm (I work in town). If my DH would be in the tub daily I am sure it would be dirtier. Anyway, I have no idea what an acrylic tub texture would be like. But my cast iron is a great tub.

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