best way to switch from avg to mse

steve_flAugust 17, 2012

Thinking of switching from AVG free version to MSE for virus protection.

AVG seems to be slowing down my computer.

What is best way to do this-

Download MSE into desktop file, then delete AVG, and then activate MSE?

Or would some other method be preferable?

Also what is best method of getting rid of all AVG remnants?

Windows 7 SP1



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download it first, but dont install until after you uninstall AVG in Control Panel and run the AVG Removal tool to make sure its gone ... is what most people do.

Here is a link that might be useful: AVG Remover

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Before installing MSE give some thought to running the registry tool in CCleaner. In the report only select the AVG and Grisoft entries. Be sure to use the offered backup feature.


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Thanks for the info-
Will AVG leave any other "remnants" around that need to be cleaned out?

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If you run that uninstall tool.. it should clean up settings and get rid of most all program pieces.. for sure all critical junk so other anti-virus wont conflict.

After I uninstall an AVG and run the uninstall tool,
I might ...... enable all hidden files and folder options from control panel .. probably quickly look in the folders...
as well as "Program Files"
Delete any/all AVG or Grisoft folders.

Look in Services & registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software & LOCAL_MACHINE\Softare for them too.

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The Total Uninstall program is very capable at cleaning up a lot things that the regular uninstall leaves behind.

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