If you buy an appliance online, installation?

crl_October 30, 2012

We are in the market for a small refrigerator and a 30 inch gas range. If we buy online, how do we get them into the house and who do we get to hook up the range? (Frig won't have ice or anything so no installation--just pug in.).

One possibility is the NXR from Costco, which I understand would be delivered curbside. So we would need help getting it into the house. And then a plumber? To hook it up?


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From recent personal experience with both an NXR from Costco and a new fridge, what you need is an appliance dolly and help to move the things. An appliance dolly can be rented and is definitely worth it.

If you have an older home, check the width of the doors. Remember to measure between the stops rather than measuring the door itself. If you have narrow doors, you may have to remove the oven door from the NXR. (That also lightens the load, too.)

A plumber is a good person to have hook up the NXR for you if you are not compentent to do it yourself or if you just want somebody to make sure all is proper wnad without leaks. In some places, the public utilities will provide this service or at least verify the absence of leaks.

For a smaller fridge, you might have to remove the door handles or, if you have very narrrow doors and a bigger fridge, you might have to remove the fridge doors to get the unit in the house. Then, you put the doors back on, adjust the leveling, and you are good to go.

You might note that Costco sells Whirlppol fridges with "white glove" delivery which takes care of all of that (provided you do not live in Alaska, Hawaii, MOntana, Puerto Rico or Wyoming).

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Agree with all that was posted above. installing a gas range is not that hard anyone that's handy and has a few wrenches can do it. the thing is to check for leaks with some soapy water. just get some on the fittings where they go together and if you don't see more bubbles form you did it right, then level it in place and cook.

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There's yellow "teflon" sealant tape specific for gas connections ... as compared to the white that's used for water connections.

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yes yellow Teflon tape for gas, white or sometimes pink for water connection.

I got my stove in April and Lowe's couldn't get the yellow tape. something about batches not up to quality so I had to use a pipe dope compound approved for gas.

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I think there is different tape for LP...not 100 % sure though...anybody?

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None of my appliances, except my floor model wall ovens, were purchased through an appliance store so all install (even the ovens as I had to take delivery on them months before the kitchen was done) was up to us. DH rented an appliance dolly to bring in the built-in fridge and ovens. He and our electrician installed everything with the help of a friend for muscle. Then I had my HVAC gas plumber come to hook up the gas rangetop. He had brought the gas line to the kitchen months earlier.

As a side note just in case you have newly laid and finished hardwood floors, make sure you put ram board or the like over your floors before rolling the appliance dolly through your mud room, dining room, and kitchen because little rocks and be embedded in the dolly wheels. Results arent pretty. My DH learned the haaaard way on that one. :)

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Thanks all!

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Check with the seller. Sometimes they offer an 'extended' delivery which will place the unit into your kitchen and not at the curb. Sometimes they also offer installation for another additional charge.

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Same teflon tape gets used for NG and LP. Have a look at this older threads:


If you are tackling the hookup yourself, you use tape or dope/sealant on the iron pipes fittings but the flexible gas connector from the gas shutoff valve to the range should have flare fittings on each end of the connector. Flare connections are precision machined fittings. You should not put dope or tape on a flare connection.

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