Anyone Else Have Serious Juno ISP Problems?

candlerAugust 19, 2010

Howdy. Until about April, 2010 I had around 2,500 stored e-mail in very neat, tidy Juno subject folders. Shame on me! Then Juno lumped them all into their own folder called "Restored April 6, 2010".

Since then I've moved or disposed of a bunch of e-mail and was down to 940 until today. Guess what!!! Today they again wiped out all e-mail folders and lumped them into one called "Restored August 19, 2010".

I seriously would like to know if anyone else is foolish enough to have Juno as their ISP? Or has anyone else had problems with Juno in other respects? Thanks. Gene

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I had it and had no complaints of any kind, but never saved my emails like that. Most servers like Juno can't handle large amounts of email. I print out anything important and delete my emails after a month or two. I also delete my sent, deleted, etc. every month even now with cable.

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I still use Juno mail, even though i have dropped juno isp
years ago..never had any problem with should be saving
the emails you want to your computer then you want have this kind of problem....

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Thanks for your replies. I'm glad you've stayed out of Juno's harm's way. I hope it continues for you. I'll be away from them completely, thank goodness, when I get their the most recent screwup straightened out.

I've not used Juno as an ISP for years. The e-mail retention is one of those old habits die hard things. I'm old and slow. I've been clearing out a lot of e-mail in the past several months (April over 2,500; earlier today 960; and a forced 625 a few minutes ago). I've dropped maybe 500 e-mail that contained very interesting scientific and nature pictures that I enjoyed viewing occasionally.

They're now gone thanks to Juno. If Juno allowed me to retain over 2,500 without a whimper then why did they hit me again when I had less than 1,000? Bye

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One thing I don't like about Free Juno now is they put ads in the email. My Sis uses it and it always had an ad or two (URL) in the ad. I clicked on one thinking it was one she wanted me to see, I had to turn off my PC to get out of it.

You can right click on photos in an email and chose "save image as". that may vary with different email software.

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I still use Juno email, but never the ISP(it uses IE), nor Juno email on the web. Still as a dial up user, I find it faster and simpler to navigate than any online email client.

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