Need feedback on a home plan.....Please :-)

stefsimsAugust 6, 2014

Hi All,

My husband and I just purchased a lot and are now starting the design process. After speaking with a design builder, here is a plan he proposed. I have a number of possible changes, but would love to get everyone's perspective on look & functionality. Thanks in advance for your husband and I are clueless :-)

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There's a lot I like about it, but at first glance I think it's very odd to have the garage doors opening in the back. And his and her toilets? That's a first!

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This isn't the easiest to read plan, so I am stabbing in the dark a bit here:

- Many of these rooms are vastly over-sized -- they'll be expensive to build . . . and to furnish, maintain, and heat/cool -- and that extra space isn't arranged in such a way as to be particularly functional. For example, you could cut the master bedroom down significantly and still have a generous-sized room, and if you flatten out the back wall of the house, you'll simplify your footprint and save on building costs.

- The bathroom is literally large enough to park a car, and do you have two toilets? Both crammed into tiny closets in such a way that when you enter the room you'll have to scootch up next to the toilet to close the door.

- The large staircase backs up to what I think is a closet. I'd definitely extend the closet to take advantage of that under-stair area. It'd be "short storage", but it'd be great for suitcases and boxes.

- The plan has good sight lines throughout.

- The washer and dryer would be better placed on an exterior wall (so the dryer could vent directly to the outside). I'd lose some of the cabinets in the laundry; unlike most of the house, this room appears a bit cramped.

- I think I'd do away with the wall that creates a hallway to the laundry. It blocks traffic in that back hallway -- you'll walk in, and there'll be a wall right ahead of you. Instead, just let that back area be a larger entry hall. You might want to put in a door to block off the whole "casual entrance /laundry" area -- perhaps a pocket door there by the edge of the dining room.

- The dining room's a fairly long way from the kitchen. Carrying dishes and glasses back and forth will be a real chore.

- You have lots of "dead space" between the kitchen island and the great room.

- Note that your plumbing is strung literally from one side of the house to the other. This is expensive to install, and it means more potential places to leak in the future. You can't fix all of this, but you could flip the mudroom and the laundry so that the laundry would "back up to" the kitchen. And perhaps the half bath could go over to that corner too.

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Wow, excellent feedback, and I totally agree with all!!! Thanks so much! (and so sorry about the hard-to-read first draft)

- The garage arrangement, I'm not in to......
- Not really liking entering master from family room (need entry from a hallway).
- Master bath toilet rooms are too close to bedroom entry (and are too small).
- Don't like 1-story covered porch connected to 2-story family room (because it's a 2-story room, and it will block sun/views to the back area). Want to move it somewhere as to not block light/views.

Thanks again for your thoughts/input!!!!! We are virgin builders :-).

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Oh, this is another plan I'm considering (with a few modifications):
- enlarging kitchen/ keeping room
- creating a breakfast nook (instead of it being in middle of room).
- making dining & study alittle larger
- removing elevator

Is this better than previous one? Any thoughts on this one? Thanks!!!!

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The foundation to build that house would be a small fortune.

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Have you worked with an architect yet? Or are you just pulling random plans off the internet? Plans with 2 toilets in the master?

The first plan - there are no dimensions. But either that master shower is HUGE, or else it's a tight squeeze to get in and out of it.

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We are trying to find plans that match what we think we want, but a builder we met actually draws out sketches of plans. He then takes to an architect to formalize (that's the 1st draft plan).

The 1st plan first floor square footage is 3300sq. That plan needs to be formalized with room dimensions to get a better feel.

Thanks so much on the feedback on the 2nd plan......didn't know that would be an expensive!

I guess we are back to the drawing board. We welcome all additional really helps us!

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It's hard to see that first one.

To me, that 2nd one is really expansive. That master suite is humongous. My old master bedroom was 19 x 19 and there was so much space, that I could do cartwheels in it and we had a bulky queen bed, side tables, long dresser and mirror, large armoire, and 2 dog crates.

His and hers toilets? Never heard of that before! I just wouldn't want that for the cleaning purposes :o)

That terrace is awesome! Being surrounded on 3 sides will help protect it from wind. I would say cut that other side porches out because that terrace is great enough!!

If you want to enlarge your study, would you keep the home office as well?

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Great points Aimless07!

The two toilets is for the marriage :-)
I plan to get rid of the home office.
Thanks for insight on the size of master bedroom.

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Bloated and dysfunctional.

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