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emmaAugust 5, 2012

I had to call MS for help with my Office Home and Student 2010. While we were waiting for the connection to my computer I asked him about W 8 and for what it is worth here is what he said. It is more of a special edition for use by laptop and tablets and desktops. He said the next OS after that will have the start button and reg OS like we usually get. I really hope that is true.

In case anyone else has the same problem I had with office home and student 2010 which was reverting back to trial version. He uninstalled the trial version and it should be okay now. I had already uninstalled the starter version, but there was more to it than that. He also helped get rid those tiny black zig zag lines in word that I couldn't get rid off. While I watched him do that I saw a place to change the 1.5 spacing to single spacing. In was in the drop down paragraph section.

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I have a favorite expression - I never jump off a lily pad until I'm sure about the lily pad I'm jumping to. I don't get wet that way.

Personally, I would put no stock into something a tech support person says. Companies closely guard product development plans, and certainly would not share such strategic info with someone dealing only with historical products.

If he said that Win 8 is just for laptops, tablets, and desktops, tell me then what it isn't for? (That's a pretty comprehensive list, excluding only servers, most of which don't run desktop Windows anyway)

My suggestion is that you should choose from what you see and assume nothing about what you don't see. You should look into Win 8, get it if you like it, but make no assumptions about what might happen at some future date.

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I said in my post I hope what he said is true. I am skeptical when someone I don't know tells me things. I just thought you all might be interested in what he said. He is the one who has to be trained and will work with what is on the market. I don't want such a drastic change in computers. If I knew that was the future I would buy a second W 7 and that would probably prevent me from having to use the new systems.

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