Does a reasonably quiet refrigerator exist?

tima9209October 24, 2008

I've had a new Samsung RF267 refrigerator for about three weeks now, and I would describe its noise signature as follows:

1. The compressor sounds like a bad fluorescent ballast audible at least 50 feet away.

2. There are random creaks, ticks, and pops audible 80 feet away around a corner and through a hallway into a bedroom (office).

3, Up close, the fan makes an oscillating hum, and the circulating refrigerant sounds like a box of crickets.

This is actually worse than the LG SxS I returned due to the incessant, high-pitched, oscillating overtone it produced whenever its compressor was running. My old Kitchenaid was nowhere near as obnoxious as these two expensive Korean monsters. I took a chance on the Samsung after reading comments from people saying "they can't hear the refrigerator." My conclusion is that they aren't very sophisticated in assessing noise levels; perhaps their ambient noise level is very high (kids, traffic, whatnot), the fridge truly is off when they listen to it, maybe just the fan is running, or they're hearing-impaired. Or maybe they're just sales reps doing some astroturfing, as I heard the same story from salespeople at Lowe's and Best Buy. Reading user reviews of the CR recommended refrigerators, most everyone that actually buys one hates it.

So what's a person to do? Continue playing musical refrigerators in hopes of finding one that isn't a modern piece of noisy, unreliable (but pretty!) junk? Feeling very frustrated, and looking for advice.

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I should have mentioned that the random creaks, ticks, and pops occur every couple of minutes while the fridge is running.

I could have mentioned a very common complaint, the noisy icemaker, but you see, that doesn't bother me much due to the infrequency of the truly loud ice dropping action. I would not return the fridge over this.

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This may not be an option for you but I have the Subzero 736 TCI RF and the SZ ref drawers and never hear either of them at all eexcept maybe when standing in front of them and opening and closing the most.

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Kenmore Elite - two years going and never a sound heard. Flawless performance.

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LG is around 38-40 dB, which is about as quiet as any refrigerator on the market. IF you had problems with that, then I'd have to say your hearing is more sensitive than an average person, or your installation contributes to your perceived noise level.

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How is your fridge installed? As mentioned by Live wire, it may be part of your installation. Do you have a sound meter? Maybe you can take measurement to give an objective idea of how load it is. Is the fridge level, I wonder if some of what you are hearing is vibration.
You can get a sound meter at Radio shack pretty inexpensively.

I have a Liebherr and it is virtually silent. I am in an open floor plan and cannot hear in it in the living room.

Good luck and I hope you find a solution to your problem soon!

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Ditto on our Therm columns. I never hear them. They are clearly quieter than our Miele dishwashers or U Line beverage center, none of which are noisy.

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Regarding the 40 dB LG claim, as I recall, the manual fails to specify the distance at which it was measured, whether it was from the front or back, whether the fridge was in a tightly enclosed space or the middle of a room, and so forth. It's basically a meaningless claim, and to put it in perspective, 40 dB fans for computers are considered way unacceptable at places like, and for good reason - They are loud at typical human/computer distances of several feet. These fridges I'm talking about are loud at several TENs of feet.

I'm sure the installation contributes to the problem, with tile floors and an open floor plan, but the 12 y/o Kitchenaid never bothered me. In the same location, the Kitchenaid made some deep-pitched, steady fan noise, but the new LG and Samsung refrigerators are truly obnoxious for the multiple reasons already given. Moving the new fridges out away from the walls does not improve things. I do own a Radio Shack SPL meter I used to help calibrate my home theater room, and it measures 61 dB at the back of the Samsung and a little less at the front when the compressor is running. The meter won't go below 50 dB, but as I said, my mid-40's ears can easily hear the fridge 80' away, around a corner and down the hall. The fridges have all been level. I've considered adding some sound dampening material to the walls behind and to the left of the fridge, but I've held off as it seems such a ridiculous thing to do, especially when a 12 y/o Kitchenaid in the same location never bothered me. I also don't expect it would help much. After living with these two new fridges for about three weeks each, I never got used to them to where I didn't want to leave my living room to get away from them. The Samsung creaking/clicking/popping aside, the office (the room 80' away) is tolerable, since the low-level computer fan noise drowns out the compressor noise, at least after the compressor has had a few seconds to run. Both the Samsung and LG compressors start off very loud, and the LG was a lot worse than the Samsung in that respect. But all my complaining has to do with their steady state noise, i.e. the quietest they get when they run.

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I will try and measure mine but it is quieter than my laptop fan. Granted, my laptop is a beast but the fridge is much quieter. You may want to look at other options. They may cost more but if quiet is what you want then it may be your only option.


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Jeez, I thought $1400 (LG) was a lot, and then $2000 (Samsung) was a fortune. :) I'm 99% certain the Samsung is going back at this point. Maybe a Kenmore Elite SxS will be the next experiment. I don't know what the world's coming to; even my new GE range runs a loud fan that doesn't shut off for a couple of hours after we're finished with the oven. The 12 y/o Magic Chef never did that, and it never broke down once with daily use. It really seems there has been an industry-wide decree that everything shall now be cr*p. BTW, I'd do a dance for a fridge as quiet as my laptop! (DVD drive excluded. )

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I have an entire showroom full of LG, GE, Maytag, etc. and the only ones I can even hear are the Maytags. Even the 4 LG french doors all in a row (free standing on concrete floors with no soft surfaces anywhere near) don't make as much noise as you indicate your one LG made. I don't think that my showroom is any exception to the performance seen in a residential situation. I truly believe you either got a one off lemon, or your hearing is exceptionally acute, or your install situation is so unique as to magnify normal noise levels.

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I have a new LG French Door since 2/08 that I truly never hear. By never, I mean I think I've heard it three times in nine months for a few seconds! I can't get over how quiet this fridge is!

Now, I don't have the water/ice dispenser on the door as I just don't like them and I did not connect the ice maker because I use very little ice so I just make my own. I don't know how much noise those things contribute, but the fridge alone, is incredibly quiet... I hope you can clear up the issue or are able to get a new fridge.

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Hey Live Wire Oak.....Do you know if Samsung and LG are made by the same people? Someone at Lowe's told me that they are practically the same. What do you think about the current LG French door models? I know a lot have had problems in the past year or so....THANKS!!

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We have a KA Architect Series counter-depth for 4 years now. The only time I can hear the compressor is in the early morning hours when the house is silent. KA is Whirlpool, and I think Kenmore is a re-badged Whirlpool too.


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I have a KA counterdepth, almost 5 years now, and it's essentially silent. I never notice it running, I don't even hear the ice drop. I'm very pleased, and quite impressed with how quiet it is, since my old fridge could be heard upstairs!

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To live_wire_oak: If your showroom is like a Lowe's, or a Best Buy, or a Sears, or every other showroom I've ever visited, its ambient noise level is far too high to judge the noise level of a refrigerator as it would exist in a home. In fact, while shopping at Lowe's, a sales rep offered to turn on a fridge to see how loud it was, and I smiled as I stopped him from performing a pointless experiment. Maybe he just didn't know any better. As for your suggesting a second time my hearing is hyper-acute, let me repeat I'm in my mid-40's and have a normal degree of presbycusis. I'm also not overly obsessive, just perceptive. To use my computer as an example, I don't seek utter silence as some do at; I'm happy with a low level of dull, constant white noise. What does drive me nuts with computers is high-pitched whining (think ball-bearing hard drives 8+ years ago) and especially varying pitch, e.g. a "whoo-whoo-whoo..." sound, which I used to get with my dual CPU setup 10 years ago, which I solved by using different fans on the CPUs instead of the same fans provided by Intel on each.

Let me also repeat that the Samsung's noise level is the same whether it's in its designated space or pulled out into the room. Finally, let me again repeat that my 12 y/o Kitchenaid was a lot quieter in my current environment than the new LG and Samsung. So it ain't me. It's these "new and improved" modern refrigerators. I've never in my life heard a silent refrigerator, which is what makes me doubt these claims otherwise. I suspect astroturfing, or listening while the fridge is off, or the existence of a noisy baseline environment, with kids, TV, HVAC, washer/dryer, dishwasher, traffic, etc, or simply not being particularly perceptive. To give you an example of the latter, I spoke to a friend this morning who said, "I don't think my fridge is that loud." I just looked aside and remarked, "OK", but at the moment, her fridge was louder than both my new LG and Samsung combined, and it was emitting a rhythmic, metallic grinding sound that deserved to be ended with a bullet or two. To further put it in perspective, a few years ago, I noticed her TV was very dim and washed out. I proceeded to use a bottle of Windex and two rolls of paper towels to remove all the tobacco crud that had accumulated over many years. It made a dramatic improvement, and you know what? She didn't really care.

To minette99: Both the LG and Samsung I tried had the water/ice on the door, which was a first for me, and which I did like. Maybe that's the common factor that makes for a noisy refrigerator overall. I like the convenience, but I value quietness a heck of a lot more. Maybe I'll get a more primitive fridge, save some money, improve reliability, and hopefully regain some quietness in the process. Which LG model did you get? Thanks for your input.

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I have a service call scheduled for my new lg 22.6 french door with ice in door. Best looking but noisest fridge I've ever owned. May just have a different compressor than the one without the ice in door as I didn't see many complaints about that one. Who knows. I'll let you know what the service person says. I wish I had an 1000 sq ft showroom to minimize the noise....

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You can actually return these things? I thought once bought, they are yours, even if there are equipment breakdowns.

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One thing I can say for my Monogram is that it is very quiet. There are some other small things I don't like about it, but noise is not one of them.

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Subzero is silent. Have had it for 4 years how and not until this thread had I remembered how loud our old JennAir was. It was like loud Rice Krispies.

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Isn't sub zero in another level of quality and expense? Let me know if I can buy one for 2K like the Lg. I'd love to have one. Sometimes you do get what you pay for. If they can't fix my LG then some one else will own it.

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I'm with tima. I have a $2200 Maytag, stainless, cabinet depth, Frech door, bottom freezer, that makes a ton of noise when the fan runs. I can hear it all over the house. It's beautiful to look at, but I've got to get rid of it, at a loss. It's all this new technology and energy efficiency, cause I too had a 10 yr old that made NO noise. I don't have ice/water in the door, so that's not what makes the noise. It's that damn fan running every 20 minutes. Don't know what to do.

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It's not uncommon for newer refrigerators/freezers to be a bit noiser than their predecessors. They have to meet Energy Star requirements and their insulation has to be geared toward thermal efficency and not acoustic insulation. Some are noisier than others. Since it matters to you a lot I would do extensive research on the quietest refrigerators and then pick the best one you can. Use GW, Epinions, Consumer Reports and anywhere else you can. However, searching for the elusive truly quiet new refrigerator may be like searching for a white whale, so you may want to consider sound insulation between you and the refrigerator. Since you are obviously knowledgeable about sound, consider closing doors, putting weatherstripping around interior doors, reconfiguring furniture so as to block the sound from traveling in straight lines to hard surfaces (i.e. walls), etc. Nothing else will likely satisfy you in the end.

- Jim

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Unfortunately now everything is made for a slim profit unless you're going very high dollar. The looks are great but the quality is going down hill. These are the first generation energy star appliances and I save 30 bucks a year. 3 bucks a month to hear it echo through my house. Someone will figure out how to make them quiet. Sadly we are the first group to be taken advantage of. The manufactures will take care of it when it all shakes out.

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Tima, I can understand your frustration. I'm noise sensitive too, though my hearing is normal and also in my 40s. I really don't know if the ice/water in the door is a significant factor in the door or not. I've never had it as I just don't prefer the look of it, I really don't "need" the convenience of it and I don't really use ice often.

It IS very hard to know the noise level when shopping for a fridge and I had my fingers crossed when it was delivered. But it was so quiet that several hours after it arrived, I wondered if it was working properly because I wasn't hearing anything. But as I also said in my earlier post, I also didn't connect my ice maker.

This model is (LG) LFC22740ST. It's 22.4 cubic feet and actually was the start of my kitchen reno. But -- unfortunately (side note), I thought I was just buying a new fridge, so I needed to find one that fit into the designated space surrounded by existing cabinets. This was the ONLY one I found that I liked that fit!

Well, the new fridge prompted me to re-do the whole kitchen, including new cabinets... Had I realized that I was going to do the whole thing and get new cabinets, I'd have bought a slightly larger model. But the size is comfortable enough and I do like it a lot. I should say though that I have read mixed reviews on LG products.

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Alittle update. According to my repair guy, the reason behind the increased noise in my lg 22.6 french door is due to the ice in the door and the fan that ran continously at initial start up. Granted it does cycle on and off now that the ice maker is fully operational. He's ordered another fan but doubts it will be much quieter. Not the compressor though...just the fan humming. I can cut the ice maker off and it's pretty quiet. Kinda defeats the purpose of having one....

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My Liebherr doesn't make any noise...I can't say enough good things about it.

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Thanks to tima9209 for bringing up this subject -- what a nice web site. When I complain to friends about my noisy refrig. they look at me as though I'm crazy. "Get a life already." Ok, I'm sensitive to noise, what can I say. It starated 16 years ago with a new top freezer Maytag in a new house with an open plan. Oi Vai. The service tech. told me the compressor had been downsized to bring lower to the floor the storage space inside (apparently a lot of short people out there). The appliance sounded like a Mack truck and audible throughout the house. Five years later I sacked the Maytag for a KitchenAid Superba side by side which is somewhat quieter but not much. I read in the den adjacent to the kitchen so the noise is very disturbing. I tried to sleep in the den one night last winter when the fireplace was going, and it was impossible even with earplugs.

I never knew there would be support for this sort of problem but thanks to the web and to this site, I've found it. I've taken shknbk's recommendation and purchased a new Liebherr 2062 french door bottom freezer at great cost.

It's unfortunate how American manufactuers of ordinary refrigerators place so little priority on noise in their design of these products. Not everyone has kids screaming, the TV set blaring 24 hours a day and clothes dryers and dish washers running all of the time to drown out the overly loud noise level of a refrig. compressor. My former home had an ancient Whirlpool top freezer which came with the place, and I never heard a peep out of that refrigerator for 14 years. The mechanical space was higher off the floor, yes, but who cares. I want a sane civilzed environment. And so I have to pay more than twice what I should have to pay for a decent refrigerator. Give me a break.

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I sympathize with tima9209 and others on this page. I just purchased a side-by-side GE 25.4 GSHS5KGXSS energy star refrigerator, and it emits a high-pitched chirping sound. I might as well have a kitchen full of crickets and it's driving me crazy. I called GE service, and the repairman who visited said that the noise was completely normal and that it could also make a lot of other worse noises. He told me bluntly, and I quote "GE doesn't make a quiet refrigerator". I suppose that without the "Deluxe Quiet Design" feature advertised for this model, it would have sounded like a blowdryer.

I admit that my hearing is more sensitive than most, but my previous refrigerator was an 8 year old Whirlpool, which made little noise other than a soft hum when the compressor was running. So it's not just me.

Has anyone else out there had any success beyond the uber-expensive Liebherr?

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I thought I was the only one who cared about this. People look at me like I'm crazy when I talk about it.

I purchased a Kitchen Aid Architect Series cabinet depth refrigerator about 6 years ago based on a Consumer Reports recommendation. The compressor runs about 75% of the time, by design. It's an awful 60HZ hum. I paid over $2000 for it and have been looking forward to the day I could get rid of it.

This awful machine chased me out of a large kitchen that was 1/2 used as a family room. I am only now starting to tolerate it.

Short of a built in, I am ready to replace it and price is only a limited issue if I can find one that is quiet. French door models are supposed to be more quiet by design. I don't care about cabinet depth; it's not an issue.

Please keep posting.

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We had a horribly noisy Amana bottom freezer refrigerator for 8 years. It was so noisy, it would keep us awake at night (in our bedroom at the other end of the house). Sometimes we would just unplug it to get some relief.

When it finally died, we were happy. As you all have found, though, it's not easy finding a quiet refrigerator. We were also restricted because we need a cabinet depth size. We looked at the Liebherr, but we would have had to remove a cabinet to get it to fit, plus it cost $4,000, which seemed excessive. We ended up getting a Summit for about $900.

The downside: it's small (~16 cf). Temperature fluctuates a lot. Sometimes things freeze inside. The freezer is small and has no light.

However, it IS quiet.

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I never thought about refrigerator noise until I started reading in this forum -- and after we bought ours. Through a fluke, our plans changed from a CD to a built-in at the last minute (we were offered one at a discount). Then we changed to the Thermador columns. Silent. I love them anyway, but threads like this make me happy we made the splurge.

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I bought a very basic Maytag fridge when I moved here 6 years back. One of the reasons I bought it, was because it featured a so called "Noise Reduction Package", according to the Sears Canada on-line shopping site. If there's anything at all about this fridge that is intended to make it quieter, I can't imagine what that would be. I've looked at it from the back. There's a simple piece of light weight cardboard-like material with maybe a half inch of insulation protecting the compressor at the back. The compressor itself is anything but quiet. It doesn't sound faulty in any way; just loud for a fridge compressor, particularly for a fridge that's not very big, (under 17 cu. ft.).
I too thought if I somehow insulated the enclosure the fridge is in, that it would help. I had stapled some carpet to walls of the enclosure my computer tower is in, and that seemed to cut down the sound a lot. So I tried the same sort of thing with the fridge, as well as inserting wood on either side of the fridge near the front, from near the floor to close to the top, leaving just enough of an opening for sufficient air intake. The fridge exhausts its warm air from a vent at the front beneath the door, so there's no problem with overheating. I used to repair appliances, and I'm pretty sure the environment is plenty healthy for normal operation. Unfortunately though, after all that, the fridge is still pretty noisy by my standards. I'm also a sound technician, and I live alone, and consequently I am prone to notice unwanted sounds more than the average person. As well, the kitchen with a remodel, is now fairly open to the living room, so I get to hear the fridge throughout the entire living area. The noise damping efforts I made to the fridge enclosure area, changed the sound to a somewhat more muffled annoyance, but it's still way too noticeable to me, even when sitting in the living room, with the TV on. And listening to music from the kitchen, which is still one of my favorite places to do so, can be more than a little annoying at times. If the music is good enough, I guess I tend to focus more on that than the sound of the fridge, but it really is too bad that quietness of operation seems to be very low on the priority ladder when it comes to fridges. Concerns over noisy dishwashers have apparently prompted some companies to address the issue, and consequently there are now some relatively quiet ones out there. I have a Bosch which apart from the sound of water flowing, is really pretty darned quiet.
For years, I've thought it would make sense to rig up a system where the fridge's compressor was mounted for example, in the basement just below the fridge, and simply run lines to and from it, similar to the way central AC's work. And just today I see there's actually a setup like this currently available comercially, but it was a British web site where I saw this so I have no idea if there's a commercial equivelant to that here in Canada where I am. Noise pollution is a bigger problem now than in the past when there were less machines and motors doing all the work. It would sure be nice to have freedom from all that at least while inside our own homes.

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The OP might not consider him/herself to have a heighten sense of hearing but I bet he/she does. Most people (that I know) don't give the noise their fridge makes a second thought. I DO! I have been blessed/tortured with supersonic ears. Even at 50 and people saying I'm getting hard of hearing (I swear it's not me! More and more people are just muttering or talking too fast :o) I'm still overly sensitive to noises...hearing them and being annoyed by them. I just bought a new dishwasher. 46dBA. Besides it's ability to clean, noise was my top priority (within my budget). My 7 yr old GE fridge makes all sorts of gosh awful noises. From moans to creaks, pops and whining noises. Manual said to expect "new" noises my new fridge. It's louder than I'd like and when I replace it, finding a quieter one will be top of my list. As for salesmen trying to show you how quiet an appliance is in the store..LOL! I hope no one would actually fall for that.

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I, too, am looking for a quiet refrigerator. This company makes a refrigerator designed for solar applications and consequently has several inches of insulation all the way around and has the compressor on top. They boast ultra-quiet operation and high energy efficiency. The fridge comes in both AC and DC models. For some reason, the specs don't give usable interior volume (apparently the volume listed is "shipping" volume), but a call to the company should answer that question. These fridges look interesting, but pricey.

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For me personally, it isn't the volume of the fridge noise as much as it is the time cycle for it running. We just sold a 15 year old whirpool fridge to renovate, and bought a 33" LG SS french uppers, freezer lower and the thing runs literally 50% of the time. It's not that loud in terms of decibels, but as someone else said, it provides a background noise that is always present, like a fluorescent light type of hum (something that also annoys me). I should add, we live in the country in an open concept home, so it drives us crazy. The old fridge was louder, but if nobody was using the fridge, it hardly ever kicked in, and when it did it was only for minutes, not a major portion of the day. The LG is going back, but it looks like we'll have to spend a lot of money to get one that has the technology of the 15 year old units.

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I have a simple and very low cost solution to the almost constant noise that these new energy efficient refrigerators make.

I bought a Fisher & Paykel, which runs at least 50% of the time. The constant running of the compressor counter intuitively helps with the energy efficiency due to the use of a low power motor that needs to work much longer than a high powered motor, but uses much less energy in the long run.

The almost constant running of the compressor was driving me insane, so I did a lot of research and found out that certain things make the noise worse, such as tile floors (that I have), if the fridge is placed inside a fridge cabinet or not (mine is pushed back against a bare wall in a corner). I then looked into possible sound proofing and sound absorption solutions. In the end, I settled on sound absorption rather than attempting to sound proof (I can explain why if anyone is interested - this post is too long already).

Instead of throwing out the noisy fridge and forking out $5,000+ on a Liebherr, I spent only $40 on a roll of mineral wool sound absorbing material. In my case I bought a product called "Roxul Safe n Sound" at Home Depot. I'm sure you can buy a similar product at most building supply stores. The important thing is that you buy mineral wool (aka rock wool), because not only is it fire proof which is very important, but it's also an excellent sound absorber (not to be confused with a "sound proofer" which serves a different function, or with thermal insulation such as fiberglass insulation which is not designed to be an effective sound absorber).

I placed two side by side 3 inch thick sheets along the back side wall from the floor up (you should cut out the drywall and press it in between the exposed studs - but before doing all that work, test it out first by stapling the sheets directly to the drywall).

The sheets covered most of the height and all the width of the back side of the fridge. This part absorbed at least 50% of the noise that was bouncing off the back side drywall and tile floor into the kitchen.

I also cut a thin 1/2 inch (or so) sheet of mineral wool that fit snugly underneath the fridge (I just raised the fridge up a little and slid it under, then lowered the fridge). That part reduced virtually all the remaining noise.

Note: You MUST allow for proper air circulation around the refrigerator - see your manual for installation and clearance instructions.

The only sound I now hear is the internal fan when it circulates the cold air (no big deal). For comparison, the compressor noise used to drown out the fan noise almost completely. I can only hear the compressor when it kicks into high gear (the F&P has two speeds, the high speed is infrequent), and even that is not much noise anymore.

What a relief!!!

I'm still very much upset that manufacturers pay so little attention to sound issues with their refrigerators. There is no reason why a quiet fridge cannot be inexpensively made that is also energy efficient. The F&P for example has NO sound proofing at all - ZERO!, yet they make the claim that their refrigerators are very quiet.

BTW, I found out that some refrigerators come with an optional sound reduction "kit" or "package" (this means spending more $$$ of course, but may be worth it).

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Thanks, budmen, for the sound absorb idea. I'm about to install a new KitchenAid free-standing refrigerator and although the reviews don't complain about noise, we're really aiming for quiet with our kitchen remodel!

"Roxul Safe n Sound" at Home Depot sounds (faintly? :-) like a good plan.

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Some KitchenAid models come with an optional sound reduction package, so be sure to check that out. Even still, I'd take some steps to sound absorb, since it's rather simple and very low cost, especially if you are already going to do some remodeling work.

I plan on doing more a little. My fridge is in a corner, so when I get around to cutting out the drywall and inserting the wool, I'll do it not only on the back wall, but also on the side wall for extra sound absorption.

I also plan on cutting out a few inches of the back part of the tile floor where the back fridge rollers sit and replacing it with a firm rubber mat or similar material of equal thickness (I want the tile and rubber to be at the same height). That way the back rollers will sit on the rubber and absorb vibrations from the compressor when it kicks into high gear. This is another little detail manufacturers ignore, using cheap hard plastic rollers which have no vibration absorption.

Sine I'm remodeling the entire kitchen, I also plan on placing a cabinet on top of the fridge, therefore I should be able to place a sheet of wool under the cabinet (which if done right will be completely hidden from view) to absorb what sound comes up from the fridge.

The remaining exposed side from the counter up to the cabinets will be closed up with a panel. For the panel side, there won't be much of a gap between the fridge and panel (need to allow air flow), so I plan on lining the panel with a thin sheet of felt or similar material to absorb at least some of the sound.

Note you should NOT place anything on the fridge wall directly, since the walls need to conduct heat out, this is why you need to leave a gap which is usually .5" to 1" for air flow.

My other option was to sound proof the fridge itself, but to do that I'd have to modify the fridge compartment where the compressor sits, and that likely would void the warranty. I'd also have to insert a fan in the modified enclosure to cool the compressor by blowing out hot air (the F&P uses a passive heat exchange system, which means the enclosure is not actually enclosed, but full of air vents which allow sound to leak out), or I could install a passive heat sink around the compressor that extends out side of the enclosure - but this is way too complicated for me!

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bud - what great information; we,ve been reading about the high noise levels of new refrigerators (haven't made our purchase yet)

our fridge won't be in a corner, but we should be able to pretty much do the same thing you did - yes?

also, our porcelain tile hasn't gone down yet either -- hmmm, should we have the flooring people put something else under the whole fridge area?

this info could be coming at just the perfect time in our kitchen renovation - thanks!

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How quiet is the Electrolux refrigerator? I just ordered a FD CD Electrolux but never thought to ask about the noise.

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>> our fridge won't be in a corner, but we should be able to pretty much do the same thing you did - yes?

You can fill up the entire back side wall with mineral wool and that will definitely help. If you have any exposed sides or if the top won't be covered up, make sure you get the width and height correct so that the wool will be well hidden from view after the fridge is pushed in.

I should mention that the wool has to be left exposed, since covering it up with drywall or another hard material will just allow the sound to bounce back into the kitchen as it did before (this is why we need to absorb the sound, rather than sound proof).

Most of the noise will come out from the bottom where the compressor is. If your fridge has counter top on both sides, or only on one side, you can work things out so that there's room for inserting wool on the enclosed sides or side - this assumes you have not put in the cabinets yet.

The other option is to place the entire fridge inside a cabinet, but there won't be enough room on the sides to insert wool unless you use a cabinet with the required extra width. If there's not enough side room, you can use a thin material, such as felt, to reduce sound from bouncing out through the sides, or perhaps nothing is needed if it's quiet enough. Just remember to leave enough room for proper air flow.

>> also, our porcelain tile hasn't gone down yet either -- hmmm, should we have the flooring people put something else under the whole

Unfortunately I don't know yet what material works best under the fridge. I've thought of using a firm rubber-like material, but another option that should work fine is cork floor tile. I was thinking of doing this part to absorb vibrations from the compressor rather than the sound itself, but if it ends up being quite enough you may not have to place a sound absorbing wool sheet under the fridge.

Make sure the kitchen tile goes a few inches under the fridge in the front and exposed sides (if any), enough so that it appears as if the tile goes all the way back. Gotta keep things looking good!

Whatever you end up doing, please post in here the results!

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>> How quiet is the Electrolux refrigerator? I just ordered a FD CD Electrolux but never thought to ask about the noise.

When I asked the salesman about the F&P noise level, he didn't answer my question, instead he asked: "The fridge you were looking at was on, did you hear it?". I replied: "No, it was very quiet." and he happily took my money.

What the salesman didn't tell me, is that the ambient noise level in the store far exceeded what is in a typical home, and that no one could hear the fridge operating even if it made a lot of noise.

The other thing he did not tell me, was how frequently the compressor would be running. As someone else mentioned, even if the noise level is relatively low, the almost constant running of the compressor is what ends up driving you mad.

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I am exceedingly satisfied with how quiet my LG 22 Cu. Ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator - is (LBC22520TT).

I probably care more about how quiet my (open floor plan) kitchen and living room are than anyone else on this forum. I shopped for two weeks to find the most quiet fridge. I brought my decibel meter to seven different stores to help judge the sound. I told the salespeople I *only* care that the fridge is quiet, that keeping the food cold was a distant second, and nothing else mattered.

After installing it in the, essentially, open-faced box with sound-absorbing acoustic tile (Auralex) which helps a little, I can still hear the LG run, but the ticking of my wall clock seems louder. Very peaceful.

Here are my tips:

1) Extensive listening in the showrooms, and testing with my decibel meter consistently showed *most* of the LGs to be significantly quieter than other brands. Literally every showroom except one was impossible to really know because the stores are loud, averaging about 78 dB or more, for background noise. But, if you press your ear to the door of most fridges, check with the dB meter under the fridge where most of the sound comes out from the cmopressor, and check inside the freezer with the dB meter you can get a decent idea.

2) The sound that will trouble you the most is the deeper bass huming tones, because they will carry farther. Make sure to check for these. Higher-picthed sounds are easier to stop with sound-absorbing material. All the LGs that I rough-tested in the stores had very little bass sound.

3) If you care about sound, buy a dB meter from Radio Shack. It will be a great investment. It will be almost impossible to determine which fridges are quiet without one, because (a) the showrooms are so noisy (b) for some reason the manufacturers have some sort of conspiracy it seems to not provide any real noise information.(c) trying to get objective information from most people is difficult because "quiet" is relative: one person's 80 dB fridge seems quiet because they have the T.V. running at 85 dB all day long, another person's fridge at 75dB is noisy because they are trying to relax and study in an otherwise quiet environment.

4) You should run your own tests if possible because (a) see above re. personal taste, and (b) I am guessing that the parts in these fridges come from various sub-vendors so you are never going to be certain you have the same makeup as someone else with the same model number.

5) 45 dB is extremely quiet, and not realistic. My LG runs at about 62 dB measured under the door by the floor -- the loudest accessible point. To put this in perspective, when I measure my wall clock at an inch away it ticks at about 50 dB.

6) My dB meter might measure levels differently than another -- so use my readings only relative to one another.

7) When I first plugged in the LG the compressor bell-housing was ringing like a bell (not too loud, but a distinct high pitch around 830 hz (A-flat)). I took the back off and when I placed my hand on the bell housing of the compressor the ringing stopped. O.K. easy to fix this with say a little clay damping. But, when the compressor heated up the sound went away so I didn't bother.

8) I have Auralex ( sound panels behind the fridge and underneath it, and acoustic ceiling tiles on the walls in a box I made for the fridge to slide into. These certainly help, but the truth is the fridge was very quiet even when it was sitting out in the middle of the kitchen. (If you put yours in a box, make sure to leave plenty of room for venting of the heat from the compressor, and take into account the fire dangers of your material.) With the LG, the box is not really necessary.

9) Make sure that your fridge is not using your floor as a sounding board (like in a piano). I poured concrete to sit my fridge on (with pads under the wheels), but if you have a wooden floor you should use thick pads to dampen the sound.

10) I do not have the ice-maker turned on, and I do not have a water dispenser, both of these on purpose, so I cannot comment on the sound of models that have those.

11) I have only had the LG for a little while, so I specifically cannot comment on reliability, and continued quiet operation.

Good luck. There is all sorts of literature about the detrimental brain effects, and the changes in social environments, when there is constant noise like that that comes from refrigerators. In my case, I have studied music most every day for 45 years, and I just prefer to have peace in the acoustic landscape in my house for my highly-developed ears.

Especially now with open floor plans (no kitchen walls) I think it is just goofy when people spend many hundreds of thousands of dollars on their house and do not seem to realize that they have built a place that sounds like a lawn-mower tuning factory because of their grossly-loud refrigerator.

Hats off to LG for making a really quiet, and highly compatible appliance. Good job LG!

Here is a link that might be useful: Really quiet LG refrigerator

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I am very sensitive to sound (the meditative type who doesn't even play background music) and not only do I work from home within a studio cottage, but my desk is about 1 foot from the frig. I sit right beside the thing all day. Even my bed is only 20 ft. from it, within a large open room.

I am happy to say that my Hotpoint frig is quiet enough for me to deal with this less than ideal live/work situation, which I will be in for a few years while I build my business. Needless to say, I can't afford $4000 for a German frig, no matter how quiet an option it might be. For those of you whose kitchens are in separate rooms from your bedroom/living room/home office, you should find this a really quiet frig -- and save yourself $3500 to boot.

That said, at night I do wear earplugs. It's not that quiet for sleeping in the same large room with it without those. But it's all relative. Other frig's have literally awakened me every time they came on, even with the earplugs in.

It does come on quite frequently, but all Energy Star frigs do. It takes less electricity to sip energy frequently than to crank it a few times a day. To get a frig that doesn't come on much, you'll have to do without the Energy Star rating.

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I'm dealing with this situation now myself. I just replaced an old Roper refrigerator which was relatively quiet. I replaced it with a Whirlpool frig. The Whirlpool was running just fine with an acceptable noise level until two days after the install. Then I started to notice an annoying humming sound. The darn thing is so annoying it's driving me out of my house. I try to spend as much time out of the house as possible.

This is so frustrating to me because I spent quite a bit of time researching different refrigerators looking for comments on which were quiet. I would be happy with it except for the profoundly annoying hum of the compressor.

So now I'm going to try to exchange it with the company I purchased it from. I wish I just fixed my old Roper.

I can't tell you how depressing it is to not even want to be in your own home because of a stupid refrigerator. I have an open floor plan so as others have indicated in this thread noise is definitely a concern.

I really don't know which brand to try next. I read through some of the messages in this thread. I'll research some of them but it seems like such a crap shoot on what you end up with.

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I'm about a month late in discovering this gathering of distressed refrigerator-buyers. A little sooner and I'd have exercised more care in buying an icebox a few weeks ago. Who'd think that the design and construction of an established appliance would have gone off the tracks as it has? But maybe I should have, since after about 50 years of beginner's luck in purchasing houses, automobiles, appliances, cameras, etc. with what now appears to have been a blithe lack of forethought, I'm finding that replacing them equally casually is fraught with pitfalls. That is, I'm as likely as not to be stuck with only poorly designed crap to replace my failing 30-year-old (or even 5-year-old) appliances, etc.

My current house, a 1,500-square-foot apple crate built in 1980 for about three times the cost of the rock-solid 1946 structure I was then occupying, came with appliances selected, at my urging, by the building contractor. These included an "apartment size" Kenmore single-door fridge. It occupied a small area set aside for cooking that adjoins my living room area. After 30 years of flawless service, this Kenmore failed recently, apparently through loss of coolant. I've now come to appreciate that a significant part of this service was the silence with which it was accomplished.

If Sears offers an exact or equivalent replacement for this icebox I'm unable to find it on the Internet, so I've just installed a Whirlpool box having about the same footprint as the Kenmore and with a separate freezer up top. I suppose driving this freezing compartment is what requires the compressor to be larger and therefore louder than the Kenmore was. But I doubt that the beginning and ending of compressor operation have to be signaled by the clicking of a relay or bimetal strip in a way that's as disrupting to one's reveries as the grinding of the compressor itself. Fortunately, I can escape all this in my bedroom with the door closed, but the living room has essentially been taken over by the fridge announcing its presence every 15 minutes or so. It is the 300-pound elephant in the room.

I've no idea yet whether the retailer will accept the return of the Whirlpool, but I plan to seek out a fridge more like the original Kenmore and if successful dispose of the Whirlpool on the Internet if necessary.

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LG with linear compressor.

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My Electrolux FD KD is very quiet.

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Funster, what is a linear compressor, and is it inherently quieter than the older type of compressor, whatever it's called? My Whirlpool has the old type compressor, and its noise is about equalled in intrusiveness by the clicking of the relay or thermostat that signals the compressor's turning on and off. In my house, a dead-silent compressor's value would probably be cancelled by noisy switching.

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My LG, you do not here it turn on or off. It ramps up and turns off slowly. The only way you know it is running is to get close to it. Look it up on LG's site and Google.

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About 5 years ago we got a Kenmore frige at Sears that the salesgirl assured us was a Whirlpool model not Maytag. It was a double door modes with Ice Maker in the door. It was an upper level but not the Kenmore Elite which was their best at the time. I can assure you it is much quieter than the old Maytag we use as a spare in the washroom. I am not particularly sensitive to noise, but no one using our kitchen or visiting us has ever found the noise worth mentioning. I would say it is almost "noise free".

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Some commercial units which may not be as beautiful, can have the compressors remotely installed. I have seen SZ with remote compressors. There is virtually no noise except in the garage or under the house. The installation is not that different from a heat pump.

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Once you figure out your layout (you are sure you won't be moving things around), you can have the compressor put in the basement or behind a wall. What I don't get is why nobody is doing this yet, officially, as part of an official service or product. Also, why nobody is pumping the heat and humidity outdoors. Fridges produce heat and humidity outside the box. Inside the box is less heat and humidity.

I read somewhere that Blomberg or Liebherr were going to start selling remote compressors as a system with perhaps multiple fridges in a kitchen.

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I suppose separate compressors would have been offered already had demand been sufficient. Maybe older fridges were quieter than today's, and older houses, with their distinct rooms and doors, kept kitchen noise out of the rest of the house.

I would certainly like a separate compressor, but I've no basement, and my walls don't provide much noise suppression. The other day, I parked my current fridge in my studio, which is a couple rooms away from everything else save the bathroom. Not only does this eliminate my particular noise problem, but it frees up about 5 square feet of kitchen floor space for additional pantry duty. My original idea was to banish the fridge to the garage, but the dealer advised that the 60-degree annual temperature swing out there is too extreme for a standard fridge. However, a local appliance repairman said he runs a standard fridge in his garage year-round with just a fan blowing across the heat exchanger during the hottest days.

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I am not sure whether tima9209 is around this forum any more. I wish I could be of more help, but I too have the same problem. I just purchased a Samsung RFG 237 ACRS. It is quieter than my old Amana that got louder as its compressor cycle continued.

However, for people who are sensitive, the high pitch whine is annoying. I am told it's because it's an Energy Star fridge and that's a hallmark of an energy star fridge. My fridge is enclosed by three walls. I tried felt, but it made a negligible difference. I don't have the room for Roxul (3" thick) and I wonder how much better that would be since much of the sound comes from the front-bottom of the fridge.

Everyone I spoke to said LG or Samsung if you want quiet. I can definitively say that it's not Samsung.

I wish I could believe those who say that their fridge is silent, but I am skeptical. I appreciate their service and regret that they stood too close to the Howitzers.

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High-pitched sounds are absorbed by most of the materials in your house. So any sort of soft baffle between your ears and the sound source should diminish the whine escaping the bottom of your fridge.

The buzz word I've picked up lately is "linear compressor." I can't describe how it works, but apparently it doesn't make as much noise as traditional compressors. I believe LG produces fridges with linear compressors.

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"I wish I could believe those who say that their fridge is silent, but I am skeptical."

You should be ! NO APPLIANCE is silent - except if it is unplugged.

People , especially around here use "silent" anecdotally. They say their Miele dishwasher is silent because in relative terms it is compared to the 1991 potscrubber model they replaced. In realiy it is not really silent and everyone here knows that through simple common sense.

They may choose to suspend their common sense meter when buying an uber expensive appliance that was sold to them as super terrific perfect gets everything clean as a whistle keeps food for fresher than the farm for 3 months bake a perfect souffle and boils water in 3 minutes you won't even know it's there because it's so quiet......oh, and it uses no electricity either.

Another problem some people are having is a simple shift in home design. Replacing that potscrubber in the 50's ranch with it's closed kitchen, 8 foot ceilings, and vinyl floor and curtains with a silent DW is going to sound a lot different than the same silent DW place in a new home's kitchen that is open to the rest of the house, has large format stone or porcelain tile everywhere and open to a great room that is two stories tall with windows galore that have no drapes and a massive stone fireplace.

Still one more issue was touched on already - the new compressors. These are a bit quieter than the older design but many people object to the pulsing sound or the frequency/amplitude they produce even if its quieter.

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Recently I had an ordeal to find a quiet refridgerator. To make a long story short, I found one and I am happy now. The model I purchased eventually was LG25984ST. I have had several different fridges for the past five yeats due to frequent movings and this one is the quietest. For the first couple of days, I heard some slight mid-pitched noise in the typical white background noise. After that temperatue stabilizing period it became virtually unnoticeable. The "ON" cycle is very short too. I am very picky about noise but this model completely satisfies me. I had tried another LG with "linear compressor" but I returned it soon. It had a nasty high-pitched noise even after the settling period.

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ALso, looking for peace and bout the Miele's? A friend has one and says it's ultra silent....anyone have one?

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Bucciel, many people have that fridge. Search and you will find.

Miele contracts its fridges to OEMs so the guts of their fridges are all knockoffs of others; they add features in their storage bins and shelves.


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I recently inquired from Whirlpool about sound ratings for their fridges. I'm excerpting their response here since it contains some background info about noise ratings vs. energy efficiency. Of course, this may be somewhat of a PR smokescreen, i.e. they're saying that their products are as quiet as they can be, given the limitations.

Here are Whirlpool's comments (Note: I don't have any connection to the company):

"Unfortunately, we do not publish any decibel levels on any of our units. Due to the changing technology of today, concerns for energy conservation have required many refrigeration manufacturers to use a more efficient compressor than those used fifteen or twenty years ago. New compressors will be in operation 65% or more of the time. Older compressors may run less, but use far more energy to maintain cooling temperatures over a longer period of time. In fact, it is normal for the compressor and fan to run 30-40 minutes each cycle [in newer models]."

"Because the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated refrigerator manufacturers to become compliant with 1999 regulations on Freon, we now use R134A refrigerant which is normally a noisier refrigerant than the R12 refrigerant that was previously utilized. Even with this we do not have any issues."

"Each individual may perceive something noisy when another would not. It is also possible the noises you may hear are caused by the defrost system. When ice melts, water droplets fall onto the defrost heater and make a sizzling noise."

"The foam-in-place doors have foam sprayed in between the door and the liner. Not only does it help keep the cold inside the refrigerator, but it helps to deaden any noise."

"We also make our refrigerators with double-tub construction. With this feature, it helps to reduce air leakage between compartments. The two separate liners have foam between liner and cabinet for better temperature control, increased strength, and reduced noise."

(End of Whirlpool's comments)

I currently have a Whirlpool W1TXEMMWQ, only a year old, works great, but I want to replace it with something quieter. Interestingly, this model (in its Maytag incarnation) is the top-rated one by consumers at this website Owners give it high marks for being "very quiet." So it just underlines the fact that individual perception is everything. What is quiet for one person is annoying for someone else, and a lot depends on your installation, how far away from it you are, etc.

It's very difficult to find and test some models in a showroom. I'm looking for a counter-depth model for my small galley kitchen, and these are scarce in showrooms. One model I'm interested in is the LG LFC21776ST. Home Depot sells it, but I haven't found any store within 150 miles that has it in their showroom--you have to pre-order it. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has this model and can give me their perceptions of quiet (or not) operation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Consumer Search refrigerator ratings by owners

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Our Electrolux (link below) is very quiet. We haven't noticed anything remotely annoying about it. I've barely even noticed that it makes noise.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quiet E-lux counter depth

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In Asian countries, quiet is a virtue. Also, they have very small spaces (compared to ours), smaller than most open concept condo apartments.

I would trust any fridge from an Asian manufacturer. LG, Samsung, or other. I have an LG (not your model) and it is astronomically better at keeping quiet than my other fridge, a European one. In Europe too, it is relatively important for things to be quiet, but Asians are the best.

I know that some European countries have objective noise measurement standards. I don't know if Asians have this. One day, somebody who knows more will bring this body of knowledge to our attention. Maybe a manufacturer will present it along with links to their fridges.


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Just purchased a whirlpool side by side. Noisy noisy noisy. They just replaced the compressor 2 days ago. It is still noisy. Government regulations are at work here. In my Building at work, there stands a 1930 GE refrigerator, still running, and in daily use, never has been repaired. I put my watt meter on it and it was drawing the same current as my new noisy Whirlpool over a 24 hour period. I admit the box is smaller, but the insulated walls are much thicker. You cannot hear this old GE refrigerator run. The compressor is a round thing on top. You can put your hand on it and feel virtually nothing. Its been running for 81 years. What we have today are government refrigerators, and you know how well government works. They are good at making mandates, but bad on understanding what they just did. They mandated more energy efficiency for refrigerators, this by itself is not a bad thing. But the unintended result is a noisier refrigerator, more and sooner breakdowns, unhappy consumers who just bought a product that is worse than the one they just got rid of. If the mandate had included a quiet, and longivity rule, as well as energy use, maybe things would be better. But, the folks who think this stuff up can't think that far ahead. To all the people who have written in about their noisy refrigerators, complain to you congressman or congresswomen and let them have it. This is their fault! And now that you are conserving energy, your rates just went up. I am not making this up. In the Sacramento Bee news paper, an article on our electric rates going up said "it was impart due to conservation". Probably these government refrigerators. Gotta go, we are going to go look at refrigerators, again!

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New Samsung FD counter depth installed about 3 weeks ago. I'm standing next to it and I cannot hear it running. I think I hear the fan circulating air but am not entirely sure of that.

The only time I hear any noise from it is when the ice cubes dump into the container.

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It's interesting this started with complaints on a Samsung and Johnny above said he cannot hear his running. We had delivered a week ago from Sears a Frigidaire counter depth stainless refrigerator. The compressor runs almost all the time with a high pitched hum. According to the manual, this is normal. I am sensitive to sounds and find this noise very irritating, I can't wait to get out of my newly remodeled pretty kitchen. Sears has 90 days to return, I've left all the plastic on it and not put anything in it. I am going out today to look and listen to the Samsung. This site has so many differing opinions that you would think it is hopeless to try to get a quieter one. My brother says he cannot hear his Bosch but then says he would not find the noise the Frigidaire makes offensive. Does the Samsung counter depth make the high pitched hum? Andybody know about the GE counter depth noise? (read bad stuff about GE quality). Would appreciate any information.

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We just installed a Kenmore elite SS french door refrigerator. Ice-maker is in the freezer and we do hear the occasional clank of the ice and water refilling the tray. About 30 seconds; otherwise virtual silence. I believe our Kenmore model is made by LG. We also have an open concept home with tile floors so any noise travels everywhere.

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Why are manufacturers NOT using noiseless operation as a selling feature?
I don't get it.
It astounds me.

I now have computers that are silent.
Apple never publicized this.
I don't get it.

I felt all alone when I started looking for (silent) quiet or low-noise computers and fridges.
That was years ago!
Several years ago.

I researched and visited retailers, and got no clear answers.
It made me want to create a meetup group just for people like me.
But I wonder.
Will people want to go visit houses and apartments to hear the noises that household devices make when running?

It seems that what I wanted then is more and more in demand.
Silent or relatively quiet fridges (and appliances and computers).

End rant rantissimus rantorum.

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LG does seem to be pushing their quiet operation with the following: LoDecibel� Quiet Operation
It does seem that Consumer Reports does have many LG models with superior marks for quietness so we're going to go out tomorrow and get ourselves a new LG. Went online tonight and found that Sears is having a 15% sale on appliances. The four year old Maytag that came with the house is way too noisy. Crossing our fingers that it will actually be a quiet refrigerator. There was one operating at the Best Buy we visited today and the salesman was trying to show us that we "couldn't even hear it" in the store! Ha ha ha. We'll see...

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Catandy, our GE Cafe CD FD is pretty quiet. I have never once thought about any noise coming out of it.

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So grateful to find this website and all the helpful postings. I never thought about refrigerator noise until I moved into a small place and like an earlier poster, have to work all day just feet away from the frig. The Kenmore I ordered from Sears was so loud that I finally returned it. Don't want to make another mistake but unsure about best alternatives. Noticed that LG's are recommended. Is it true that they are shipped over from Korea? Does that bother anyone? Or should I take a chance on another Kenmore? It's got to have a freezer at the top and have minimal depth. Counters are about 26". Appreciate any advice.

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Summer12 --
I posted earlier about our Kenmore Elite french door fridge that we installed about 6 weeks ago. The model number is 71043. It is made by LG. Except for the brief refilling of the ice cube tray, the fridge is virtually silent (and sound travels everywhere in our tiled open concept home) It's large (36" and 27.6 cubic feet) and it has an ice-maker in the bottom freezer rather than a door ice dispenser (we wanted the extra room in the fridge). So it might not be what you're looking for. But if it would work, we recommend it highly.

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We had delivered a Samsung counterdepth side by side refrigerator a few days ago. I would say it is reasonably quiet. We returned a Frigidaire Professional counter depth due to the high pitched hum. I do find the noise the Samsung makes to be much better than the Frigidaire. I have ear ringing so I am very sensitive to sound. My refrigerator is not closed in, one side is completely open. The depth is about 30 inches with handles and the width is about 35 1/2 inches, model RSG257AARS. Consumer reports gave this model excellent in quiet,they rated the white, we have stainless. Now, I have a better sounding refrigerator but will have to deal with the streaky stainless steel! GardenWeb has a site on that subject too!

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We got the counter depth Samsung at Sears. The sales person turned it on and let us listen to it for some time while it was cooling down. Our Sears is much quieter compaired to the HH Gregg, BestBuy, Lowes, etc. HH Gregg and Lowes also had this model in stock. Sears will meet and beat the price of anyone and they have various speicals throughout the month if you are looking for a good deal and not in a big hurry. Just wanted to add this to my above posting.

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I have a Jenn-air that sounds like it has a woodpecker trapped inside.

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I am having the same problem with my new Whirlpool. The compressor/fan runs 10-15 minutes every 20-25 minutes - regularly. Therefore, it is quiet for about 20 -25 minutes at a time (if I am lucky) and then goes on again - very frustrating. It is noisy but at least no high-pitched sounds.
I, so far, am told it is normal!! At least, the person who sold it to me agrees that it should not be running that often.
This problem was evident from the beginning, but I thought and was told that it would go away after the first day or two. I have had it for a week, and not one of their suggestions has helped to alleviate the constant, repetitious sound.

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Just a note about noise levels in the store ... I was told that the refrigerators in the store are set to a 'Display' setting..which keeps them just cool and means they run very little and thus seem quiet.

We recently purchased a new Samsung..ran constantly and had all manor of strange popping, whirring, banging sounds. Exchanged it for a Kitchenaide ... no more strange sounds, but motor does seem to run every twenty minutes...even throughout the night. Seems as if this is normal for new energy efficient standards. Have heard good things about LG.

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We bought the LG LFC21776ST counter depth model 6 months ago and am very happy with it. My floor plan is open and if its making ice and I'm within a few feet of the refrigerator, I can hear it. Otherwise its silent.

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Posted over 3 weeks ago about my reasonably quiet Samsung. So far no banging, cricking, or chirping. I do, however, hear a somewhat muffled high pitched hum. I am not sure if it is better than the Frigidaire I returned with more of a high pitched churn noise, maybe some. We are keeping it as I am sure the noise could be alot worse. I do question the poeple who say their refrigerator is dead silent. I did have my old refrigerator back in the kitchen for about a week and it was loud, not high pitched but loud. I am not sure what reasonably quiet is. A woodpecker trapped inside would be a definite no! When I read other postings, it makes my refrigerator sound good.

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As reported here on 3/6, we bought an LG, model# LFC23760ST to replace our noisy Maytag. LG is a bottom freezer, french door model. It was delivered, put in place, and the moment the guy plugged it in the refrigerator turned on, it sounded just as loud as the old Maytag. Yikes. So much for LGs "low decibel" claim. We've had it several weeks now and it has remained at the same decibel level. It does not seem to have quite as grating a sound as the old Maytag (perhaps the tone is different too) so we're going to keep it. We really like the looks and convenience of it and now I'm hesitant to believe that any other mainstream fridge is going to be any quieter.

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I wrote on April 8 (Charlotte) about my Whirlpool, which I bought after returning a Kenmore (tried 2 of the same one), which made a high pitch sound when running that hurt my head!

I am now told by everyone - salesman, Kenmore, Whirlpool, etc. - that the constant running (at least every 20 minutes) is the way the new energy compressors work. It is, therefore, hopeless.

It is so upsetting to know that quiet will only last so many minutes. I now go into my enclosed dining room and shut the door to do work so that I am not waiting for the next click of the fridge going on.

I suppose I have to keep this one because I feel just like the person in the earlier post by msu fan - it could be worse, and I doubt I can get one that does not go on constantly.

I did make sure I called Whirlpool again to make a formal complaint because if people do not complain, nothing will change. I hope all who are unhappy make strong comments to the company so that they know how unhappy everyone is.

If they ever change the workings of the compressors or install better sound proofing, I will just buy another fridge.

I wish I had kept my 35-year-old GE.

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I have hearing aids. I can't hear my refrigerator without the hearing aids. With the hearing aids it is too loud to bear. I tried turning it off, but I would forgot to turn it back on again and the food would spoil.

My next refrigerator has to be quiet. The one I have now is an old Maytag. I can not wear my hearing aids in the house. It is a studio type design. In all rooms I can hear the refrigerator with hearing aids expect for the bedroom. I am supposed to be wearing them, but outdoors traffic is too noisy, indoors the refrigerator is too noisy.

I was thinking with the environmental restrictions refrigerators have to be more noisy then before? That seems to be the over all opinion.

Also I would like a quiet dishwasher. My dishwasher is too noisy even without hearing aids. It is also a Magtag, so it just won't break so I can get a new one.

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What we have found is that about 5 years ago they started this Energy Star thing, that changed everything. Now the fridge will run almost constantly, the compressor kicks on quite often but a smaller fan runs a lot. If you want a quiete fridge buy one that is NOT Energy Star. Sounds like the low flow toilets all over again.
We had a similar problem with our new dishwasher that will not heat water, you have to turn up the water for your entire house and run your water at the sink untill it is very hot or the dishes will not dry. Good luck ya'll.

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My next refrigerator has to be quiet. The one I have now is an old Maytag. I can not wear my hearing aids in the house. It is a studio type design. In all rooms I can hear the refrigerator with hearing aids expect for the bedroom. I am supposed to be wearing them, but outdoors traffic is too noisy, indoors the refrigerator is too noisy.

Are you sure it's not a hearing aid problem? I found this passage in a site on adjusting, and adjusting to, hearing aids:

When you first put the aid on, you are suddenly going to hear many sounds you were previously unaware of. Many of them will jog familiar memories. For others you are going to have to consciously determine the source of the sound, either by asking someone or seeking it out yourself. For example, while you probably will immediately recognize the sound of footsteps in a hallway, even after not being aware of them for years, you may not know what is causing that clicking noise in your car (check the turn indicator). All at once, you are going to be exposed to a world of sound you forgot existed, such as the thumping of the compressor on the refrigerator, the whine of an electric can opener, the blare of the street noises in a city, the tumult in your favorite restaurant, and the screeching coming from your grandchildren's stereo (it's called music). It's true that it is a noisy world we live in, and it seems to be getting noisier all the time, but it is the world we live in, and it's the one you're going to connect to better when you hear more of it.

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I have heard of two possible solutions to the noisy refrigerator issue.

First, an adsorption refrigerator that runs on natural gas, and has no compressor.

Second, remote mounting the compressor.

Has anyone tried either?

I guess these won't help with the thunder of the ice maker, but ice cube trays do work, silently.

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the less food stored the noisier the unit, is the unit leveled and no refrigerator with ice and water is quiet you want quiet buy seperate units without a ice and water dispensor and fill them up

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As reported back in February we have the Samsung counter depth French door frig. It has been installed almost 4 months and I don't hear it running. Honest. Now, it's boxed in but I can put my ear next to the side, on the floor in front of the bottom or even put my head inside the frig and the most I hear is maybe a very very faint hum and maybe the sound of air circulating when my head is inside.
For those that hear things, it may be a resonance/vibration that is getting amplified in some way.
By the way, ours maintains a perfect -2/38 and I never hear a thing.

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Funny that this thread started ( lo these many years ago) with a complaint about a Samsung. I have a new Samsung RF266 that I can only hear when it fills the ice maker with water. Otherwise it's silent, and I'm VERY sensitive to noises.

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I am happy with the Kenmore Elite bottom freezer model that we just bought. It is the third refrigerator that we have tried. The first was a Whirlpool and it had a very loud compressor. The second was a GE profile side-by-side and it was a little quieter, but not much. What I really wanted was a fridge that was virtually silent... I realize now that this is unrealistic. This new one is probably going to be a keeper. I don't hear it turn on and off like I did with the other ones. I believe it is made by LG since that it what I was told by the salesperson, and it also says "Made in Korea" inside of the unit. I had read mixed reviews about LG's but I am pretty happy with mine.

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Have a Samsung RF266 ( freezer on bottom) A very quiet machine but has a LOUD cracking noise periodically. It sounds like a hammer hitting a piece of metal or a transformer pop. There is no reason I can figure. If anyone has this problem I would like to know what it is.

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Could be ice harvesting. My GE SxS occasionally makes a sharp crack-like noise at the moment the dump arm breaks the cubes loose from the mold.

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the less food stored the noisier the unit

I'm curious - why is this?

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all the engineering that goes into it is geared around a high mass contained inside.
So, it works "as it should" when it's full of stuff.
Also, the more stuff, the more thermal inertia, so the works can operate at a steadier pace, with less overswing.
The logical leap to "less noise" is clear but it's still a leap not a certainty.
This is my take on it.

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Silver, I also have a Samsung RF266. I suspect your fridge might be overfilling the ice cube trays, which could account for a crack when the ice maker tips them out. Mine is very quiet, I can't even hear the ice being deposited in the bin unless i'm right next to it, just a brief period of running water (like a tap) when it refills.

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do all LG's make a faint high-pitched noise? My LG is pretty quiet, except for this. I am thinking some soundproofing material might help.

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If you really want near silence, get a SunFrost fridge. They are very different from normal fridges -- they were originally designed for low-power solar power systems. So they are super-insulated, use very little energy, and as a side-effect, they are virtually silent.

I've had a RF-16 for about 17 years. It makes absolutely no noise most of the time; the small percentage of time when one of the compressors is running, there is a small hum, but no fan noise. My fridge has been quite reliable, although i have had to replace the thermostats and the door latches.

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First of all I'd like to point out that the word "silent" describes a state of affairs which admits of no degrees - and something described as "very silent" is NOT silent!

The old ammonia absorption cycle "gas refrigerators" from the 30's and 40's were truly silent; unfortunately they used more energy (horrors!) than compressor refrigerators. But how many of us wouldn't happily spend $100 a year to have a quiet house? Before arriving at this site I noticed that Alibaba (an importer of Chinese goods, and perhaps a poor choice of names) does advertise a Chinese standard size ammonia absorption refrigerator. Never heard of the brand of course.

I have a more than 15 year old RCA (it came with the house) which annoys me greatly. I routinely unplug it during my early morning quiet time, and frequently I'll be lying in bed at night upstairs at the opposite end of the house thinking "what's that noise? Oh it just the damn' refrigerator". And now y'all are telling me that because of government regulation, if it ever dies I can't hope to do as well? Nuts.

Thanks to whomever mentioned the mineral wool absorbant; I'm going to try it. And I may try raising the refrigerator an inch or so off the floor on wood blocks so I can get a sheet of absorber underneath it.

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I am noise sensitive but my brand new KA French door was so loud that I sent it back. It had rattles because the thing was just poorly put together. Two service repairmen told me to return it because they could not get to the rattling parts to fix them. Both times they were here they had my brand new $3000 refrigerator taken apart with the doors and bottom drawer and parts all over my kitchen. Not what you want to see when you just spent money on something you only buy every 18 years. It cracked and popped, made rattling vibrating noises that just weren't normal. One of the repairmen told me I had a quiet house and that was why it bothered me, thanks for the astute observation as excuse. I tried to live with it and just couldn't. My house is very open and I could hear the thing all over the house. It was making me in a bad mood!! I finally got my CC involved after two repairmen told me to have it replaced and the store refused. I was able to get it replaced but had to take SS even though I had black as they said black was a special order so now I have a SS fridge and all my other appliances are black. I was just ready to take it because I didn't want to be stuck with that rattling hog. This one is fine and does not make the noises. So in summary though I am noise sensitive, there was really something wrong with the unit that was very upsetting and I am so glad that I don't have those awful noises to live with now for another 18 years. I guess as my other appliances die I will replace with SS so they will eventually all match.

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We have a counter depth Kenmore Elite (Samsung) with icemaker and water in the door and it is so quiet that for the first couple months we had it I had to actually put my ear to the side of it to make sure it was even running.
The only sound we really ever hear from it at all is maybe once a day I hear the ice drop and water fill back up in the ice maker and even that is rather quiet.

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There are quiet refrigerators out there. I am here at this site because I have a 5 year old LG refrigerator and have become tired of hearing the compressor.

I went to Lowes and pulled out a few refrigerators that were "OFF" and plugged them in. The two I tried was a Samsung (latest model what ever it is) and a kitchen aid. We turned it on after it had been off and never turned on. This means the compressor went to work right away to cool it down. We even went as far as turning down the settings to program the lowest temperatures possible on both frige and freezer. I had to get on my knees and listen to it to confirm it was on. It was SUPER QUIET. No more questions asked. I'm going to buy a kitchenaid. It wasn't even top of the line, but I heard (or didn't hear) enough to convince me. About the Samsung, it was quiet too. I tried it before I tried the Kitchenaid and the Samsung was impressively quiet. The Kitchenaid floored me with how quiet. Samsung brand/reliability over Kitchenaid? I could hear a difference in quiet between these very quiet choices. I think I'm going to pay the money to get kitchenaid for the name sake, quiet, and matching dishwasher i'm planning on getting as well.

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I recently moved into a small condo with a fairly open floor plan and a very noisy refrigerator. I immediately replaced it with a new one (Frigidaire), and found that the new one is even worse... high pitched hum that feels like a kind of torture. So, I googled "quiet refrigerator," which led me to read this long string of posts. Good to know I'm not alone, but also frustrating to learn that it's so hard to find a quiet fridge.

I want a small fridge/freezer because I just don't need to store much. Also, the space in the kitchen will only accomodate a fridge that is 28 inches or less in width. From the research I've done outside of this forum, I'm leaning toward a Liebherr and thinking maybe a built-in would be worth the extra effort to gain even more quiet. Consumer reports rates them pretty high, and excellent for being quiet. I just want some confirmation that this is a quality product. I'm willing to pay whatever it costs... I just want the quiet. And I can't opt for a gas refrigerator because that's not an option in these condos.

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we have a liebherr, fd, fully intergrated and absolutely love it!!!

it is sooooooo quiet, you really have a hard time hearing it at all.

its been installed for about 3 months so not much mileage, but loving it so far.


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I just returned a KitchenAid to Sears. It sounded like a jet plane in the kitchen. I replaced it with a Fisher Paykel which is almost completely silent. It was like night and day when I had them next to one another. Almost the same price too.

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I just bought a GE Profile side-by-side 29 cubic ft model PSHS9PGZ (same outside footprint as 26 cubic ft model but thinner inside material gives addditional interior space). Love the space BUT hate the high pitched hum of compressor. Driving me insane. Even my husband who has hearing loss can hear it.

I thought maybe the different interior lining was the problem but after reading postings on this forum, I guess that's not the case.

Not sure what I'm going to do. I'm having GE repair service come out next week to look at another issue and will ask him about it as well.

I can't and won't live with this and will opt to go down to less energy efficient model of some sort just to get some quiet. The high hum is horrible!

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We have a Jen-Air side by side. Its now 11 years old. For most if its life its been wonderfully quiet. The fact that in the last few months its gotten noisy was disheartening, but spurred on by the wife, I've found a blog that helped me fix it. Its now cold and quiet again.

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Just chiming into this thread as another frustrated consumer looking for peace and quiet. I recently bought a Whirlpool 19 cf top freezer model (WRT359SFYW), and it's significantly noisier than my old one. It's a highly rated Energy Star unit, which may be a factor.

Maybe they all are noisy, I have no way to directly compare this Whirlpool with the competition. And I'm not in a financial position to be spending a great deal on a refrigerator, so high-end models are out.

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zmike6- Summit in NYC imports Vestfrost units made in Denmark. The current models are all frostfree, counter depth, quiet, taller at 73 and 75, 27 or 24 wide, and without the double markup of Liebherr in the US.

Here is a link that might be useful: Summit NYC- Vestfrost

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I too returned a KA French Door because of noise (and no room to put food.) Got an Electrolux SxS and it's much much quieter...and it can hold a chicken and steaks to boot!

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After reading many comments and then getting the info that it can take 3-6 weeks to get repair parts for the LG, we are thinking about buying the...

Electrolux French doors, cabinet depth, freezer drawer, CFCP1NIZSS

I've been standing next to it for 20 min and the small hum is a huge improvement from the loud hum and the high pitch tweet that my GE profile makes.

Thoughts, anyone?

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I've also had some adventures in finding a quiet fridge. One thing I've learned: don't buy a Frigidaire, at least any of the lower-end models. I bought one and then returned it after seeing how incredibly loud it was. I ended up buying an LG.

One other thing I've learned, which I haven't seen mentioned above, is that the fridge will run less often if it's full. In other words, if you keep your fridge full, that will enable it to maintain its temperature better. If you're a small household, put a bag of ice or two in the freezer and store some bottles of water or wine in the fridge.

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Sooo great to read everyone's input here. I have friends who think I'm crazy and maybe I am after living with the high-pitched hum by the newer compressors, ie "energy star",..I am 55 years old and have bought 3 or 4 new refrigerators in my life and when I moved back to California I went to Sears and bought a Kenmore. Dear Lord, it was awful, the pitch of the compressor is high decibal and when the refrigerator finally turns off, my ears are still fact my ears ring non-stop now. Sears has a customer satisfaction policy so I returned it and picked out a Frigidaire, same problem. Replaced that with a Kenmore LG bottom freezer for about $950 and it does the same thing..I am searching used appliance stores in San Diego to find an older refrigerator. The Kenmore LG is a beauty but is also a beast. It runs on and on and on and on. The Salesman at Sears told me I'll never be happy because they all sound like that! What planet am I on where this is OK??

Good luck to all, if anyone finds a fridge with a compressor that doesn't scream, please let us know!

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I posted a message here about a month back looking for guidance on finding a quiet refrigerator for my small, open-floor plan condo space. I just wanted to follow up and say that I ended up buying a Liebherr CS1311 and I am so happy with it! It is so, so much quieter than the new Frigidaire I had recently purchased. The appliance store I went through in central Vermont was great about taking back the noisy Frigidaire and they ordered the Liebherr for me. Yes, it was a lot more money, but the relief from that high-pitched compressor noise is so worth it to me. The model I purchased is tall and thin and it fit into a small pantry closet I already had in the kitchen. Using advice from this stream of comments, I also invested in a $40 bag of Roxul Safe and Sound insulation and tucked that into the wall space in the pantry, then slid in the Liebherr (allowing the required space around it for ventilation. I can only hear the fridge now when I stand right in front of it- and even then, it is a very non-intrusive purr-like sound.
Thanks to all who have written in here- so helpful to me! I do hope that the message starts getting back to manufacturers that they need to consider the impact of the noise on the serenity of our lives. In the meantime, stores that sell these things must be starting to get the message that it's not just a few picky people talking about this. It's a real issue.

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I posted in November about my GE Profile noisy fridge. It was so awful I thought there was a defect so I returned it and stupidly ordered the same one as replacement. Same issue. Two horrid high pitched sounds ... one a metallic sound and the other a high pitched hum. Not sure if one is the compressor and the other a fan or what. Anyway, the danged thing routinely ran 50 min. on/ 20 min off so I was going insane. Ended up returning that and after talking to every appliance salesperson in the city and having refrigerators plugged in so I could hear, I realized it's all a crapshoot. The Samsung seemed to be the quietest in the store, but who knows?!! I was warned by friends not to get an LG due to repair problems. Bottom line, I went with Whirlpool Gold side-by-side 30 cu ft. I ordered a Coir elephant bark rubber mat to put under it and found the mineral wool to put on wall behind it. Unfortunately, I didn't get the mineral wool up beore delivery so will do that at a later date. My problem is I have just a wall behind the fridge, counters on one side and then an entirely open, exposed side with no way to build anything around that exposed side. I can't put 3" of mineral wool behind the fridge or the unit would be way out in the floor. So, my plan is to eventually pull out the refrigerator and staple 1" thick of mineral wool behind it.

In the meantime, the Whirlpool is not as awful as the GE was. THere is still a high pitched hum but not as high, not as loud and doesn't last as long. Seems to run for about 20 min with the high hum and then ratchet down for another 20 min before the compressor shuts off. The compressor is not quiet, even without the high pitched hum. It is shocking that they can make dishwashers quiet but haven't bothered to insulate the refrigerator compressor to make them quiet!

Anyway, I'm stuck for now. Am just going to live with it and eventually see about putting the mineral wool behind it. I'm not sure that's really going to help. Think I need some way to build a "wall panel" around the exposed side but not sure how I can do that.

Not happy but dealing!

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Seasons Greetings from Canada!

Thank you all for the wonderful feedback you have provided. It's good to know 'I am not alone' in my search for a quiet refrigerator. I am planning to buy my appliances this week hopefully.

A few people in their posts mentioned that with the higher end Liebherr fridge, noise wasn't an issue. I would love to get some confirmation on this from users and if there are any specific models/brands to look out for. I'm considering the model with freezer at the bottom (no French doors). Are there other brands in addition to Liebherr that are recommended?

I'd also appreciate some feedback on gas stove (perhaps that should be a question for another forum?). I was recommended Fisher & Paykel (and the reviews re: noise are mixed) and they only have gas stoves that match. I'm wondering if one can mix and match appliance brands. Some people tell me it can work if the handles are the same or similar. Hummm....

Thank you!

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Seasons Greetings from Canada!

Thank you all for the wonderful feedback you have provided. It's good to know 'I am not alone' in my search for a quiet refrigerator. I am planning to buy my appliances this week hopefully.

A few people in their posts mentioned that with the higher end Liebherr fridge, noise wasn't an issue. I would love to get some confirmation on this from users and if there are any specific models/brands to look out for. I'm considering the model with freezer at the bottom (no French doors). Are there other brands in addition to Liebherr that are recommended?

I'd also appreciate some feedback on gas stove (perhaps that should be a question for another forum?). I was recommended Fisher & Paykel (and the reviews re: noise are mixed) and they only have gas stoves that match. I'm wondering if one can mix and match appliance brands. Some people tell me it can work if the handles are the same or similar. Hummm....

Thank you!

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Seasons Greetings from Canada!

Thank you all for the wonderful feedback you have provided. It's good to know 'I am not alone' in my search for a quiet refrigerator. I am planning to buy my appliances this week hopefully.

A few people in their posts mentioned that with the higher end Liebherr fridge, noise wasn't an issue. I would love to get some confirmation on this from users and if there are any specific models/brands to look out for. I'm considering the model with freezer at the bottom (no French doors). Are there other brands in addition to Liebherr that are recommended?

I'd also appreciate some feedback on gas stove (perhaps that should be a question for another forum?). I was recommended Fisher & Paykel (and the reviews re: noise are mixed) and they only have gas stoves that match. I'm wondering if one can mix and match appliance brands. Some people tell me it can work if the handles are the same or similar. Hummm....

Thank you!

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I bought a Samsung 4287 in October this year. I bought from a scatch and dent outlet and got an amazing deal I was on the lookout for any additional defects but the good news is that this appliance is so quiet you cannot tell it is operating even when you are close by. Fridge and Freezer temp are perfect. I bought mine in Perth Amboy (main St) NJ.
I really did buy a diamond in the rough.

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I was just chatting with a friend about how we are dealing with our respective surfeits of Christmas leftovers. She mentioned that she had to resort to using her "Saskatchewan Fridge", which is absolutely silent, as well as energy efficient. It consists of a large insulated cooler placed on her back deck. Its lid is clamped down to keep her dog out of it. We've been having unseasonably balmy weather here, with overnight temps barely dipping below freezing, and daytime highs around 2-4C. Her teenage children have been hosting lots of overnight guests this week, so this fridge will likely be emptied long before the weather changes.

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goof idea. A cooler, outside. An insulated cooler helps to keep temperatures more stable.

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I, too, have had a lot of hassles trying to quiet my fridge. I did try the Roxul Safe-N-Sound product but it came with a hazard warning label that scared me off. Eventually, after trying several different things and pulling out my hair in frustration, I found a website -- -- of a company that sells acoustical materials. They have a 1-800 number at the top of the website, so I called them up. I spoke to person named Ted and he recommended a cotton-based sound absorbing material but there may be a variety of options. Anyway, based on my experience, I'd recommend consulting someone with expertise in noise problems. Go to the horse's mouth.

Another thing I found helpful is get some large carpet samples and put them under my fridge (i.e., cover the floor and slide the fridge on top). All this has helped but it's hard to get the noise to zero, so you just have to do the best you can and then realize maybe you've become hyper-focused on it and that's why you hear it all the time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Acoustical Surfaces

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Quick follow-up to the message I just posted (immediately above). Before trying to push your fridge onto carpet pieces, have more common sense than I did and empty it of loose bottles etc.

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Ye olde Ice Box.
This will quiet you noisy Energy Star refrigerator perfectly without costing you a dime. Keep about 3 one gallon water filled milk containers in the freezer until they are frozen solid. When you need peace and quiet set them into the refrigerator door shelves and set the temperature to off. Reverse the process when you go to work.

    Bookmark   February 27, 2012 at 12:15AM
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I live in a new small space where the refrigerator is always nearby. Being rather sensitive to noise (& having a girlfriend who�s sensitivity is off the charts) a quiet refrigerator was a high priority. I read all the blogs. To my knowledge, no manufacturer has any specs on noise level. My research concluded that without spending a fortune, that the LG & Samsung refrigerators were the most quiet.
Before construction was completed I plugged in my new LG frig and was not pleased with the noise level. The best info I found on the blogs was to surround the frig with rock wool (aka Roxul). I then contacted a company that specializes in recording studios and restaurant acoustics. The company, Acoustic Sciences Corporation in Eugene, OR (541-343-9727; web = explained to me that one of the best fairly low cost materials was compressed fiberglass. This material is the actual sound absorbing material that is used in noisy restaurants and music studios. Together, we designed a system that places 2" thick pieces of the compressed fiberglass (wrapped in a protective covering so there is no loose fiberglass in the air) on 3 sides of the frig. I installed these and noticed a discernible difference in the noise level. (Probably dropped it from a base of 10 to 5). But I still wasn�t happy. I noticed that the sound was coming from the bottom of the front of the frig.
Our backup plan was to add one more piece of the fiberglass beneath the frig. However it is very important to allow airflow under the frig, so I set the 4 feet of the frig on 2 parallel 2" boards and placed the compressed fiberglass between the two boards. Aha! Now the noise level was down to about a 2. Yes, I can still hear it, but it has to be totally quiet and it is a fairy innocuous sound at a frequency that is not irritating. My total cost was around $200. Also they can ship these light weight materials anywhere.
Lastly, I inquired about the lower frequency sounds I heard in my bedroom. The fridge is on the other side of that wall. Marcus explained this was probably �structural vibration sounds vs air sound and suggested special pads to put under the 2" boards that set on the floor. That cost me another $2 and lessened that mild sound.
Most important is the ps from my sensitive girlfriend: I "SO pleased with this solution!!!!" Doesn�t that say it all!
For what it�s worth, she uses a Dometic propane/electric 400 model. It is silent, but small, expensive & not frost free. It runs on ammonia.

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Holy Smokes! That was a long read, but definitely the most helpful forum I've found so far. Since this is so long, I'll try to share what I've learned and how I'm moving forward.

1) The noise is not in our heads nor are we too sensitive or too focused on the sound.
2) Some refrigerators make a lot more noise than others, and in particular, some make a very annoying high-pitched hum.
3) The noise factor is not necessarily brand related.
4) The noise is more prevalent in energy star rated fridges, but some are still pretty quiet.
5) Noise is not necessarily price related--a friend has a chincy frigidaire with an original cost of $800. The first one had the freezer break in 3 days, so not a quality machine. However, he still has the replacement and you never notice the noise. Another friend has a lower-mid level Samsung energy star--quiet.
6) It's not about whether it's open spaced or in a built in space. Both fridges mentioned above are open to the house on hard tile floors. It shouldn't be necessary to spend tons of money building it in or buying sound proofing materials.
7) Sears might be the best bet for shopping since their customer service is great: easy to get free service technician out to check fridge; easy replacement; easy return within 60 days.
8) Sears options are very limited--almost all Kenmore are made by LG. It sounds like if you can afford the elite kenmores then you might be good to go. But mine is Kenmore by LG and it makes an irritating high pitched hum. I love everything about the design and wished so much that it was quieter (or at least that the hum it made wasn't so irritating). (Kenmore 71309 by the way).

I think I'm going to return it since I'm still within 60 days. I'll probably buy something cheaper and with a worse design since my friends had more luck that way. I also might not care as much if I don't spend as much. And, I recommend holding on to your old fridge just in case you need to put it back in the kitchen while you keep shopping--soooo glad that I did that. And I might just keep it outside and buy a small fridge for the kitchen. If I need more space I'll put it outside.

Best of luck!

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We just purchased a Samsung Frenchdoor refrigerator. It is the most noisy frig we've ever had. We don't know what to get now, we are returning the Samsung and after reading all the emails, I don't think there is one that is quiet. We are really considering putting our Whirlpool white side by side back in the kitchen with all the stainless steel because even though it makes a few popping noises, it is quieter that what I think any new one would be. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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I posted this in August when we installed a new Sub Zero refrigerator. We've had it for 6 months and my opinion hasn't changed - we love it and it's Quiet. However it is a refrigerator only so that eliminates any of the potential noises from a freezer.

"Love my new, QUIET Sub Zero

Posted by maire_cate (My Page) on
Wed, Aug 22, 12 at 7:19

After reading so many posts on this forum about annoyingly noisy refrigerators I was really worried when the time came to replace our 25 year old Sub Zero 501R..........

The new refrigerator is a BI 36R. This model has one large door with 5 shelves and 3 drawers that glide in and out smoothly. It's well lit inside and QUIET. We were concerned about the possible noise level but I can honestly say that we don't even hear when it cycles on and off. Our kitchen is large with a porcelain floor and granite counters and minimal sound absorbing materials.

The BI 36 R is 84h x 36w x 24d while the old 501R was only 74" tall so we did have to remove the overhead cabinet and trim the gap between the soffit and the refrigerator. The 501 freezer is on the opposite wall rather than a side by side install so we didn't have to deal with mismatched units. Fortunately our cabinet company can mill a new door panel and stain it to match the rest of the cabinets.

I think the 501s were the only counter depth all refrigerator/all freezer units available when we remodeled in 1986. Now there are many to choose from. I just hope this one also lasts 25 years. The 501 Freezer is still running strong.

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Oh My! What am I in for. I just purchased a 22cu. ft. Maytag to be delivered Tuesday. I wonder what to expect.
I'm a senior, and have some hearing loss that drives me crazy at times, but after reading several of the threads, maybe this will be one time I'll be glad that I have the problem!

    Bookmark   February 3, 2013 at 11:55PM
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This is an interesting thread. Since we have replaced our very noisy Kitchenaid dishwasher with a Bosch (rated at 46 dB), we have been on a quest to lower the noise level in the house. Unfortunately the ear has a logarithmic response so the quieter it gets the more you hear. After the dishwasher we had two battery operated wall mount clocks that would tick like dueling banjos. We replaced those with silent sweep clocks. They ticked so loud for so long that I swear I can still hear them ticking when they are in fact gone.

With the clocks out of the way (except for my imagination), our 15 year old Whirlpool fridge is the current loudest noise offender. It is a basic top mount freezer and is fully open on one side and partially open on the other.

Skimming through these posts I'm now starting to be skeptical about a new fridge being quieter than what we have. I was hoping when we replaced this one we could ratchet down the noise another few dB.

I checked the sound level with our iPod app called dB Volume. It is a free download from iTunes. See link below for more detail if you are interested. Works with iPhone and iPad too. In any case standing about 3 feet from the front of the fridge on the unweighted scale it measures about 42 dB in an otherwise quiet house. On the side it is a touch higher at 43 dB.

I had a quick look at Consumer Reports and it would suggest bottom freezer, French door models are the quietest, and LG seems to have the most models rated excellent for noise. Will have to look at it further, but I'm thinking now that we will not be in any rush to buy a new one.

Here is a link that might be useful: dB Volume

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What a great thread, glad I am not the only one with this problem.

I just bought a Samsung 31cu ft french door fridge. The compressor noise is driving me a little nuts, and I am not sure if I am just crazy or oddly sensitive (wife doesn't seem to notice it). My wife will probably kill me if I send it back, especially if there is not another good alternative to buy. I regret buying it to replace our relatively silent 8 year old Kenmore (which still works fine, just too small).

As far as these noise panels, would putting one behind the fridge along the wall and under it (although not sure how the heck I will be able to achieve that without hiring muscle) make a big difference? Our fridge is totally open on one side, and just against a counter on the other (not enclosed), so would this be a waste of time? It does rest on tile.

Does anyone know if the newer large french door LGs are any better? The salesman mentioned they may be quieter since they said the compressor never turns off and is designed to be quieter because of this. Is that true? I don't want to go through the hassle of an exchange (will probably involve a significant restock fee) without some confidence the situation will improve. My coworker has an LG and she says its silent, but not sure I can believe her...I may just have to ask to go to her house and see for myself.

    Bookmark   February 19, 2013 at 12:49PM
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I want to thank the people on this site who have provided valuable information. I have been frustrated, to say the least, purchasing a new refrigerator. I started with a KitchenAid that developed ping-pong-ball like noises that ultimately became unbearable. The refrigerator was seven years old and Kitchen (to make a long story short) refused to honor their warranty and replace the compressor which was at fault. I thought, well that justifies getting a new French door model with water and ice in the door which wasn’t available when we bought the KitchenAid. We get the top-of-the-line LG (LFX25976ST). Two months later the mother board failed. They came and replaced it along with the entire fan assembly in the freezer. Two months after that the freezer had excessive ice and the fan was knocking. They came and cut 50 pins off of the cooling coils. What? That was too much. I called and got LG to authorize a return. To their credit, though LG was absolutely silent!

Back to the store: Got a Samsung (RFG297HD). Yes, the salesman said it would be a little noisier (no linear compressor). I didn’t care. I wanted reliability. Out went the LG; in went the Samsung. Second day we heard this horrible noise as if a fan was hitting against something. This went on for days. Called Samsung and they sent a repairman who couldn’t reproduce the sound. I recorded the sound, and Samsung said, “That’s not normal.” Out came the repair man, again, who couldn’t reproduce the sound. Away he went, and about an hour later the sound returned. I got on the phone to the repair service, and they said “That’s not normal.” But, they couldn’t do anything unless the repairman heard it himself. He was on his way home. I call Samsung and held the phone up to the refrigerator. They said, “That’s not normal.” So they “escalated” the service call. While they were doing this, I pulled the damn thing out, got behind it, and pulled the cover plate off, and started looking for the source of noise. I put my hand on the compressor coils and suddenly the noise went away. I fooled around and the noise came back. Obviously the vibration from the compressor was being transferred to the coils causing them to knock against one another. I tell this to the Samsung rep who calls the repair service who calls the repairman who’s on his way home who does a U and returns to my house who then pulls the ridge away from the wall and then plays with coils and says, “That’s not right.” The fix: A tie around the tube feeding the coils to damp the vibration! We will see if this fixes the problem. Samsung can now KMA�"a $2600.00 refrigerator and a plastic tie to damp the vibrations. All I wanted was a new refrigerator that worked. Welcome to the 21st century.

As a post note: I am still going to purchase some Roxul Save ‘N Sound to make this beast even quieter. It has a cooling mode that produces a clear B-flat tone that drives me crazy. I feel like I have tinnitus. During the above described fiasco, I stapled an old comforter to the wall behind the fridge and was amazed at the difference�"the Roxul should be even better and a little more gentile. Meanwhile, I can still hear that f___ing rattle in my head, everywhere I go... Just lucky, I guess.

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Apparently Panasonic makes a very quiet fridge, but they're not sold in the USA (even though they make a "US Style" jumbo fridge) -

Is there anybody that imports Panasonic fridges from the UK? I get the feeling that Europe has already solved this problem out of necessity.

Is the jury still out on LG's linear compressor? Is it just hype or is it actually quieter? Quiet enough to sleep in the same room?

Anybody know about Microfridge - these are made for dorm rooms - they must be quieter?

Here is a link that might be useful: Quiet Refrigeration

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bumping up this thread.

Can anyone comment on the "linear compressor" performance as opposed to a normal, motor-base one in terms of noise?

    Bookmark   July 12, 2013 at 1:42AM
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gigelus, maybe you could start a new thread. I've been curious abou this too, but everytime the question is raised, it gets lost in the other posts. Besides, this thread was started back in 2008 and I for one would like to see a more recent discussion about the "quiet" issue.

    Bookmark   July 12, 2013 at 1:59PM
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I just found this forum.......I am in fridge noise hell since purchasing a KitchenAid to replace a very old Sub-Zero that died. I am in my 50s, live a quiet life, and the compressor is driving me insane. Willing to buy another fridge, but it must make ZERO noise (I don't mind ice maker noises that are not constant...I am not unreasonable). The people on this forum understand what I am after...I don't want ambient noise from my fridge, just as I do not want ambient noise from fluorescent lights. Who does?
What brand(s) should I consider? I will read all the posts, but just want a quick answer for now.

Also, it sounds like people have returned fridges. Really? How does one do that? I fear this one cannot be's over a year old, barely.

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FINALLY I benefit from the tinnitus I have had for years and the constant high pitch frequency I hear in my ears nearly 24x7 - Fridge noise? What Fridge?

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I have a Thermador 36" bottom freezer, built in. Dead quiet. Can only hear slight ice noises when its making ice. This model has the dual compressors, the side by side Thermadors do not (they are not made by Thermador). I believe Bosch has a similar model with the dual compressors.

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I understand about noisy refrigerators. We purchased a Samsung and had it just a few days and returned it the frig was so noisy. We ended up buying a GE side by side, nothing fancy and it works just fine and is not very noisy, just when it dumps ice and that is pretty normal

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I understand about the Samsung. They are awful and they make more noise than any frig we ever had. We returned it after a few days and purchased a GE side by side, run of the mill, with ice maker and it is just fine. It is not very noisy except when it dumps ice and I don't keep the ice maker on all the time except when I run low. It runs like refrigerators of the past and we have been very happy with it. Of course you don't get the fancy pull out drawer and some of the other features that more expensive ones have but it suits our needs just fin.

    Bookmark   October 1, 2013 at 5:18PM
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I believe Bosch has a similar model with the dual compressors.

From what I've read, the Bosch and Thermador are one and the same fridge, the only difference being Bosch doesn't have a panel-ready model. (we've just bought the Thermador but it hasn't been delivered yet)

    Bookmark   October 1, 2013 at 6:06PM
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This has been a thought provoking forum. Thanks all who have written in. I feel more educated but just as frustrated. Our new Fisher & Paykel has a very high pitched hum, otherwise it's just a beautiful frig. I still see no way to find out how noisy a frig is unless being in someone's kitchen. The ambient noise in a show room won't be helpful in figuring out how loud the frig is, even with a measuring device. My options are to go deep in debt for a quiet frig or look for older models that aren't sacrificing for efficiency. Seems boomers need to push the matter a little harder.

    Bookmark   January 19, 2014 at 1:39PM
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Jackii69, hope you're still out there...if you are can you share the model number of your F and P fridge? Thanks.

    Bookmark   July 3, 2014 at 3:37PM
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Thanks for keeping this thread going. Sad to say it's one of the few informative web sources about refrigerator noises.

I'm replacing a 30-year old inexpensive but nearly silent model and fear the market!

    Bookmark   July 10, 2014 at 1:46PM
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And I am trying to replace an older, uglier, but quiet and still running side by side with a bottom freezer. I'm thinking I'm going to use this one in the remodel till I find one worth a darn.

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Hi Barbara. I'm not Jackie but a few months ago I purchased the Fisher Paykel counter depth 175 CLUX1 single door, freezer on bottom for a small condo kitchen. So far I love it. I love the single door much better than French and this fridge has been so quiet. When I open the door or freezer I will then hear a very low short humming sound for a few seconds and I will hear that every so often but not much. My kitchen is open to my living room and I can hardly hear it it at all. I find it extremely quiet that sometimes I wonder if it hasn't stopped working and have to check to make sure the display is still on!

    Bookmark   July 12, 2014 at 5:54PM
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Thanks so much jancy. I'm looking at the 195 fd model, because the clearance requirements are less than the 201 model. I'm so glad to hear that you like yours and that it's quiet.

    Bookmark   July 13, 2014 at 9:56AM
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My 8 year old Jenn-air luxury series fridge is/has been extremely quiet over the 8 years that I've had it.
It's a 48", built in and paneled.

In fact the "Quietness" was kind of a pain, when I was trying to trouble shoot a "Wildly Swinging Freezer temp problem".

For 8 years the freezer always read 0 F on the digital display~~~~~then a couple months ago it would swing up to as high as 20 F in the freezer.

Well, try as I might, I could not hear the variable speed compressor running~~~~which I needed to know in order to trouble shoot the system, but Alas, I could not hear it running, (Alto it was). The problem with the "swinging Freezer Temps" has been fixed.
It was a partial plug in the sealed system, which was cleaned out and the dryer replaced~~~~cost me a little less that $300.

Not sure they still make the JA Luxury series anymore, will have to google it to see.

In one of the service manuals, they warn the technicians that they will have to use their voltmeters to tell if the compressor is running, (on some of the new fridges with the variable speed compressor)~~~~~so it's not my hearing capabilities that keep me from hearing mine.

There are some fridges with linear and or Variable Speed Compressors where folks have complained about "High Pitched sounds, and as I recall even one making a "Wa WA Sound"~~~~think that was a Liebheer.

Soooo takes your kids or anybody that has excellent high frequency sound hearing to a showroorm where one is actually hooked up and running~~~~~Make sure it is really running as many new fridges have a "Demo Mode" that shuts off the compressor ~~~~~just see if the fridge/freezer are cool inside, if not, ask the saleman to take it out of the "Demo Mode"!!!!

By the way, one of the "Fanciest & expensive" fridges just got "dinged" for being noisy~~~so don't assume, that the most expensive fridges are "Necessarily the Quietest!!!


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Your welcome Barbara. That's a pretty fridge. This one would have been to wide for my space. I had a fd prior for about 8 months a whirlpool but only 30 inches wide to fit in existing kitchen and it was horrible. Door shelf area way to small. It drove me crazy. Needless to say it leaked first day and had to redo my kitchen. On the new F P I liked that it has Shelf Type: Glass. Cantilever. Having shelves like this makes it easier if you can't open doors fully or past 90 degrees. These type shelves only need to be lifted up and moved to where you like as opposed to the shelves which slide in the grooves on inside walls of fridge that need to be pulled all the way out of fridge to adjust shelves. Cantilever shelves was a must for me due to limited space. Enjoy your new fridge.

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I too am very sensitive to noise. We had our KA compressor moved into the crawl space of our house and it made such a difference. It was done by a local refrigeration company and cost maybe $500. 10 years later, we have to replace the fridge and though I am looking for a quiet fridge I think we will likely be again looking at moving the compressor.

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Heads up to those who react to a newly delivered refrigerator: It takes a few hours for the refrig to reach goal temperature, and during that time, it will probably be loud. After that, you'll only hear it when the temp goes up (when it's been open) and is re-cooling the inside.

Our new refrig was delivered yesterday, and we noticed how loud it was. Also we don't have our wooden hutch next to it yet (that gets moved in tonight - just refinished it, and it's still drying), so the acoustics in the kitchen are really echoey. (We noticed this after taking everything out of the kitchen a few weeks ago, for the remodel.)

Today the refrigerator is absolutely silent. I will be interested to see (hear) what it's like on a cooling cycle after the hutch is back in and filled up with stuff.

BTW, for anyone interested in brand, we bought a Liebherr CS1200. It is the smallest bottom-freezer model in their line. Plenty of space for a couple who no longer have kids living at home (yes, we're empty nesters!).

One thing you need to know about the Liebherr: The doors on the refrig and freezer have to be able to open all the way (nearly 180 degrees from closed) if you want to be able to pull out the drawers to wash them. We were going to reverse the hinges and handles until the delivery guy showed us this. For now, we have decided it makes sense to leave the refrig as is, and see if we can get comfortable with it opening from the left instead of the right.

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Just purchased: LG Counter Depth French Door refrigerator - LFX25991ST. There are a few disappointing things that I noticed day 1, but the worst is when the compressor is running, the noise is approaching 60 decibels and is a high pitch whine that I can hear in almost the whole house. This is really bad for my open floor plan because that means the den and breakfast room get to enjoy this grating whine at a high level. This is the fridge I settled on after two Samsung refrigerators had control panel problems right out of the box. I'm so done with refrigerator shopping. These are all high end, ~$3,000 units and I should be enjoying my refrigerator honey moon. Instead i'm spending my time researching the effects of unpleasant noise on a person's health. ugh.

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