I've never used the Self-Clean in my Capital Precision...

clax66October 26, 2012

I confess. We bought our Capital Precision four years ago and paid extra for the self-clean model. But I confess that I clean the old fashioned way because I've read horror stories from people who have used the self-cleaning function in their own (not Capital) ovens only to find it damaged their finishes.

My sister says I'm a wuss. Does anybody have any advice or words of encouragement to alleviate my fears? I really need to tackle this project this weekend.

thank you,


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It's an all-gas range with not much electronics so you'll probably be fine. I have a DCS all-gas self-clean (DCS was founded by the people who now own Capital) and I've never had a problem with the self-clean. It would have been a good idea though to try it while it was still under warranty.

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You should not run the self-clean function if you have been cleaning it with "regular" oven cleaner. Noxious fumes can be emitted by chemical residue at the very high heat (900F+) of the self-clean cycle.

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Should I confess? I cleaned the oven on our Viking about three months after I got it and then not again for the next 15 years of 5x a week use. As far as I can tell, nothing bad happened. Stuff that spilled or splattered quickly burned off while preheating the oven for pizza leaving a residue that is easily wiped out. The oven developed an even "patina" that was not unattractive, a pretty uniform brown. Time that might have been sent worrying about what the walls fo the oven looked like was productively spent elsewhere, no exposure to toxic chemicals, and no one but me ever came around to inspect the appearance of the inside.

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Thanks for your responses:) I've never used the oven cleaner sprays for same reason; fear of damage. But I'm going forward with the self-clean ad will leave my kitchen windows open:)

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Just turn on your range hood to exhaust fumes out of the house.

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