bulb burns out in light module fv-lp003 in a month

jsoncnyNovember 29, 2012

i don't know what the model of the vent is but the light module model is fv-lp003. the bulb (cfl) burns out in about a month and in the last 2 years, i think i have changed about 5 bulbs. only 1 bulb is used in the module. it is on the left side if the bulb is pointed toward you. the bulb i'm using is philips plc 18w/827/4p, g24q-2 4 pin base.

i'm thinking the module is defective and if it is, can i replace it?

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I would contact Philips customer service and ask them about the issue. Typically a situation like that suggests the lamp socket isn't making good contact with the pins, which increases electrical resistance. That, in turn, generates heat, which increases resistance, and so on.

Any discolouration or anything that suggests this?

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the base of the bulb is darken/black.

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That's probably your answer. Call Philips, but I'd google "bulbname/modelname blackens/bulb blows" and see how many others have the same problem.

Since it's happened numerous times, it's the module, lampholder or inadequate ventilation.

Compact fluorescents are, in my opinion, an abject failure. The first few I owned are still going strong years and years later, but they were very expensive. LED light bulbs will make them obsolete very soon.

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the vent model is fv-11vql4 and my bathroom is around 8x7x5 feet; so i don't think the ventilation is the issue. i gonna try to replace the module.

thanks for your time and help.

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You're welcome. Call Philips first. They may have even recalled the unit, you never know. Cost you nothing to try.

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