adblock plus making my ota tv listings unusable

albert_135August 31, 2013

Adblock plus just started making my OTA TV listings unusable. I can disable adblock plus, browse my TV listings and get what I need. I read Googled instructions on how to make an exception for this one URL only but cannot implement the instructions - may be something about a filter list i cannot find.

How should I disable Adblock plus for only.

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Filter list, would be easylist...

Depending on your windows version, it is located in different locations:
XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[User name]\Application Data\Simple Adblock

Vista: C:\Users\[User name]\AppData\LocalLow\Simple Adblock

Windows 7: C:\Users\[User name]\AppData\LocalLow\Simple Adblock

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Why not use a different browser with no adblock for that site?

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Richard (chuggerguy)

If you left-click the ABP icon while on the site you want to disable ABP on, you should see an entry called "Disable on (name of the site you're on)". Is that what you want to do?

Your TV listing site seems to work fine for me with ABP enabled. Maybe I'm missing something though since I've never used the site.

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It worked for me also.

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Thanks chuggerguy et. al. It was that ''disable on ... '' that I could not find. Thanks again.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

Yeah, I opened it up and didn't immediately see it either. I found the answer on their open forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Adblock Plus Open Forum

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