Powder room waste basket w lid

Brandywine72November 18, 2013

I am looking for a trash can with a lid that will be small enough to fit in our tiny new powder room and will look right with the decor. We have an 1850s row house and although the powder room is new, we are trying to give it a vintage feel with white hex tiles, polished chrome cross handles, and vintage fixtures.

Along with an old house comes old plumbing. A recent lady friend came to visit with Aunt Flo and caused a major plumbing backup. Ladies need to pitch their products at our house and I really want a lidded trash can for obvious reasons!

I found this one at Pottery Barn, which might work. But I was wondering if anyone has any additional options for me.


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Have you seen a style that works that is a step on can? If not, this style seems perfect but I prefer not having to touch the lid to use it.

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Good point about not loving to touch the lid. I have not seen any step on cans that have a more traditional look. They all seem too contemporary. Let me know if you come across any.

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Simple Human has a can that is small and traditional looking or rather looks like its from the 50's or something. I have one. I love it. It is about $20 at walmart or target. It takes a plastic bag from the grocery store just fine. Or you can spend more money on the actual bags that Simple Human makes for these cans for a lot more money :) It has a removable plastic can inside that the bag fits to then it is dropped into the white can. If you don't like white it comes in stainless steel as well.

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Enduring, that is so cute in it's little funky 50s R2D2 way. I might have to get it.

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I am so pleased that I could help you out Lotteryticket:) I don't know how I managed without it all these years.

Edited to say to Lottery:
LOL, the picture doesn't do it justice. I was just brushing my teeth and yes it does look like R2D2, more so IRL.

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I also have a small simple human can. I think it is pretty period neutral, just plain.

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