White dove turned out obvious YELLOW in my house :(

Bridget HelmAugust 12, 2014

I walked into the house today after all the contractors had gone to find that the crown, casings, and ceiling beams had been painted. I chose white dove thinking it was a safe choice. I tested a little area out and it looked white. I wanted white but with a tiny touch of warmth rather than a bright bright white. But it looks YELLOW- there's nothing white about it! At least not in my den and dining room. It really clashed with the yellowish white on the walls in the dining room.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Any recommendations for repainting the crown, beams, casings, and ceilings? Of course I'm wondering how much thus will cost. It's 206 linear feet of crown plus 50 linear feet of beams :(. Plus the ceiling in the 25x25 den. I don't know how much casing. The painters will not be happy with me:(

I can't believe I messed this up. I guess ill use Sherwin wills pure white. It's what we had in our last house. I liked it, but wanted something just a LITTLE bit warmer. Maybe Sherwin will snowbound?

I'm so disappointed.

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Are you sure your painters used the correct color? I seem to recall somone else here having a similar problem where her paint didn't look like she thought it should, and the painters had mistakenly used a different color than was specified.

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They're done and not just primed?

So sorry to hear about that. Our trim is Snowbound, it definitely is White. Our walls are White Flour. Also looks White to me. Hope you are able to get it fixed to your liking.

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Bridget Helm

Yes. I checked the paint cans. It's the right color and it's definitely painted not primed. The primer looked white for sure.

I'm glad snowbound looks white. I'm leaning towards that but don't trust myself now. Something about the den is different than other houses I've done. The colors all look different in that room.

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Maybe the wrong formula was used when it was mixed in the store.

Can you post a picture?

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Bridget Helm

I. This pic it looks pink. We think its because the old red brick garden wall outside is reflecting on it. The red brick will eventually be painted cream. To match the siding. So I'm trying to overlook the pink, but the yellow can clearly be seen on the door casing. The paint on the walls was put in by me to be sure I liked the color, but I don't. It's peach! It's SW shoji white and is gorgeous in the foyer but beachy peachy white in The den.

I don't know what to do.

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Just finished a 5,500 s.f. house with White Dove trim. We used a color consultant to help choose all paint color for the walls and the trim looks great with all of them..

Is it satin on the trim? What are the wall colors? What is the ceiling color?

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Sophie Wheeler

Lighting will make a big difference. Ditch the incandescent bulbs with their yellowish light in favor of cmaact fluorescents. Or better yet, LED's.

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We also have White Dove on all the doors/trim and cabinets in our house. Some rooms look more creamy, others much whiter. However even the relatively creamier rooms do not look yellow in the least.

Simply White was another one i was looking at. It is whiter than White Dove without being too harsh on the eyes. It's all in the undertones. Decorators White is whiter still, and I find it to have a bit of a blue/cool undertone.

Good luck.

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My vote... Switch light bulbs first! Then view again. Light changes everything. I've posted on my yellow kitchen changing colors on me.


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B&M White Dove is not in the yellow range; it is in the green-gray range. Linen White is their basic yellow tinted white and quite different.

As suggested, possible culprits are lamp color, ceiling color and custom mixing of another brand of paint.

Halogen incandescent lamps would be better than compact fluorescent for color, light quality and safety. A and R type incandescent lamps are yellow and should be replaced. LED lamps should be carefully selected for temperature color; some are very good and some are very bad and they tend to have sharp shadows which can be uncomfortable for some locations. Buy some warm ones and move them around before buying a lot of them. Some stores have light displays with different kids of lighting.

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Wow, I can't believe that is White Dove either. I would show the pictures to the paint store where it was bought. I sure suspect it was a wrong mix of the formula. We also had a interior decorator choose White Dove BM for us for our cabinets and built ins. However the cabinet company only uses SW so we are going with SW Alabaster (which is supposed to be very close to White Dove).

Do the cans say Ben Moore on them. I have a feeling there is also a White Dove with SW which is much yellower.

What kind of lighting do you have in the room now?


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I don't see how white dove could turn yellow. Didn't BM used to have a color called "Dove White"? Maybe that was yellower? and there was a mix up?

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I just checked, the SW colour of a similar name is SW dover white. It is quite different from BM white dove. Any chance that is what it is?

Also, is the yellow on your trim looking more yellow due to to the SW Shoji throwing off the colour of White Dove to make it look more yellow?? What if you drape the red brick with a white cloth, and paint the walls a pure white (say ceiling colour) does the Dove White still look so yellow?


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White Dove absolutely has subtle yellow undertones. There isn't a lot of yellow, but it's there. In a house with light that is prone to emphasizing the yellow(like mine), you will get the results you got. There's nothing wrong with your paint.

There are other threads on Gardenweb that discuss this.

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Bridget Helm

Its the room. There is something crazy with the light/lack there of in the room and the exterior brick reflection. The room has 4 big windows with a glass and wood door in the middle. But they are all North facing. I've never had a north facing den. It's a challenge for sure.

So I had the trim repainted today to Sherwin Williams snowbound avd one wall painted BM dove wing - gray tone - so thought it would turn out the right color in the strange lighting. They did only one wall to make sure I liked it.

A pic of the NEW WALL color color is posted. I'll post a better pic of trim color next. Please disregard the wobble in the sheetrock. The house is old and I decided not to worry about it because we are putting a tall piece of furniture there

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Bridget Helm

This is a better shot of the trim. I find the wall color still looks pink. We put some plywood a d Sheetrock in front of the brick outside but I'm still seeing a peachy shadow being cast on the wall. Oh well. I like snowbound on the trim. I'm still not over the moon about dove wing, though I've been over the moon about it in one of the north facing rooms

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I know this is an old thread, but as I was one of the posters who said "White Dove? Yellow? Never!", I felt I needed to provide the full disclosure that White Dove looks yellow/dingy in my new house, too! I thought I'd use it everywhere in our new build and now it's off the list. Some houses have crazy light I guess!

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I was looking at Snowbound, but I thought it looked a little pink. I am thinking about Alabaster, but I am going to get some samples and paint up on poster boards and see how they look in my house.

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So far Cotton Balls is my new leading contender, but I'm off to pick up samples of Snowfall White and Cloud White as well.

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We used SW Snowbound for our trim and ceilings and it looks really white against the SW Silverpointe which is the basic wall color for most of the house.

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I looked at the website and really like that white for trim. I do not see any yellow. We are not looking at paint yet, only have a basement, appreciate the recommendation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sherman Williams Snowbound

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Thank you for resurrecting this thread. I was planning on white dove per a recommendation from a friend. She said its not as stark as white- but has grey undertones. I don't want cream trim, though. I'm going to have the painter test it out for me. So weird that its yellowish in some cases! Not sure if its worth the risk!

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Here is trim painted SW snowbound against SW silverpointe

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Try BM simply white. Paint colors do weird things. Edgecomb gray turned a weird pink in my dining room- probably from the reflection off of my patio.

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