Economic Professional Range BlueStar/NXR

newhomecolumbusSeptember 6, 2013

HI all, We just decided on an XOV36S range hood based on deeageaux's recommendation.

Now, we are looking for a range. We wanted a cooktop and a microwave/oven combo initially, but we're warming up to the thought of buying a range now. We do a lot of high heat cooking (indian). We hated the GE gas cooktop we had in the previous house, The grates were set high from the burner and we felt like there was not enough heat - and with the down draft sucking in all the heat, it used to take us forever to cook anything.

Our budget is around 3000$ for a 36" gas range. This puts many of the high end brands like wolf and thermador out of the budget. We really like the idea of open burner, it just seems so much more efficient. Bluestar and Capital are the only companies that make open burner ranges. Am I correct? I am not able to find pricing on bluestar RCS anywhere online. RNB and capital culinary is out of our price range. We are considering NXR range - it does seems to have good reviews for the price, but we are not sure if NXR's closed burners will be efficient. From some pictures and youtube videos of NXR range, the grates seemed very thick and the distance between the burner and grates is well over an inch.

Another option is to just stick with a bluestar cooktop and getting a microwave/oven wall combo.

Suggestions please? Thanks in advance.

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American Range also makes open burner.

NXR get good reviews if you get a solid unit. Seems to be problem with quality control.

If you can, Costco Canada has a 36" Bluestar for $3200. The RCS series seems to be priced as much here. If you're in the states I assume it could be cheaper.

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American Range Performer Series ARROB436GRN

UMRP $5999

Two 25k btu open burners
One 18k btu open burner
One 12k btu open burner
One 18k btu grill

In link is an open box model with minor scuffs.

Looks white because in protective film coating.

$3999.27 OR BEST OFFER with Free Delivery.

Does not hurt to make your best offer. Worst they can say is no.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Two years ago a 36" RCS in the USA was ~ $3600.

Looks like the RCS was discontinued.

Can no longer find anywhere.

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