E Mail in Picture folder

sewfinaAugust 4, 2012

I opened my picture folder and find it is full of old e mails, old feeds, and old documents. What happened.

I am on Windows 7, Windows Live Mail. I deleted all temporary files but it did not eliminate the problem. I

deleted files for an hour, but have more now. It must

be a setting that is wrong, but don't know what.

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Hi sewfina,

Where is the My picture folder? Click start > right click on "My Pictures" choose properties, tell us the location as listed in the little window that will open, curious about it's location..

Here is where mine is on my machine C:\Users\JOE

Seems like the location of My Pictures folder got changed and when you safe old emails, old feeds, old documents, there going in the My Pictures folder...weird.

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I went into my picture folder properties and clicked on restore defaults and I think it may have gotten it fixed. I'll watch and if not will repost with the information. Thanks for putting me on the right path.

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Good job ! Let us know how it goes for you...

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So far it's back to normal. Have no idea how it got changed.

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