Getting New Desktop for daughter - what I need to transfer?

lynnalexandraAugust 30, 2012

So my daughter's desktop is a 2002 Dell - and it is at the end of it's lifespan. It is just crawling. I got a good deal on an HP desktop - Windows 7 (64bit), I think 750GB hard drive. I haven't set up the new desktop yet bc. other things were more urgent - but I think I'll get to it in the next week.

For now I want to make sure to save everything I need from her desktop. She only has a 40GB hard drive. And she has a 500GB external hard drive - so I'm copying everything I can to the external hard drive - and then figure I can copy it back to the new desktop. But I'm not certain I am catching every document I need.

1 - I have copied everything in the my folders folder:


word documents

flip share videos

music (in Itunes)

EA games (Sims games)

extra downloaded custom Sims content

my pictures

2 - I don't think there's anything else I can copy. She folders that read network places, shared documents, Floppy A drive, CD-RW drive, etc.

3 - I think I'll have to reinstall any programs - but it would be nice if there was an easy way to determine a list of programs - anywhere I can get one that I can print? I'm afraid I'll overlook things. I'll get her a new copy of Word (she actually has a license for three computers that came with the word that's on her laptop - so I'll use that - once I figure out how - I think it was a download).

4 - other than microsoft word, I think she has Sims games (and she has the cd's to reload) and just free programs (like Flip Share that comes with her Flip video), avast antivirus, malwarebytes, secunia, ccleaner, superantispyware, spywareblaster, auslogics defrag program.

5 - I could even use help knowing the order of shutting down peripherals and restarting. Monitor, external hard drive. Do I turn them off before shutting down the old computer? Once they are hooked up to the new computer, is there an order to turn them on? desktop first? then peripherals? external hard drive and monitor first, then desktop?

6 - Oh, gosh. and then I have to set her desktop up to the printer - somehow I recall that setting up this printer was tricky but I don't recall the details of how.

7 - any general pointers in setting up the new computer would be appreciated. Last time I got a new desktop for myself (4 1/2 years ago), I had a progressional transfer everything.

Thank you.


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Looks like you covered most everything..For the printer, go to the manufactures website and see if you can download the user manual (if you dont have it at home) it should give you the step by step in how to load the printer..Most printers come with a single sheet instruction with pictures..I tend to keep them filed away in case of hooking up new computers/laptops.Also, depending on the age of the printer, sometimes if old enough, they are compatable with new machines

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Use the Easy File Transfer feature in Windows 7, very easy. This transfers everything and sets it up just like it was on your XP machine.

Here is a 'how to' from How to Geek

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If the old machine has a 40 gig drive and you have a 500 gig external available, I would just transfer everything. That way if you realize down the road you missed something, it's still available. If you need space on the external, move it to the new machine (just create a folder and move everything there).

Most modern printer install from CD or a file you can download from the manufacturer's web site (which may be necessary if the original CD didn't include Windows 7 drivers). Don't plug in the printer initially, follow the on screen instructions and at some point during the install process it will ask you to plug in the printer.

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