Tile/granite/slate flush hearth options for fireplace - help?

Mom23EsAugust 3, 2012

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are almost done making decisions for our house... I HOPE! I'm still struggling with the fireplace treatment. We went back and forth about doing a raised hearth, and in the end we decided to go for a flush hearth instead. I think it will work better for our needs.

I LOVE the look of a black cleft slate facing with a white surround/mantel. I would rather not have grout lines of the tile. I've been told that if I go with a solid one piece stone, then the hearth on the floor will be raised above the level of our hardwood floors. I really don't want this. I want the hearth and our hardwood to be flush. I think a very slightly raised hearth will be a tripping hazard.

What are my options for getting a truly flush hearth on the floor? Do I have any besides tile?

FWIW, we're getting a gas only fireplace.

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Absolutely you do! We used Carrara marble, and it is flush. Our builder had to search a little to find the thin slabs...but it CAN be done! My neighbor used slate, and hers is flush, too.

Here is my FP...

And here is a little bit closer shot...

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Annie Deighnaugh

Yes you should be able to get it...we got a one piece marble (same slab used in the surround) and it sits flush with the flooring.

If it can't be done for whatever reason, then you should be able to get a carpenter to make a wooden bevel to match your flooring as a transition piece so you won't trip or whack your toes. We have slate flooring under our wood stove and the mason put a bevel on the edge of the slate to prevent just that.

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We went with granite--I found a remnant that I loved, in a size that would work, and for a really good price. As the granite is thicker than the hardwood, the hearth sits slightly above the hardwoods and has a beveled edge. We have not had any problems with tripping and I attribute that to the beveled edge. Another option if you go with granite is to go with the thinner grade.

Here's a pic of ours:

Hope this helps!

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