Any POSITIVE Thermador reviews?

kiana-2010September 26, 2010

I know that Thermador is probably not the no. one choice of many people on the forum, but the current promos are VERY tempting. Is there anyone who actually has any Thermador products (range top, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, warming drawer) that can give any first-hand positives about the line?

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"promos are VERY tempting"

this is marketing 101 when you cannot compete on a product's merits!

I currently have or have had their hoods and warming drawers and they are fine. Fridges are fine too, both lines. Cooktops are fair to good, rangetops are OK to good but many don't like their tom foolery simmer burners.

After that (ovens,ranges) you are rolling the dice. Dishwashers are rebadged Bosch units so are hit or miss too.

That "free" dishwasher isn't so free when your oven craps out after 5 months.

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kiana - I have (had actually, kitchen just been demolished) a Thermadore wall oven with MW on top that was about 17-20 years old. The oven was excellent, albeit small, the MW was just OK. To make a long story short, when I went shopping for appliances, I thought I would go for another Thermador wall oven combo. A number of appliance sales people told me Thermador is not what it used to be. Take it for what it is, coming from sales people; I think it's probably true about a number of other appliance manufacturers as well. I ended up buying a 36" range, so no wall ovens. I did rule out the Thermador gas range early in the process because of the on/off clicking on simmer setting.

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I recently installed their freedom column refrigerator. I looked at Liebherr, Subzero and Miele in addition to Thermador. Miele did not have the gallon jug holder in the door. Subzero Integrated model had inadequate vegie drawers. Liebherr did not work for me esthetics wise.... So Thermador was the only one that met my interior configuration needs. Will see how they last.

I would not get their range/cooktop. Their clicking simmer is worthless, IMHO. I am also not a fan of sealed burners after having had one.

Where I live, Thermadors are not rarely put in homes that command that price tag.

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"Thermador is not what it used to be. "

It's not - and I'm not trying to sell you anything.

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The Thermador Masterpiece downdraft seems to be better built than any of the competition that I've personally seen. Most other brands went from flimsy to laughable and most have weak blowers. The Wolf seemed to came in second with us. Many models felt like they were made from soda pop cans, flexible and weak. The Thermador Masterpiece feels tough, has better quality removable screens. Don't know anything about their other appliances, but they did something right with this one if that is any indication.

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"on/off clicking on simmer setting" I was initially worried about this but it seems to be a nonissue. I have been using my Thermador range top for about 5 months and it do not have this happen. I regularly simmer oatmeal and other things without difficulty and NO clicking. Love my range top and warming drawer. I have not used the oven enough to give you an opinion.

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As a servicer I would say that Thermador is a pretty good appliance. They had a few issues several years ago but that seems all sorted out. They sell alot of high end appliances in my area and I don't see more Thermador than any other high end product maybe even less. As to the simmer they call X-Lo I find that most people like this feature a lot after I demonstrate it to them. Several have commented how they were almost scared away based on comments on the net of loud annoying clicking but after the demo they comment that they hardly noticed it. Most of the ranges at this end of the spectrum have good simmers though.

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I don't have a Thermador but my rich stepson put one in his kitchen in a very fine home. They like it much better than the range that was in the house when they bought it.

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I have Thermador fridge/freezer columns and a pair of DWs. Very happy with all of them. I considered the rangetop but went with Wolf. The DWs are comparable to the upper Bosch models and from what I've heard, most folks who haven't been particularly happy have had lower end models.

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I went with the promo last year, got the 36 inch gas range and dishwasher. Shhhh, do not let them hear this, but they have been working FINE. I had old old maytag range and worthless dishwasher so anything would probably have been a blessing for me, but it is beautiful and much less than wolf/viking, and why are people complaining about the "clicking"? You don't have to put it on the extra low setting, and if you do, it "clicks" only every 15 sec so you don't notice it, and I would only do that if I am say, leaving the house for a quick post office run, and want something so low it would definitely not burn, or if I am simmering something so low, like 1/4 cup oatmeal. It's not even that loud.

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Just a quick comment, the early versions clicked on all burners for the simmer, now only the one that is in use clicks, and they have reduced the noise with a redesign of the ignition.

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I have had a very POSITIVE experience with Thermador. Customer service is excellent. Our plumber scratched the rangetop terribly when installing our pot filler. I called Thermador and they shipped a replacement face free of charge. They have a 90 day cosmetic warranty.. I also had a minor problem with a burner on the rangetop. It sounded like a fish cooker, but it worked fine ;) They sent another burner out, no questions asked. I also left the telescopic rack in the oven when I cleaned the oven and ruined it. They sent another out free of charge. I have the 36 inch rangetop, microwave/oven combo, professional range hood, 42 inch side by side refrigerator, and free dishwasher. I use the rangetop and microwave daily and oven at least 5 times a week. So far, no problems.... I use the dishwasher at least once a day and never rinse. It all comes out clean. Dishwasher took some getting used to because of the condensation drying, but if you leave it until the cycle completes and use rinse aid it is fine. You can see the appliances in my kitchen by following the link below or looking in the coming soon kitchens on the finished kitchens blogspot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Southgeorgiamom's kitchen

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Sorry to say you won't get positive from me. My 15 year old 36" Thermador (dual fuel) died in the middle of baking bread today. The electronic ignitions on the burners all died during the summer, and now the oven is shot.

Silly me, I thought a top of the line 'professional' range would last a lot longer than 15 years...

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We had a Thermador microwave included in a custom home we purchased in San Diego. It died 2 years later. We have tried to deal with the company and have found them to be the worst customer service oriented company we have ever dealt with. They are, in a word, horrific. If the quality of their products is so inferior as to last only 2 years, DO NOT BUY, regardless of what they offer. Free is not worth the headache.

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I have the columnar refrigerator & freezer and LOVE it . Expensive as all get out but beautiful and works great. I would get another in a heartbeat!

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No review here but i looked at that promotion as well. All the manufacturers have them and you should study them carefully and see what fits your needs and budget best. I combined 2 of them to buy my appliances.

The free thermador DW is midline. If you want the one with the culinary rack, you need to pay an extra $500. You also need to buy 2 ovens or a range. If you want a speed oven (miele/advantium) they don't have one that truly compares.

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I had a Thermador range top with griddle at my previous home along with a wall oven and oven/microwave combo and a dishwasher. The only repair after 15 years was to replace a major part in the micro (after 10 years) which seemed reasonable. Currently I have a 36" range (gas-elec) with grill. I had a minor repair in 11 years, and I believe the unit is 15 years old. I don't like the clicking lo setting, but I got used to it.

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I read this post again and I can't stop laughing because I cant believe that liza minnie says she can't give a positive review because, to paraphrase, she only got 15 years use before needing any service on her Thermador. That sounds like a Positive review to me !!!

All appliances will need a service at sometime even comercial/professional products.

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>>All appliances will need a service at sometime even comercial/professional products.>>

Ummm....well, not always. A good friend of ours has one of the original Garland gas ranges, purchased used, and it's been trouble-free since she put it in - in 1970. I need not add I LOVE cooking on her stove, LOL.

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I'll just ask you to check my post about the fire hazard. I like Thermodor ovens...just not self cleaning ones! And I am not impiressed that they didn't show up for a scheduled appointment with the fire investigator and the Consumer Safety Council regarding their oven and the probalbility that their oven caused a major fire in my house...

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I'm trying to decide on a convection wall oven. The Capital Maestro has a moisture feature, which sounds great for bread baking, but they are so new. My local appliance shop has an Thermador POD301 selling for $3200. No moisture feature but maybe I should go with it. Or does anyone have another recommendation?

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I purchased a Thermador cooktop 2 years ago. The cooktop is hard to clean in the corners but was working well. I have had an issue with the rubber feet on the burner grates melting and falling off. It took 3 phone calls and over a month to receive replacements. Over 2 months ago my simmer on/off stopped working. The repairman came out but had to order a part. I had to call him again a few weeks later as still no sign of him. He came out with the new part and it still didn't work. He had to go back and "discuss it" with someone. A few weeks later an appointment was scheduled but he cancelled the morning of the repair because the part wasn't in yet. That was 3 weeks ago!!! I had to call again today and am still waiting for a response back. In the meantime - 3 more rubber feet have failed. Their service sucks!

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I have a 36" Thermador range. . . . .and it's about to go through it's 3rd "repair". . .no doubt another 700.00 circuit board. (You think they only have 1? Wrong!)

I'm here to tell you - do not under any circumstances purchase a Thermador.

Read the reviews! Nothing but problems, over and over, on every product they sell.

I'm into this $5K range for over $7K now, and it's still not fixed correctly.

On top of it - Thermador doesn't permenant mount a plate inside with model and serial number! So when the "kickplate" was replaced (damaged on delivery) there went my model/serial number. I'm not kidding you. . . .

It is terrible to find people to service their products, and thermador is no help whatsoever in finding you parts, if they even have them.

Just read the reviews. Believe me - you will be much safer avoiding Thermador at all costs.

Have also been corresponding with a gentleman who has a $6K "heap" now.

So it's either "hope" I can fix it with yet another $700.00 circuit board, or drop another 5-6-7K on a new range.

Don't listen to the hype, read the reviews out there from current owners like me.

I wish I had read them first - I would have gone with a Wolf or a Viking.

Don't make the same mistakes current thermador owners have made. The brand isn't what it used to be, at all. It's gone way down and not worth the headaches.

Avoid them.

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Counter experience here. I have a full kitchen of Thermador appliances as part of a new build last summer. I did the complete Thermador promotion. It's early, but the appliances are performing well. They are well made, easy to use, have great features and look good. The few little things that needed to be addressed were handled quickly and professionally by local Thermador service.
I have posted elsewhere on this forum about my experience. Not to discount people having problems, but don't assume that's everybody's experience. There are horror stories you can find on pretty much every brand.

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As I said to the posters, Google Thermador reviews. Just do the research.

Don't be defensive. No where in my post did I "assume" everyone's experience is the same. I clearly said "read the reviews out there from current owners like me." I had one in a house that was over 15 years old, and that's why I went with another Thermador range in my remodel of this current house.

The reviews are out there where ever you look. They're not hard to find. Too bad I didn't do my own research. That's on me.

I'm glad you are having a good experience with your products, however, there are thousands and thousands of us out here who are having the same bad experience. Horrendous service problems.

Just the title of this thread is an indication there are problems.

I'm glad you are having a good experience. Good luck, and best wishes.

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Thousands? Unless you provide some sort of facts (ie links) the claims are like a tree falling in the woods.

You can always find isolated negative experiences.

Thousands. Ha must be your luck.

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I did plenty of "research." I quickly found tons of horror stories on the web for every brand I was interested in, high end and mainstream alike. I concluded this wasn't a reliable indicator. Instead, I contacted several local builders to get their input. I contacted local appliance stores that have good reputations. I called various local authorized service companies for the different brands and spoke to several homeowners. I did this not because I'm some kind of OCD type, but I was buying virtually every appliance for new construction which is a sizable chunk of change and I wanted to get it as right as possible. The feedback on Thermador was generally positive on quality, reliability, performance and value. This has turned out to be my experience so far. Nothing "defensive" here for Thermador, just one man's experience based on facts and actual ownership of several of their products.

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"Instead, I contacted several local builders to get their input. I contacted local appliance stores that have good reputations. I called various local authorized service companies for the different brands and spoke to several homeowners."

So what was the input from the folks above? This could be useful to others that are making appliance decisions now.
We probably should note though, that they DID
"Lead you down the garden path as far Range goes"
What do you think happened there, or did you not heed their advice?



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dodge59: Pretty much everybody said it's a crap shoot, i.e. you can have issues with any brand. Pay attention to the parts/service resources in your area before you buy. Beyond that, what I got out of my research efforts was basically:
-across the borard, not a lot of love for Viking, Dacor, Fisher & Paykel
-high marks for Wolf, Sub-Zero, Miele, but many questioned the value proposition
-good marks for the Korean brands (Samsung, LG) on value and performance, terrible on parts/service
-no middle ground on Electrolux, it's either great or the worst crap you can buy
-good marks for Thermador and Bosch on quality, performance and value, some niggly reliability issues but a strong parts/service network in my area (I can attest to this)
-solid marks for Kitchenaid and (some) GE as the best mainstream choices
Don't know what "lead you down the garden path as far as range goes" means.

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Lead You down the garden path meant, we're the inputs you mentioned all positive about the range, but you just answered that question in the above post.

Thanks for the info. It looks pretty much like what we see here in GW.


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I would like to echo the sentiments of joc6820. I also completed a new build in August 2012 and was in the market for an entire set of kitchen appliances. While I did not speak directly to other builders, I did research online and thru various "field experts" before I made my initial decision. I had decided to make my purchase through a regional "higher end" retail store and asked many, many times about any quality concerns with Thermador -- always getting the same response from each person - their product was at the top of value / quality spectrum -- and they were aware that I was considering Wolf and Viking, as well (which they also sell). Ultimately, I decided that Thermador offered the most bang for the dollar.

Then I read the online reviews and got very concerned and almost changed my mind (I hadn't made the purchase at that point). Just to compare, I also checked online reviews for Wolf and Viking -- and saw very similar complaints, in similar numbers, about their products. Also like someone mentioned earlier, this made me doubt online review as an indicator for quality - so I went with what I had learned in my own research and stuck with the plan.

To date, I have had no issues with my Thermador appliances (36" cooktop, oven / mw combo, chimney hood w/ blower, and dishwasher). We're still in the honeymoon phase, obviously -- but so far all is good. I use each nearly every day (mw and dw multiple times a day since we have 3 young children in our home). I only wanted to share my positive experience for the sake of balance. If something changes, I'll be back to share that....

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Me and Liza Minnie must have been on the same Thermador oven and cooktop have had it...after only 35 years (installed in 1978), my cooktop starter doesn't work well and I have to use a match to light it. My knob on my oven disintegrated in my hand last month. I am using pliers to turn it on and off.

LUCKILY, we are tearing down the kitchen in four months and I am getting new appliances. Unlike Liza, I think a 30+ yr oven and range is I am seriously looking at the Thermador again!

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Our house was built in 1961 and we are giving it its first remodel. We had a Thermador electric range with double ovens. LOVED IT! Of course it didn't work anymore, it was 50+ years old! We finally lost use of one oven 4 years ago and lost the use of the other oven two years ago and had survived with three working burners on stove for the last ten. If parts were still available, we would have had it was just the elements that gave up. We dragged our feet remodeling but knew we would use Thermador again. Waiting another month to install new appliances and I can't wait. Taking a "chance" on the Sub Zero frig as well. So, we lost out on the free hood in the Thermador package. We had to go with 80" tall refrigerator and it was the only one. Keeping our fingers crossed...

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Posted by joc6820 (My Page) on Mon, Dec 3, 12 at 17:40

I did plenty of "research." I quickly found tons of horror stories on the web for every brand I was interested in, high end and mainstream alike. I concluded this wasn't a reliable indicator. Instead, I contacted several local builders to get their input. I contacted local appliance stores that have good reputations. I called various local authorized service companies for the different brands and spoke to several homeowners. I did this not because I'm some kind of OCD type, but I was buying virtually every appliance for new construction which is a sizable chunk of change and I wanted to get it as right as possible. The feedback on Thermador was generally positive on quality, reliability, performance and value. This has turned out to be my experience so far. Nothing "defensive" here for Thermador, just one man's experience based on facts and actual ownership of several of their products.


DITTO!!! Considered Bosch & on-line reviews sacred me away. Then Thermador & even worse (dozens of pages & hundreds of posts of complete HORROR stories on one forum alone). Did you really get horror stories for every brand you researched? Want to go Thermador but don't want to end up with years of hefty repair bills.

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glutenhab: to answer your question, I didn't find too many horror stories on Miele and SZ. On every other brand yes, look and you will find plenty. I didn't want to spend that much for Miele/SZ and didn't see the value in doing so (others will disagree). For example, my Thermador fridge has dual compressors, monster hinges, led lighting, precise temperature control, etc. The comparable SZ was a lot more money, especially considering the Thermador promo. The key for me was the service and warranty. I was able to get a 3rd year of warranty by using a specific installer. I also found out that in addition to a 3rd party authorized service option, there is an actual Thermador employee in my area for service. I've used him twice and it was great. He knows the products and at most there's a 3-4 day wait for parts. This put to rest any concerns I had from the horror stories. So far, it's worked out well, and I have a whole kitchen full of Thermador stuff.

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Saw this thread and had to chime in. I put in a Thermador cooktop, oven, microwave and warming drawer in 1986! yes, thats 27 years ago! All are still functioning well with the exception of one recent broken burner knob on the cooktop. Not one of these appliances has ever needed any service that I couldn't take care of myself. Now, maybe they don't make like they used to, but I would say I'm a satisfied customer...

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Thanks for both replies. Guess you can never be 100% sure but some of the posts I saw on internet searches for Thermador reviews really had me looking at other options. Got the same results with Bosch & it seems now I probably will when I try the other brands. Thanks again.

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I just remodeled my kitchen and am very happy with my choices. I just love the Thermador gas cooktop with extra low settings! I have had Viking before and Thermador is way better! I like the grills on the Thermador. I have 5 burners but only 3 grills. It is very easy to lift up the grill and clean around the burner. With my Viking I had 6 burners and 6 very heavy grates and it was difficult to clean. ALso, the extra low setting works great. Another great feature is the the star burner. The circle burners always made the sides and handles of the pots very hot. Plus, I always felt that there was a lot of wasted heat. The star burners seem to function much more effectively.

I also have the wall oven/ microwave combo. Love both of those as well. Microwave is easy to clean and has lots of power.

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I also have Thermador and it's performed well. I have a 30" gas cooktop and electric oven. The oven did go out about 6 yrs after I bought it, and Thermador couldn't get me on their schedule right away, so they comped the entire service without me even asking, which would have been around 400-500. I would call that great customer service. I"m glad they couldn't fit me in, I just used the convection oven while i waited. I plan on buying a 36" inch cooktop and keeping my oven after my remodel.

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I have a 6 year old Thermador Triple Oven (MW, WD Oven). The repairman mentioned several times that it's an older appliance...since when is 6 years old for a supposed high end appliance? He also said Thermador is not a quality brand.

Anyway, the oven doesn't heat and the display board works but LED doesn't display so I work blind. The repairman mentioned that the oven is rusting. I hadn't noticed that and didn't know that it's a huge problem.

I now have a $900 repair bill that won't guarantee that the problems will be resolved and I don't know how the rust issue will be addressed.

I am heartbroken as I really love how this unit served my cooking and entertaining needs. I do have two other ovens, but I really like the triple oven configuration.

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We have 10+ year old Thermador double wall ovens the we LOVE. The temperatures in the ovens are true. We have used the self cleaning mode in both ovens many times with no problems (I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I write this). These ovens are in a vacation home so they do not get daily use, however we commonly celebrate holidays, including Thankgiving, in this home. We are undergoing a kitchen renovation and our original plan was to purchase Thermador ovens, however we were scared away by all the poor reviews. We decided to purchase Wolf; the renovation is not finished so I can't comment on the comparison.

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We purchased Thermador double wall ovens in late 2004, installed in 2005.
They have been serviced multiple times including replacing the circuit boards three times. The ovens were very loud when being used but that was nothing compared to them just shutting off in the middle of cooking or baking something. I can't tell you how many times we had error messages and the entire panel would be frozen. The only way to get it unfrozen would be to switch off the ovens from the circuit breaker, wait a few moments and then switch it back. Now that doesn't even work and we have double ovens that look beautiful but we can't frustrating.
The Thermador double ovens were an investment and meant to be a workhorse in our new kitchen. They have turned out to be a nightmare.
Any suggestions on what to replace them with would be greatly appreciated.

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I have owned 3 Thermador ovens and will never buy another one. The first a 30 inch C Series purchased in 1998, the second another 30 inch C series purchased in 2005 and the third another C series was already in the home we purchased last year.
The two I bought had to have the control panel replaced within 3 years of being purchased - out of warranty and minimum $1,000 cost. Only one company could be found in the Dallas area that would work on Thermador ovens, complaint by all others was how hard Thermador service/parts dept was to work with.
The existing one in our new home didn't pass inspection since it would not turn on. You guessed it, the control panel and it cost the seller $1,200 for the repair.
All three times the service man said it was the self clean and lack of insulation between the control panel and the oven. Same information over a 12 year period from three different repairmen (who don't sell appliances).
Loved the way they cook, broil, bake but considering the high purchase price and the number of years these ovens have been around you would think Thermador would have resolved this issue. Having to invest an additional $1,000 within three years of buying an expensive wall oven is no fun.
All other Thermador products, freezer columns, cook-top, warming drawer have worked perfectly in all homes.
We have chosen a Miele 4784BP - Master Chef Classic Series 27” wall oven due to the features,great reviews and highly rated service.

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I think it is impossible to generalize about build quality for all appliances from a single brand these days, because different appliances are often designed and manufactured by different teams on different continents. Often, one brand does a really good job on one or two appliances, but is mediocre at best for others.

Thermador induction cooktops are basically the same as Bosch (I suspect they come out of the same factory); they appear to be very good.

The Thermador refrigeration units also appear to be decent.

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Well, here goes...
I went CRAZY doing research on this stuff and realized that when people get pissed off with an appliance they are quick to post, but not as quick to post when everything's going well.

In remodeling our kitchen in 2009, I went with a Thermador Pro single wall oven and a Thermador Pro 6-burner cooktop. Both of them were on sale in a very significant way, so, though for many years as a professional cook I was kind of wedded to Wolfs (but was balking at the price), I began considering Thermador. I was put off by reports of reliability issues, particularly those concerning the oven. What we were replacing was a newer model Jenn-air that blew its mother board the FIRST time after we bought the house in '99, and again a few years later.

One caveat: I know the self-clean feature seems a big deal to some, but DO NOT USE SELF-CLEAN on ANY oven with computer components! It WILL FRY the motherboard of the oven...whether it does so now or later, just know it will fry it eventually. Think about it--the oven gets to 800 degrees in the clean cycle--what computer component can withstand that, over time, even given the incredible insulation in these new models?

So, back to Thermador...
The cooktop is excellent--I love the star burners as well as the serious real estate of a 6-burner, 36" cooktop. It heats so evenly that, when doing sauces, I marvel at the uniformity of the surface bubbles. It is a fire-breathing dragon when it needs to be (at the time I was shopping, Wolf's had 15K burners, Thermador 18K), and the on-off simmer is a non-issue for me and has actually been reliable and effective. It is, by far, the easiest stovetop to clean of any I've had to clean--the enameling on the pan under the burners is as stout and as shiny as it was the day it was installed. If I need a griddle, I put a cast iron (Lodge makes one) griddle over two of the burners--the Jenn-aire had an electric griddle and, as I only used it rarely, felt it was more important to keep things versatile and opted for burners. The griddle set-up works well.
I purchased the cooktop from AJ Madison...for about 4 hours on New Year's Eve, it was REALLY marked down. Went back up right after--even the guy I ordered it from was surprised by the price. Delivery guy (they contract out) was a joke and we put in a complaint. It was a miracle it wasn't damaged.

The Oven

I bought the 30" Professional wall-oven (I didn't need/want a 36" oven--one of the great things about the Thermador oven was that it had a comparatively large capacity for a 30") off of the showroom/demonstration kitchen at Basco in Portland for half-price. I'd have thought they would clean it, but they hadn't--that's OK--I thought "Hmm..OK, I'll self-clean it ONE time..."
After the oven cooled down, I noticed the racks that weren't the gliding-type seemed sticky and not easy to move (but certainly not impossible). As well, the clock seemed slow, so I called for service. The repairman agreed with me on all counts, and replaced the motherboard for the clock, but was flummoxed by the rack issue and told me to call Thermador, which I did. They sent out 3 new racks--still, the non-gliders stuck, but the gliders were fine, so now I only use gliders (which I love, by the way) and have 4 racks that I can sort of use in the basement.
All of this happened within a couple of months of putting it in--I think I was hyper-vigilant because of all of the complaints I'd read...I asked the service guy if he repaired a lot of Thermadors and he said he didn't, but that he had the manual on his laptop for reference, because had been a while since he'd repaired one. Anecdotal, I know, but it gave me some comfort.

Now, I absolutely LOVE this oven. I have used every setting and I'm entirely spoiled by it. It heats quickly ("Fast pre-heat"), bakes incredibly evenly and I have had no mechanical or build issues with it (but I do not and will not use the self-clean cycle).

I just pulled out some banana bread and it was perfect. The night it was installed, I cooked the turkey for Thanksgiving and it was flawless. There are no hot spots and I am done with turning pans mid-cycle, which I have done with every oven I have ever owned, commercial as well as residential. It has been a godsend, and 4 years in now, I have no regrets. Let's hope it continues! I suspect it will.

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I found this site and just had to say something also. We have an entire kitchen suite of Thermador appliances (freedom columns, freezer and refrigerator, oven and microwave, dishwasher and induction cooktop and downdraft exhaust fan) which were installed with a whole kitchen remodel the summer of 2010. I researched appliances diligently and finally decided to go with everything Thermador...mainly because everything fit our needs so perfectly, looked so beautiful all together and also because of the one-two-free deal. We bought everything through a smaller, long-time business "family" type of appliance store in our area, sight unseen as they had no Thermador to show to us in their showroom but we were assured and assured and assured of the quality and that they would stand behind everything and make sure we were happy.

Everything has worked really, really well for the most part. The induction cooktop is the best appliance I could ever ask for and despite daily use for three years, it looks like the day I bought it. Fabulous. The oven and microwave also work really well and I have no complaints. The dishwasher is a Bosch dishwasher and it works okay, but nothing to write home about...but then again, I am generally not a dishwasher fan. Even the refrigerator has worked well....

But our Freedom Column freezer has been a total nightmare. It first started having issues (running louder and cycling on and off rapidly and loudly) last summer and the store we bought them from was great about coming out to get to the bottom of things. After lots of trial and error, they finally added a piece to push the "door closed trigger" more thoroughly because they felt it was not getting triggered sometimes and therefore the fan would not run. It worked fine then for 9 months. This summer it again started to give us problems, alarming that the temperature of the freezer was high and the only solution was to shut the freezer completely off for a few minutes and then restart it...rebooting it, essentially. I expressed my concerns to the man who sold me these appliances and I now am starting to feel he is now becoming less motivated to help us. I think he may now realize that he should have replaced my freezer last summer?

Well, today the freezer stopped working compressor activity whatsoever, even after "rebooting" it. To say that we are distressed about this is a complete understatement. Apparently we are now out of warranty coverage (for the appliance overall since we are past 2 years) but I just wonder what the remaining warranty (the warranty goes in steps...under 2 years, 3-7 years, 7-15 years) is going to do for us. This appliance is far too new and far far FAR too expensive to be dealing with this and then also get the runaround.

I hope to report back that we have had the issues resolved and are happy with how it all got taken care of. Fingers crossed!!!

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DId a kitchen remodel 10 years ago with all thermador.
Then moved and did another 4 years ago with all thermador. Love the refrigerator and freezer columns.
Awesome actually. I have a 36" gas range
and a convection wall oven. Both perform great.
Love the star burners. And also a dishwasher.
Not to mention the awesome hood that pulls out.
Honestly, have not had one issue. Will buy a 30" gas range for a vacation property soon.

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I have a 9 year old Thermador, model C302ub. My neighbor coincidentally purchased the same 30" double wall oven within weeks, not knowing I had just purchased one. We both had the same exact overheating and shutting off issues with constant beeping within the first 18 months. Both front electric touch panel/boards were replaced, not under warranty, about $500. Both went out within months again, outside the warranty just 14 months later. After a repairman said it could be one of two parts, I started with the lower cost part, which was the same front panel part. Unfortunately it did not fix it this time and have to consider purchasing a 3rd part for an additional $600 for repair. It's been 4 years of constant beeping when it cools down now, so we go to the breaker box and flip it to turn it off (suggested by my neighbor with the same oven and issues). Other than the fan being very loud, I have no other issues with the oven, cooks and bakes wonderfully. Probe is convenient. I am now researching new ovens. The Bosch 500 is appealing in looks and has a reportedly quiet fan, good price at Pacific Sales. But every manufacturer I've read about has the overheating issue with electronic components. So $600 is looking better than $3,000 plus for potentially the same electronic component weakness. Are there any ovens out there that aren't electronic? I must say, the appliances my parents had lasted so much longer. They never replaced a clothes washer. Sold it with the house after 20 years. I've had 3 in 14 years. My Kitchen-aid architectural series dishwasher from 14 years ago is working great, but the oven, washers, fridge (had Whirlpool, Bosch, GE) all have had issues within 2 years. Disposable and expensive seems to be the contribution of the electronic age with appliances.

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Friends who are custom builders LOVE Thermador. It's mostly because of a discount from the appliance place that it seems like the majority of them shop at. They get a kitchen package, buyers who don't specify Wolf/Viking/whoever are happy, and they make a little more on the build.

One uses Thermador for his house and seems to like what he has. The only problem I've seen is oven/cooktop knobs not wanting to stay attached.

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thermador refrigerators are made in the same factory as gaggenau and miele and they add what bells & whistles they want in them

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I bought a full "package" of Thermador over a year ago. Double electric ovens (both convection), 36" gas cooktop, 42" fridge, vent insert and 2 dishwashers.

I LOVE the ovens. The fan noise is moderate on start-up, but not too bad. Cooks perfectly, temp is even, soft-close feature is awesome and the racks are great. 2 thumbs up!

The fridge has been a bit noisy, but infrequently...I'll have someone look at soon under the warranty. It just never bothers me enough to call, but it needs to be looked at. Performance and capacity is very nice. (BTW, no ice/water in the door).

The cooktop works well....the grates are very heavy. I have seen several other cooktops and their grates just don't compare. The simmer feature on/off clicking noise is bothersome. Louder than I realized, but Im pretty anal. I do wish it had a super-low simmer without turning on and off. Luckily I don't low-simmer to much. The high-heat is great, as expected. Overall, very happy.

The dishwashers are awesome, quiet, and they get the dishes clean AND dry. The lighted floor indicator is nice, too. 3rd rack is very useful. The adjustability of the shelves is nice.

I also have a 600cfm works well, but a tad noisy...aren't they all, unless located remotely?. The lights are bright and it works very well removing HOGS.

Overall, very happy with the 'package.' Once exception is the random 'loudness' of the fridge.

I know a lot of people on here are against packages, but I've been happy. The appliances work well, look great and the cost/value have, IMO, been good. And keep in mind I cook and bake A LOT....big family (6) and 90% of meals are home cooked....that's why we needed 2 dishwashers!

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I purchased a complete kitchen of Thermador high end appliances for a kitchen remodel that was done in 2006. I did not replace the refrigerator and I purchased Bosch dishwashers because they had an external display and the Thermador ones did not.

I purchased the 6 burner with griddle cooktop, the 30" double electric ovens, the Thermador microwave oven with trim kit and the 48" range hood. I have heard complaints about the microwave, but mine has worked fine. I believe that it is made by Panasonic for Thermador, so I am somewhat surprised at the number of complaints.

My wife is not careful with foods in the microwave and the interior finish has yellowed and there is some rust in the bottom under the glass turntable. I don't blame Thermador, if the spill or moisture had been cleaned, I don't think it would have rusted.

The electric double oven is great and has nice features on the control panel. The cooktop should have a larger than standard gas supply as they burners are high output. I plumbed in a 3/4" gas line which is sufficient. I did not try it with the original 1/2' line.

My only two negatives are that the cooktop is hard to clean because of all the crevasses and uneven surfaces. Secondly, I tried to replace some of the tines on my Bosch dishwasher because they rusted through and found the parts had been discontinued even though it is less than 10 years old. Since these are high end items, I would expect the parts to be available for a minimum of 10 years.

I would buy again because I have had good performance and the look is certainly upscale.

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I don't own Thermador and many people here seem to love to bash it, but I have to say if I were to do a high-end package deal I would seriously consider them (and on their own I would seriously consider their ovens). All reports I've heard say they bake evenly, and my local appliance store really likes them. No, not because of commissions! This store also has a service department that does all their warranty work, so they have data that I trust on brand reliability. Thermador has been one of their most reliable high-end brands with a failure rate of around 10%, beaten only by Gaggenau and Miele. They claim the industry average of all the brands they sell is around 20%, with some brands up at 50-60%. Besides, we hear a lot of good things about Bosch stuff, which comes out of the same factories as Thermador: why should T'dor be any different (save for some more complex designs)?

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I'm moving, and the house I'm considering has a Thermador oven/range. Based on these comments I'm thinking of selling the Thermador oven/range, and just replacing it with the ~60 year old Chambers stove in my current home, which is working fine. The Chambers has some downsides: having to light the oven with a match is tedious, and it doesn't have 6 burners like the Thermador; however, it does have a fantastic broiler. Most of the comments on this post are a few years old--does anyone have any new information about the Thermador oven? Thanks to anyone who has updated information.

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I have a Thermador six burner gas cooktop and I HATE the clicking that is part of two simmer burners- they click and click and have hard time relighting themselves. Might need service call, but has been annoying all the time I have owned this cooktop, which was bought about 12 years ago. I hope things have improved.

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Trencher man I have a chambers that I had an automatic pilot light built so no lighting with matches needed. As a matter of fact I'm building my kitchen around it. I'm purchasing g a single wall oven from thermador so I can have an extra oven but other than that the Chambers will be the star in my kitchen.

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Trencher man I have a chambers that I had an automatic pilot light built so no lighting with matches needed. As a matter of fact I'm building my kitchen around it. I'm purchasing g a single wall oven from thermador so I can have an extra oven but other than that the Chambers will be the star in my kitchen.

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Hi! I am thinking of getting Thermador's pro series oven and microwave combo. Am I crazy? Based on the reviews I'm starting to wonder. I like the oven's quick preheat, racks, and the claims that the heat will be even...and I like how the micro and the oven are built in together and the overall look. If this is a mistake, any suggestions on other oven/microwave combos? TIA!

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The posts from Thermador oven owners are very helpful. A common thread among many of the negative ones is failed electronics, probably from heat (the self-cleaning feature is the prime suspect according to many posters here and in other forums).

Consumer Affairs is mainly a site where people gripe, so it's sometimes a good place to read negativity about any product. One such Thermador complaint there echoed the above failed-electronics observation but added very interesting detail. The person stated he or she is an electronic hobbyist and removed a failed circuit board from their Thermador oven. The poster described the circuit board as having "a significant number of electrolytic capacitors" and pointed out that these are heat sensitive. Testing these capacitors showed 80% had failed (btw, capacitors are referred to as "caps" by some who work with electronics). Caps are inexpensive! The poster replaced the caps (wire cutter, solder, soldering iron and solder remover) with ones rated for higher temperatures -- all for about $15! The unit worked well after that.

Apparently, the original electrolytic capacitors weren't rated for high enough tempertures and very long life.

I've replaced capacitors in a music amp and it's not very hard. I had assumed Thermador's circuit board problems were computer chips (ICs) failing but it seems to be just the caps, according to that one person. Capacitors are very low tech compared to computer chips and very cheap. But you'd have to do it yourself or have a friend do it or help you in order to only pay for the capacitors.

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