Wolf 30" all gas range/oven installation

Tr8aceeSeptember 9, 2012

Hi, I'm in the middle of a kitchen renovation and i recently converted the electric stove to a gas one. Attached is a photo of the gas line that sticks out of the wall. I ordered a 30" Wolf all gas range/oven and I want to make sure the line is ready for installation when the appliance arrives. This is a 3/4" gas line. Please let me know if what I've done is correct.

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Recommend you look at the installation instructions that come with the range. Even tho our GC had the specs, he still installed the outlet too high and had to move it before the range could be installed.

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We just put in our Wolf range and the gas line needed to be really close to the floor, so your's looks too high.

Also, when the range arrives.....CHECK IT CAREFULLY! The delivery guys that delivered ours were obviously in a hurry and just plunked it down in our kitchen and had us sign for it. Once we removed all the tape and packing stuff we found two huge visible dents that we are now getting jerked around about. DO NOT SIGN for it until you have it completely unwrapped, all the tape and stickers are off, the burners and oven grates are all in, etc.

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If you paid by credit card, you can contest the charge, but this is time sensative. If your dealer won't help, I would call the distributor and Wolf.

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Thanks, wekick, we get the feeling they are stalling us just long enough to get past the credit card time issue. We will be calling the credit card Monday. Too bad too, because I really like the Wolf range.....but I think I can live with our second choice if Wolf does not make it right.

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I'm assuming the camera shot has the valve on the rear wall behind the stove. When our contractor was putting in the gas line we had the range shutoff valve moved to a place we could get to in a hurry if we had a fire. When the shutoff valve is right behind the stove there's no way to get to it; we'd have to run to the main gas shutoff valve which would also take us out of the room. There were some minor code issues that were easy to fix such that we were compliant. I realize this is a rare possibility but having been in a kitchen fire in a restaurant I was working in things happen very fast.

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