The cost to move a toilet over 6"

genab55November 17, 2012

Can anyone tell me an approximate cost to move a toilet over 6"? My current shower stall if 32' wide and it's next to the toilet. Trying to decide if it's worth it to move the toilet over a bit.

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Sophie Wheeler

A couple of hundred to a couple of thousand. It depends on way too many factors such as the overall size of the bathroom and whether or not you actually have room in it to move the toilet over and still maintain the required clearances without making the bathroom itself larger, to whether you or on slab or joists, to which way the joists run, to the size of those joists.....

Only way to tell is to do some preliminary measuring and diagnosis to see if it's even possible, and then call and get some plumbers in there to give you estimates.

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Thanks Hollysprings. The toilet is between the shower and a new 54" wide vanity. If we moved the toilet over we would have to buy a smaller vanity and I've pretty much decided it's not worth starting over and having to spend more money on another vanity.

Our shower is 32"x68" and several others have said that size works well for them so I'm going to go with it.

Thanks for your post. I love all the advice and suggestions I have gotten on the GardenWeb forums!

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Slab or basement underneath?

Clearance to joists (if on a basement)?

You did no give enough information to even begin to tel what it might cost

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