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Sue_vaAugust 15, 2012

HP Media Center XPSP3

I read a thread here about a printer problem, hoping I would find the answer to my problem, but I didn't.

My problem: HP Officejet 4315v All-in-One, about 4 years old. No problems until now.

I scanned a picture, which worked fine, then I wanted to print it. Wouldn't print. I heard a noise which I thought might be a paper jam. I checked front and back. No jam. I copied a text document. Worked fine. Got the Align Page message and did that. Still won't print. I checked everything I could; went to HP Solutions and tried there. Still won't print. I try the buttons on the Control Panel; It tells the date, or asks for a number. I think it wants ato send a Fax. I've never used the fax.

I don't know what else to do. Suggestions?



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If this printer has fax capability, then it installed itself as both a PRINTER and a FAX PRINTER. Make sure that the PRINTER is selected as the default.

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Yes, the printer is the default printer.


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Have you checked in the print queue to be certain there is not something holding up the print/scan functions?

Have you looked in Device Manager to make sure all drivers are up to date?

Have you gone to the HP website to search for your model printer to make sure all drivers and updates are current?

Could it be something as simple as turning off the printer and "rebooting" the printer?

If all else fails, do you still have the install disc that came with the printer? You could always uninstall, then re-install the printer.

Just some ideas to toss around.

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Nothing in the print queue.

Checked out HP Solutions. Everything is updated.

I've rebooted several times.

I do have the disk, but hope to not have to do that.

Those were all good ideas.

I went back to the manual and looked through the index, and sure enough, there it was: "delete faxes from memory." Even though I haven't sent any faxes I followed the directions and, voilà�, it prints!

But I still hear that noise that I thought was a paper jam. No jam, front or back. I went back to HP Solutions and kept hunting until I found a neat little video that shows how to open the Control Panel to look for a jam there. I tried and it seems like it will take a real hard tug; it doesn't just come open.

Now what, should I pull hard on it and hope it opens?


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The old saying "Force it if it breaks it needed replacing anyway"

Really I hate to have you pull hard on something, might break it, then I'd feel awful.....


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Is it possibly a push in - pull out panel?

Or perhaps you have to turn the printer off before you can open it?

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If it were me now I would remove the software, disconnect the printer then re-install and connect when the software demands you do so. If nothing else that should elliminate the software as the cause.

Check the paper feed rubber rollers perhaps one is damaged.

I had a printer once that required me on odd occasions to open the lid to view the print head, then I needed to push the print head to the right sharply to engage it before it would work. Luckily I have long fingers. You might poke about for something along those lines.

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My Officejet 4500 will sometimes spit out a blank page before it prints anything. At other times (usually when I haven't printed anything for a week) it will load a page and then hang and not print a thing while it's power light blinks. Then I need to delete the pending print job, turn the printer off-turn it back on and then it prints like a charm. I think the drivers are hastily written and not thoroughly tested especially with older OS like XP & Vista. Oh well..what should I expect for $60?

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Well, I did get the Control Panel cover to open. I used the "heels" of my hands to slightly push while I got my fingers to where I could grip it and I pulled gently and it opened. But now it won't print again! I did the delete faxes thing but that didn't help this time.

I guess I have to start all over. Or I may do the uninstall, reinstall but later. If I got fouled up there, then I won't even have my PC. With the help of Google and you folks here, I can keep it going very well. HP Solutions has help forums, but you have to register and have a password and I'm not going to spend this good weather doing all that.

Thanks for all the helps, and Joe, if I end up breaking it, I can at least blame it on you!

I'll be back, sometime.


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The HP help forums are very helpfull, have used them several times for my HP products so worth signing up. I figure 5min of signing up beats 3hrs of me getting no where on a problem. I would uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the software. Shouldn't harm anything else, had to do it once myself and no problems. Mary

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If you haven't gotten your printer up and going, Sue, by all means disconnect and reinstall from scratch. It isn't a big job and will often solve a problem that seems unsolvable.

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