Shower curtain AND glass doors?!

tiskersNovember 19, 2008

I prefer a shower curtain, strictly for asthetics... in my rather small bathroom, it is the largest decorating accessory in the room, and I like the "wow" factor of it.

DH, on the other hand, is pushing for glass doors (strictly because of water splashing out when the shower curtain isn't pulled properly, which does happen a lot because our crazy cat loves to mess with the shower curtain when we are showering.)

Has anyone ever seen (or done) glass doors AND a shower curtain?! Is this reasonable?! Does anyone have a picture to show me, please?

All advice, opinions, input welcome. THANK YOU!

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I have seen it a lot when people want to soften or hide the glass. While I like the look, I am not fond of having to open both when I want to take a shower but that is just me. My DIL wouldn't have it any other way.

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Really?! You've actually seen it a lot?!! WooHoo, that's good to hear. Honestly, I was afraid I was the only person on the planet to consider such a thing!

I wonder is anyone has some photos? I'd really like to see what it looks like up at the top where the shower rod would be.

Thank you!

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Honestly.... I can't even imagine using a shower curtain AND a glass door!

Why would you do this? To add a shower curtain over (or under) a glass door just for looks is a real puzzle to me how this could look good..... and really just "why".... sort of like wearing boxers AND briefs!

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I have nothing to add to this discussion except the thought of boxers and briefs made me laugh out loud!!! Great visual!!

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I did this in a bath once where there was a really ugly glass sliding door over the tub (it had brown painted stripes on the glass; very 70's, I guess). We had the curtain mounted high enough that it hid the whole thing. It looked fine because we kept the shower curtain closed all the time. If you plan to keep it pulled open at all it would look strange.
Now we have renovated and we have just a shower curtain. If you have a shower/tub combination, you should definitely consider the curved curtain rod. Much more roomy than a glass door or straight shower curtain.

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We saw tub screens in France. I like the look and function so much that I'm putting one in our upcoming remodel that includes a tub/shower. Picture this: a panel of glass about 34" wide and 50" high attached to the wall on which the tub faucets are located. It swings away from the tub for easy access. Clear or obscured glass is available. Nothing attaches to the tub -- nothing to collect water or gunk. There is a gasket at the bottom of the glass panel to form a good seal with the top edge of the tub. If you google "tub screen" you should find some examples. Check out

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Ooooooh, Trekker, those tub screens sounds VERY cool! And maybe *some day* when we re-do our master bath (it's on the "to do" list!) it will be something to think about. I can certainly see the appeal of it, but right now, we are just giving the bathroom a bit of a "spruce up"... not a full face-lift yet! ;o) We are currently in full swing of a full kitchen remodel and it's taking all of our time, energy (and of course, money!)

BTW, the boxers and briefs comment made me LOL, too!!! I *THINK* DH id just going to have to suffer through using a shower curtain for a awhile longer yet!!!

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i saw these (believe it or not) at a home depot expo. i'm thinking about doing one for our kid's jack & jill in our build. i love the fact that there is no track on the bottom. seems like it should be much cleaner and easier to maintain.

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How does it fit tight enough to the edge of the tub to keep in the water, though???

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from what i understand they still use a weather strip, plastic thingy attached to the tub.
that is my technical term for it. sorry, don't know what it's really called. ; *)

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We used a canopy type cover over one of our tub/showers that had shower doors. 2 tension rods, 1 just above the shower doors the other at the top of the ceiling all the way back against the wall, strung a simple piece of decorative fabric hemmed on 2 paralell sides and then hung over the shower. Gives a canopy or tent effect over the shower, adds the decroation you need and can be dressed up with trim or pleated by making the fabric the fabric much larger and gathering it. Im a DH(whatever that means..LOL) and liked it.

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We saw them on most tub/showers where we stayed in France. No trouble at all with water on the floor and looks so much better than a shower curtain. I suspect that you need to make sure that wall and upper tub edge form a right angle and that the unit is installed so that the bottom edge (on which there is a sort of weather stripping) meets the top of the tub properly. Go to and look up the Mimic 34 x 55 bath tub enclosure.

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Hubby's parents do this for privacy reasons. In their mind the door (even though frosted) is not private enough. So they use a curtain. They just recently remodeled the master bath and removed the door completely.

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