Error Message when updating Malwarebytes Free

jka1941August 12, 2011

I have Vista OPS, 64 bit. I have used this program for several years, now all at once I get an error message when updating.

Error Updating: System can not find the file specified.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled. But when I update, I get the same message. I am using it on 2 other computers with no problems. Any suggestions?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

try doing the new install while in safe mode and see if that helps, it could be some other program interfering like your antivirus.
Start your computer in safe mode
let us know if that works if not you may have some bits and pieces left from the un-install to clean up

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Fwiw, I think everytime I've seen malwarebytes like that... the computer had virus.

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Does your error code include a number?

If what raven suggested doesn't solve the issue, I'd have Corrine at LandzDown check to make sure it's not infected. If you are not infected, she can contact a friend of hers at the Malwarebytes forum for further assistance or you can join yourself and post in their PC Help forum. Corrine can provide the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: LandzDown

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Thank you for all your suggestions. I uninstalled and restarted in Safe Mode as Raven suggested. I then reinstalled Malwarebytes and tried to update. I got the same error message as before:

Program_Error_updating(11004,0,No address found)
The request name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found

So I will go to the link above and see what I can find. Anymore suggestions from you all would be appreciated. Also I have keep AVG updated and have run scans recently as well as Superantispyware.

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Coincidentally, just now when I went to update MWB, I got the identical error message. Tried 3 times, but same. Googled the error (quite a few posts with same problem), and ended up on MWB Home Forum. Waited 20 mins for it to try and download the correct page before I gave up in frustration.

So I ran a complete MWB scan with my old version (Aug.8th), which came up clean.

Opened window with left hand, held laptop in right hand, near window with intention of hurling it to the road below, but decide to give it one more attempt.
This time, it updated as smooth as silk, no problems!

Tough love, I guess. The laptop has become completely compliant now!


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If your using a router disconnect the computer from it. Connect the computer directly to the modem using a cable. Try to update that way.

You can also boot to Safe Mode with Networking then try to update from that mode.

Some of your symptoms sound like a possible router infection that's why we want to try with out the router if your using one. There's also a Mbam clean tool you can use if needed.

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The computer I am using is my laptop. So I booted to Safe Mode with Networking, and it updated successfully! Is this something that I am going to have to do every time I want to update on this Laptop?
My Desktop Computer with Windows 7 on it updated just fine, so I have no idea why this happened.
Thank you for all of your help.

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What Anti Virus are you using? Are you using a 3ed party firewall like zone alarm or anything like that? Booting the computer to SafeMode with networking like you did by-passes the Anti Virus and firewall programs so that's most likely the issue. What I recommend in this case is to disable the Anti Virus first to see if you can then up date in normal mode next time. Malwarebytes may also be addressing any issues present and the problem could disappear with the next version of malwarebytes program.

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