Is this what subway tile is supposed to look like?

threeapplesNovember 5, 2012

I'm referring to the non-rounded edges on the tiles that are used on the outer perimeter. I hope I'm making sense, but I'm interested in hearing whether these sharp corners are normal for this kind of thing. To me they kind of stand out and will do so more clearly when a gray grout is installed. Any thoughts?

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Does AO make a bullnose tile in that size that could have been used instead? If not, then the sharp edge is because your tiler had to cut them. If he had to cut them, then there is no way to round the edges due to the glazing.

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I think mine looked like that where they were cut (as deke said). When grouted, the sharpness is diminished; I don't find it noticeable at all.

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It's pretty typical to have cut tiles in this type of installation. They don't make a bullnose in 3x3 in most subway tile lines.

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