Edges on granite?

SpifeymomAugust 23, 2011

I'm getting ready to order granite and am not sure about what edge to get. I love Ogee but fabricator says that can be uncomfortable to lean on when at the bar area & harder to keep clean. I appreciate your thoughts!

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I would get what you like! We did an ogee edge on our walnut island, and on our master bath vanity. It looks great and while we haven't moved in yet...I can't imagine it would be more difficult to clean. I have stood at my island a lot and it doesn't seem uncomfortble. I would choose whatever edge goes best with your style.

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I would go with what complements your kitchen or bathroom design. We went with a straight edge profile because it goes perfectly with our mission style cabinets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Foursquare

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I've been living with ogee edges for years in my current house. I don't recall feeling like it's hard to keep clean or uncomfortable. At most, I've had to wipe the top then then edge. Deal breaker for some perhaps, but not for me. I find my hardwood floors and carpets harder to maintain than my ogee edges for example. I'll still have hardwoods and carpets in the new house. It's all relative. Go with what you like as long as you understand and don't mind the maintenance involved.

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Get the one you like to look at. I wanted bullnose, because i love how simple and clean it looks. Granite guy tried to talk me into demi-bullnose, I said ok, and then called them back and got them to change it because I just really wasnt happy. I got my bullnose and I love it.

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Ours are just 'eased'. I don't notice edges -- I'm bowled over by the granite itself! (I do appreciate the angled corners that save bruising.)

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I'm with others above--get the look you like. Ours was just installed Monday and we did ogee on the island and flat everywhere else. Looks great. I have leaned against it all week and haven't noticed it being uncomfortable. As far as cleaning, I could see it being hard to clean if it was a waterfall edge where there were multiple edges right in a row, but a single one in an ogee edge? I don't think that would be hard to clean. Ogee edges are more expensive and that may be his way of steering you in a different direction instead of just telling you it's an upcharge. Perhaps he hasn't had good results with his ogee bits on the stone and again it's another way of steering you in a different direction without coming right out with the real reason. I say if you have the funds to cover the upcharge, you've seen his ogee work in person, and it's what you like & want, then go for it!

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Thank-you all for your input! I am trying to learn as much as I can before my final decisions ...like should I seal..what to clean it with..how much heat can it take...do any particular edges chip more than others?? The kitchen, lighting & now this forum has been the best help I have gotten making my decisions in my total kitchen renovation. I have been w/o a kitchen 5 months plus getting my house bricked & my "decision maker" is about out of power..lol!! You all have helped me find humor and realize I'm not the only one in this boat plus solved some very major problems... I know my kitchen contractor is tired of me saying " I read on the kitchen forum......." Thanks Ya'll!

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We went with a large ogee edge in our master bathroom (Butterfly Blue granite) - since it was a small countertop we felt we could splurge on a more expensive edge. Other than the fact it catches more dust that an straight edge would, it's great. (I love using Pledge Multi Surface wipes - if the counter isn't too grimy one wipe will clean without any residue - if it is grimy I'll use one wipe to clean and then a second to "polish".)

When it came time to remodel our kitchen I knew I wanted a simple, straight edge to go with our simple Shaker cabinets. I asked the stone company who did our bathroom counter to do this and they refused, saying straight edges chip too easily. I said I was wiling to live with the occasional chip and I pointed out they did straight edges on the backsplash pieces in our bathroom, but they still refused. I went with another stone company and they did a beautiful job. We used a very dense granite called "Blue Night" and three years later, still no chips!

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I went with Ogee and the edge is much lighter than top...a little disappointed:(...Granite is gorgeous though..Santa Rita. I don't know how to post pictures or I would.

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How to post pics:

1) Go to photobucket.com and open a free account.
2) Follow their instructions for uploading your pics to their site.

Now your pics are enabled for posting on sites like GW!

Posting pic in GW message:
1) Begin the written portion of your posting on GW.
2) When you are ready to add the pics you desire, open a new browser window and log into your photobucket account.
3) Underneath each pic in your album will be 4 boxes--1 of them is labelled 'HTML Code'. Click in that box and copy the link that's in it.
4) Go back to your GW posting on your other browser window, place the cursor where you want to pic to appear, right click and select 'paste'.

Your pics will appear in the preview so you can ensure they appear properly before the final submission.(I know, this looks like a lot of potentially confusing steps, but trust me, once you copy the pics into your posts once or twice it's a piece of cake!)

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That's not such an uncommon issue. Talk to your fabricator. It be me a resin issue that requires an enhancer on the edges or refinishing the edges. Tell your fabricator you are not happy and want the edges to match. Give him a chance to correct. :)

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The ogee fabricator is being honest by telling you the truth as he sees it (" can be uncomfortable to lean on when at the bar area & harder to keep clean ...") before you buy ogee.

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Just saw my typo! Sorry. I was commenting regarding why your edges are lighter than the countertop. It may be resined granite. If so, the fabricator should be able to enhance/correct the color on the edges, so let your fabricator know. :)

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