help with LP gas range, OTR microwave and which Bosch dishwasher

clarabelledSeptember 27, 2013

I am replacing the LG electric range in my new house with a gas range. We will be using propane and the range must be 30 inches to fit the existing space. I have been looking for an LP range and the only brands I come up with are DCS and Dacor, both are too pricey. Does anyone know any others in the 2k range? I had been hoping to get a slide in (the Bosch duel fuel, the GE cafe) but I don't know that the duel fuel is necessary or if the conversion to LP will make it weaker.

I'm also looking for a microwave as the one we have now (LG) doesn't vent very well and the kitchen and house get fairly stinky if we're cooking with garlic and onion (which I frequently am).

My DW leaked (all over my new wood floor -- yay!) and I am replacing that with a Bosch, but I'm not sure which one to get. I'd love to hear how people feel about the different models.

Thanks so much for your help.

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I thought all gas comes with an LP conversion kit, or if they don't come with one, you can get one. I know I've seen mention of LP conversion with the GE Cafe & Bosch. I assume once you converted it, there was no difference (i.e. being weaker). We have a Whirlpool right now (all gas) on LP, and in a previous house had something similar. Interested to know if I'm mistaken about the LP conversion.

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I believe you are mistaken. It varies between brand and even within the brand it varies between burners. The AG open burner Viking have burners rated at 15K NG and 12.5K LP. Wolf and Bluestar claim no power loss. Not sure how we could verify this ourselves.

Some spec sheets are more forthcoming than others.

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There is no OTR MW that vents well. It's not an appliance where you get another brand that will exhaust better. OTR MWs just have little mesh holes of a few inches for venting, and they don't provide any coverage over your cooktop. They also cramp the space for cooking cause they are hung so low over the range. If you don't like how your current OTR MW vents, replace it with a proper hood. Buy an inexpensive countertop MW and put it on the counter, or a shelf.

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Clarabelled - I don't know why you said you can only find 2 ranges that can be converted to LP. I did a search on the ajmadison website, and sorted for 30" range, slide-in, and then checked the box for "LP conversion". I came up with 15 all-gas ranges, all but 2 of which were in the $2000 price or lower. And there are 10 dual fuel choices, with 3 in your budget.

I don't recommend a dual fuel. You get much more bang for the buck with an all-gas range, and you have a $2000 budget. Plus the idea that electric ovens are superior to gas is an old holdover from pre-1990's technology. That idea has been debunked with current all-gas ovens, with their electronic ignitors and better insulation.

Also, I agree with previous poster's opinion on OTRs. Ditch the OTR.

Here is a link that might be useful: 30-inch slide-in ranges LP-convertible on ajmadison website

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Thank you all for your advice. I guess I meant the ranges that are offered in lp instead of being convertible to lp since the ones that convert are the ones that could lose power. I wish I could find a discontinued fisher paykel 30" -- does anyone know if this is possible and/or a smart move if I can? I will spend more than 2k, if it is worth the money, ie for a bosch dual or ge cafe.

If I ditch the otr micro, which I would love to, any thoughts on a good vent for a non pro range? At my previous house we had a dcs by fisher paykel cooktop and a vent a hood range, both of which I liked very much. Alas, neither are in the cards right now. I don't want to break the bank on a hood but I don't want my house to stink either!

Thanks again. It's amazing what a tough choice this is!

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Thread hijack, sorry!

shannonplus2, could you elaborate on gas ovens?

I need to stick with a range and was looking at dual fuel. I've always use gas but my understanding was that electric ovens cook more evenly. If I could stick with an all gas range that would open up my options dramatically!

Any recommendations on where to research this? Are there articles (a la consumer reports) that report on this kind of thing?

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I wouldn't worry about the 'lose power' thing. It is only a small amount, if any. The manufacturers attempt to keep the BTUs as close as they can between the two types. In fact, the LP version would probably simmer better...

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"In fact, the LP version would probably simmer better..."

The way I understand it, the issue with lowering simmer has less to do with lowering the flow of gas but rather maintaining a stable flame hot enough for the ignitors recognize as being lit. As such I don't think that fuel choice will have much if any impact on the low end. (This is just "off the top of my head" thinking - there could be other variables I'm not considering.). On the high end it seems to average around 10% power drop, although that varies by mfr and burner, as I said above.

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