LIGHTWEIGHT custom panel fridge recommendations?

tnsongbirdSeptember 23, 2012

We're about to break ground on a new house, and I've been researching appliances. (Our old house had all GE Monogram appliances and I HATED every one. Never again!) Ours was a custom-panel fridge and, while beautiful, I found it so heavy to open the doors. I have a nagging bulging disc in my back and tiny movements like opening a heavy fridge door can really aggravate it. We are in a rental home right now and even though it's just a cheap fridge in this house - I love how lightweight & easy the doors are! They virtually fly open and it's great.

I've looked on this forum & online with no luck - I'm trying to figure out what the lightest-weight rated side-by-side paneled fridge is? I would really like to do this type of look again without having to compromise on the added heavy weight. I would love for it to be energy-star, too.


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This question is easy to answer;Liebherr.

Some don't like Liebherr for the their "lightweigh cheezy feeling doors" because many equate quality with weight.

If you were to choose the SS option it would be quite light.

I have heavy thick maple panels on mine. So my fridge is somewhat heavy compared to a standard fridge but much lighter than a Sub-Zero,Viking,Monogram, et al with the same panel.

Ulimately how heavy the doors are depend on which panels you choose. There are several places that will do custom panels like copper or chalkboard which would probably weight less and look custom.

But if you want them to match cabinets and look fitted well......

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thank you! I was looking at the Liebherrs per your recommendation and am now obsessed with the look of the full fridge and full freezer. I don't see a dealer in my area though... hmmmm....

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