Almost final plans?

etherscreenAugust 19, 2012

I posted plans a few months ago. Since then we have tweeked them over and over. I will just post the first floor. We are going to have a 2 story great room.. just so you can get a little more feeling for the spaces. Also, the mudroom has been changed. Bootbox is gone and I think I need to widen the hallway from the mudroom to the greatroom. It is only 3'8"? I could probably take 6" from the dining room wall.

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Can you make it any bigger?

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This is really hard to see... But, 2 things that are easy to see and need to be addressed are the doors swings for your toilet rooms (powder and esp master).

You need outswing or pocket doors on those rooms. It is dangerous to do it as an inswing.

Enlarging the picture will help us to comment more.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Hard to see such a small sketch, but a few questions.

Do you need 2 doors off the breakfast nook? It'd be more useful with only one.

The window on the office by the MBR is very small and off center...any reason?

If you are in that office, where will you go to the bathroom? Can you turn the outside bath into a jack and jill with the office?

Is the MBR fireplace gas?

You might consider closing up the dining room some, even if it's with knee walls and columns....I don't think I'd like dining in the foyer....

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Thanks for the reply. I like the suggestions but can someone explain why an inward swung door on the master bath is hazardous? Which way should interior door open? We are only having 1 door leading to the patio from the breakfast area, just not drawn in the last plan. I think we are going to eliminate the outdoor bathroom so we can have a small covered area off of the master bedroom (area in front of the office.

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Alex House

An inswing door into a very small room requires that there be no obstruction in the path. For powder rooms and toilet stalls that are empty, the inswing can function unimpeded, however, if a person collapses in such a small room, then no matter where they are in the room they have a very high likelihood of blocking the door. Someone who collapses in a master bedroom on the other hand has only a very small chance of doing do directly in the door's path. This means that when seconds count the emergency rescue personnel have to deal with removing/destroying the door in order to get to the collapsed person. An outswing door for a small room solves this problem nicely.

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