Layout of half-bath? X-Post

CamGNovember 21, 2012

We are SO close, the drafters are waiting for me to figure this last detail out. I forgot to put the chase in the original plans. The placement below works great, as it takes up part of an otherwise HUGE closet on second floor... but it makes the half bath a bit awkward. I don't think I mind this, the clearances all meet code as far as I'm aware, and it even puts the toilet a bit further from the kitchen which is nice. To save space I would put in a pedestal sink, which we wanted anyway.

How does this look? Any thoughts on how to improve? I can pretty much move anything around, although I really like having the nice big desk, shelf in the pantry, and room for cabinets in the mudroom. Thanks for all of your great thoughts!

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It looks too small for the toilet. Most will be 30" from front to the wall, and code minimum is 24" of clear space in front of it. But that is horribly tight for someone to use, especially if they have adult sized legs. 60" front to back gives you 30" in front of the toilet and that's my personal minimum for comfort. There's also the side to side issue. 30" is code in some parts of the country, 36" in others. Again, 36" is the minimum dimension that I'd plan for in a facility serving various sized adults.

Swap the two with the toilet's back against the top wall and it will be all right, although the view from the open door won't be quite as attractive.

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Thanks for your thoughts. Currently, the toilet area should be about 56" front to back, and I think I can comfortably make it 58" by narrowing the pantry a bit (I can narrow it about 2" and still have a 3'6" isle between shelves). I agree about the 60" ideal minimum, but I thought a few inches short might be okay, especially since only half of the area in front of the toilet is that space. I think the side to side should be about 36", but those measurements aren't terribly precise. Either way, if I'm within a couple inches of acceptable, I can move other walls to accommodate. I really won't know with total certainty until we do this in CAD, and I guess we can see if this doesn't work.

Assuming I'm not wrong and the clearances are acceptably comfortable, is this an OK design? It's obviously not great, but changing it really impacts something else that is important--I love the big desk, the big counter in the pantry, the cabinet space in the mudroom... we could remove the coat closet and make things easier, but I think that's pretty necessary, too.

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The design is okay.
But, I might angle the back of the hall closet there (in front of the toilet) to get an even more spacious feeling and not feel cramped between sink and corner.

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I think it looks pretty good. I might have the sink on the top wall instead of against the chase. That way the person using the sink won't get hit by the door when it swings in.

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Elongated vs round fronts are about 2" difference aren't they. What about getting a walker or w/c in and out of there. I don't like that you have to turn that corner to get to the toilet. Can you turn that closet and have access from the hall on one side and the mud room on the other side? Taking away some of the cabinets in the mud room. That way you could square up the BR.

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Just my two cents in.. I really don't like half or full bathrooms without windows for fresh air.. When you're cleaning the bathroom (or when you have a party with a lot of the hub's friends, it's nice to have a window that you can open. That and the natural light.

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