Order of tiling in the shower with curb

LSDchicNovember 14, 2013

I'm using subway tile for all walls but I'm going to use some kind of marble slab for the shower curb (top, inner, outer) and also on the walls where shower glass door will be installed.

Can I install subway tiles while waiting for the slab? or I need slab before tiling can start?

I thought I can do tiles first but tile installer said he can't do anything until I get slab...really????? why?

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Hmmm. If true then I guess it's because the underside of the slab might not be completely smooth and level and would require that the edges of the tile be cut in places to get the slab to lie squarely on the curb. Not sure. Just a guess.

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I had granite installed on the curb. The order of the tiling was: subway on walls (it's an alcove shower with three walls), 2" mosaic on floor, granite on curb, subway on inside of curb. The granite was premeasured for the width (6") and roughly for the length (about 56"). They finished the top and the two long sides that show at the fabricator. Then finished it to the exact length on site, the day it was installed. That way it all fit perfectly. When all was installed they later grouted.

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I agree with ceezeecz. My tile installer explained to me he has to start from the slab. Sigh.... It's not logical to me at all.

I have 3 wall, 1 ceiling and floor

He must be able to do something and not just wait for slab.... :(

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I was wondering if you installed something like this either under travertine or on it (shower side of threshold) would it hold the magnets at bottom of curtain? http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/bath/msg0314351620496.html

Here is a link that might be useful: magnet for knives :)

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You can certainly tile the inner and outer areas of the curb first, assuming you properly measure both and allow for an inward slope for the slab curb. I currently have two showers, completed except for the curb which I will install once the granite gets there.

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