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bus_driverAugust 13, 2013

My Dell Inspiron, Windows 7, has a DVD drive HL-DT-ST DVD + - RW GH50N B103 (ATA). Is original to the computer. No problems with that drive until today. The drive has seen considerable use. It will not open the tray. Unresponsive to the button on the face beside the drawer front.
At COMPUTER, Drives, the drive shows up but does not respond to any command. EJECT at that site responds with "error".
Is this drive toast? If you suggest replacement, any specific suggestions?
There is a disc in the drive, apparently not finalized and I fear if I shut down the computer, it may not reboot properly due to the trapped DVD.

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Did you try the old paperclip trick?

Unfold a large paper clip and pass it through the small hole on the drive door. Push against the resistance. Drive should open.


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I am grateful for the suggestion. This one is behind a door that hinges down at the bottom. Opening the door with a knife tip finds a barely visible hole at the extreme bottom. The paper clip resulted in a loud buzzing that continued for several seconds, then stopped and no more response to the paper clip. The tray did not open.

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It is working again. Probably will never know what happened to cause the problem. The computer is on a UPS, so there was no interruption of power-- and no power outage from the utility in that time frame.
This morning, I had to log in again, so I knew that Windows had updated and rebooted during the night. Pushed the button and the drive opened. Removed partially burned DVD-R. Inserted blank DVD-R and burned it successfully.

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The reboot most likely took care of it.


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The resolution was short -lived. Problem happened again and the noise after the paper clip insertion persisted until the computer is shut down. During the shutdown process, the DVD drive ran ever faster-- until I feared for my safety. I unplugged the computer. The drive opened after reboot.
The information about the drive is in my original post. Looks as if the (ATA) drive is an obsolete bird and only used ones are available. Not to my liking. As best I can tell, my computer was built 4/14/2010-- not so long ago from my perspective. Obsolete already?
So I need a new DVD drive. Please suggest a good one, compatible with my computer.

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Take a look here to give you some idea of what is available. Any known brand is good, don't think I have ever had a CD/DVD player go bad on me.

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