Urgent need to decide on exterior lights tonight!

ontariomomAugust 13, 2012

Hi everyone,

Help! I need to make a decision about the location of my exterior coach lights and soffit lights immediately as the electricians are coming first thing tomorrow. Given the time sensitive nature of my question I did cross post on the Home Decorating forum. Can you take a look at my plan and let me know if you like it or if you see any problems. I will describe what I am doing below and you can refer to an elevation picture to hopefully understand my plan.

1)We will place two coach lights on either side of the front door. The entry is recessed and the lights will face each other on the side walls as there is not enough width to go on the same wall as the door. The big question that remains is what height do I ask them to place these coach lights given the door is 8 feet, and we will have a 28 inch transom above?

2)Our plan for lighting the upper deck is to place 4 pot light in the soffits of the two small gables (2 pot lights under each gable).

3) To tie in the other large gable to right of door (as you face house) will be two more pot lights in the soffit of this gable and then two final pot lights in the soffit over the front door. I might not have done all these pot lights, but it seemed best to light the deck with pot lights and then we thought it would look best to then illuminate the whole front under the soffits.

4)There will also be a small coach light over an 6 foot 8 inch man door that is barely able to be seen in the picture (pot light will go on the same side as the door handle).

Any comments? Any mistakes you can see? Can you tell me how high you think coach lights beside 8 foot doors should go?

Carol and TIA!

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I think that will be a nice plan...but I am not an expert. I would say to place the two door light at 60" height at their center. That is what is recommended for wall art.

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Thanks gaonmymind,

Thanks for the advice, and good to know the tip about wall art too. The electrical work was done this morning whether we were ready or not. It is so hard to keep on top of all the decisions and to be ready for the unexpected.

Good luck with your upcoming build. I wanted to add a comment about your kitchen and mine. My design had two islands in it, and many posters recommended I go to one large island. Ironically, for yours with similar square footage, a few mentioned the double islands route. LOL. Looking forward to seeing more plans of your house, and your lovely kitchen.


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