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3dawgsSeptember 15, 2012

I need to replace the basic Frigidaire gas range that was here when we moved in twelve years ago, and reading reviews is driving me nuts, so I thought I would ask for some help. A while ago the ignitor for the oven went again and the appliance repair guy said that the valve that shut off the gas wasn't shutting off right away and we should probably just replace the stove pretty soon. That was a while ago, and I was going to get something with the Labor Day sales, but I couldn't make up my mind.

I just wanted something that was easier to keep clean on the stovetop, since I roast peppers quite a bit, good for baking, broiler in the stove not a drawer like we have now. It will be running on propane.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I checked into the NXR stove which sounded good except I don't know if our floors could handle all that weight, we live in an old farmhouse. I was sort of leaning towards GE Profile, or Electrolux.

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If your floors can't handle the weight of an NXR range,you need new floors.

You won't be able to have 4 people standing/sitting near each other for an extended period of time because the floor might collapse?

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Then I assume you must not have a full size refrigerator.
Our fridge weighs around 350# EMPTY, I am sure at least 450#+ when full.
Unless the flooring is rotten, an old farmhouse really should have some of the strongest floors you will find.

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Maybe I don't have to worry about the floor then. I didn't until I read a thread where people were saying you might need to have your floors reinforced to have one of the pro-style stoves. The closest Costco is a couple of hours away, so I'm not a member. Getting it in the house sounds like quite a job too.

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I am one of the folks who mentioned a need to reinforce floors in old houses, but the stove I was talking about was the Viking induction range. It weighs almost 500 pounds. That and a price tag that was 3.5 times my budget was what dissuaded me from getting one.

The NXR is considerably lighter 305 pounds. I don't know which GE or Electrolux you were looking at but when I recently looked at their induction ranges, the GE weighed in at about 250 pounds and the Electrolux was about 275. So, not significantly lighter. My old GE dual fuel was about 225 pounds.

The stove's weight is not likely to be a problem for the floor if it it will be sitting along a load-bearing wall. That is where where the floors will generally be the strongest.

It may be a different story if you are positioning the stove on an interior non-loadbearing wall or where the stove might be sitting mid-span on the joists of the old house. That could cause some sagging. The weight to worry about is not just the stove but also that of the people using it and standing around in the kitchen.)

Even so, supporting the floor might be as easy as getting a couple of inexpensive steel lally columns from the hardware store and putting them beneath the joists to hold them up. (Some people call these "house jacks.") Does your kitchen have a cellar or a crawl space beneath the area where the stove will go? (Same question for the fridge.) Having a column in the middle of your basement might or might not be a problem.

As for buying an NXR, the closest Costco does not matter except for taking the stove back if you don't like the NXR. The NXR can only be ordered online from (If you are in Canada, Costco sells a Blue Star instead, and I gather that some Canadian Costcos do have thme in the warehouse stores.)

Costco delivers the NXR to your curb or driveway. The company that delivered my NXR was hauling a 53 foot trailer, so I had to have mine dropped off out front rather than in my garage out back. The entrance to the alley was just too narrow for that truck and trailer to pull in back there.

But, it was not hard at all to move it into my house. I borrowed a refrigerator dolly. (You can rent them -- you want the kind with tracks on the back side that allow it to slide up or down steps.) I removed the packing and got it off the pallet onto the dolly. With the help of two friends, it rolled t down the paved walkway to the back porch. It it slid right up the steps with one of us pulling on the dolly and the other two pushing. It was no harder to move into the house than it was to move the old stove out. The only hard part was getting the oven door back on. (It can be a bit fussy to get the heavy-duty hinges properly lined up.)

You do not need to be a member of Costco to buy the stove but there is a 5% surcharge over the member price, which would be an additional $100 on the NXR. You could get a Costco membership for $55.

On the other hand, if you reside in the US, you can get the NXR from other retailers. Although they might not have as generous a return policy as Costco does, many of them also provide shipping as part of the $1999 pric. Names that come immediately to my mind are Dvorson's (NoCal), Advanced Appliances (SoCal), Austex (Austin), AJ Madison (NY). I'm sure there are others. If memory serves, Nunya bought his from a retailer in Florida who shipped it to his house in another state.

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Thanks so much for the help. I think I'll go ahead and order the NXR, it sounds good to me. One last question, can I convert it to propane with one of those kits they sell for regular stoves?

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Hmm, I just looked at A.J. Madison and they have separate versions for propane and natural gas, I only see one on Costco's website. Costco says it has a warming drawer while Madison's says it doesn't. It doesn't look like it has a drawer though.

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I would buy the conversion kit made for it from Dvorsons IF Costco doesn't sell the propane version.
No NXR that I have ever seen has a warming drawer unless that is something new. I believe Costco is simply mistaken and should have put NO instead of Yes under Warming Drawer.

The propane kit cost $80.00

Will cost about $2100 total but is better than anything else you could possibly get for anywhere near $2100. Unless you happen to live in Canada.

One thing I just saw confirmed in the new manual is the newer models are 304 stainless on the top and the backsplash and 430 stainless on the door and the sides.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dvorsons propane kit for NXR

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Ok, That sounds like a plan! Thanks again for your help, I''m really into cooking so it's really been making me nervous to get a new stove. I think it's that "the devil you know" sort of thing with our old stove.

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