Anyone with gas range with gas oven have problems with oven temp?

juliekcmoSeptember 18, 2013

Just wondering if I am the only one.

We have a Samsung gas range with gas oven.

The cooktop is totally fantastic! Has an 18, and a 15 K burner in the front, the typical griddle burner in the center, and a medium and small burner in the back. Love it, no complaints whatsoever.

But the oven is another story.

I have re-calibrated it to the max increase of +30 degrees, and still find that I need to increase the temperature about 25 degrees higher than what temperature I want, and pre-heat for about 20 minutes, to get it to hit true temperature reading on an oven thermometer.

Specs for the oven state that the manufacturing normal tolerance is 25 degrees. So apparently it is within the manufacturer's engineering standards.

So yeah, I can just "do the math", but I must say this is really annoying.

From what I read on the web, this is pretty common with new ovens.

Aside from that the oven is fine.

Anyone else having this experience?

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Is this by any chance a convection oven. Many ovens now when you use convection will automatically drop the temperature 25 degrees - very annoying.

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It has convection feature, but the same temperature issues happen in convection or standard bake.

But, I see the logic of what you say.

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I have a totally gas Viking range/oven from about 2000. It was in the home we purchased 2 years ago. I love it but the ovens seem to cook about 20 degrees too hot so I have to adjust for that.
I just baked a pie in the smaller oven side, and the crust did not brown, so I had to turn the heat up and then it burned a little bit, but not bad. I never had this problems in the past with electric ovens.

I think an oven thermometer will help me figure out how off the temps are. I also notice there is a lot of play in the temp control knob. Kind of strange not knowing what the temp knob is really set at.

Just saying that I also have similar gas oven problems. :)

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