malware masquerading as microsoft works calendar

piasanoAugust 5, 2013

CPU indicates almost 100% usage at times. My daughter checked something, and found Microsoft Works Calendar repeating and repeating. Daughter says this is malware. I contacted Norton (from whom I purchased my virus/spyware protection) and received no help, at all.

Question #1: Has this happened to anyone else, and how did you rid yourself of the problem, please?

Question #2: Is there a Customer Service / Complaint Line number for Norton Anti-Virus?

What a frustrating afternoon!

Thanks, thanks, thanks, for any information.


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How did your daughter conclude it is malware?

Did you Google the concern? You might want to search using the keywords "microsoft works calender high cpu usage" (sans quotes). There's information on the concern though mostly dated. Do you have an older system? Perhaps XP?

As I was doing a curiosity search I found the below link that was along my line of thought. I will leave the rest up to you at this time.


Here is a link that might be useful: Google

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A good example of jumping to the wrong conclusion.

In a mystery book I'm reading, one character says "The simplest answer is more often right than wrong. If you're in the woods and you hear hoof sounds of a running animal, it's far more likely to be a horse than a zebra."

If a legit program appears to be acting oddly, the problem is most likely that program, not something else.

DA= MVP, Most Valuable Participant

PS to piasano: Stick with Norton, it's one of the best. It did the right thing in this case, there was no malware to detect.

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What operating system?

Run system file checker (SFC) Google it for the operating system you have and run the program, you MAY need the operating system CD/DVD if corrupt files are found.

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If you have Office 2010, there was a recent SP [2, I believe] offered that wrapped all past updates/patches and all newer ones for Office 2010. The SP has broken the Outlook calendar with the following being reported "Calendar Folder property is empty" in the event log. To date there's no fix for this issue. MS is aware of it and is investigating corrective measures. Every time I enter least 2 or more events are logged regarding this issue so my event log has a long accumulative list of the problem. The odd part of this occurrence is that the calendar feature in Outlook is still working correctly. It's a ho-hum issue at the moment but frustrating if you like to keep an uneventful event log. I don't know if this is your problem but it bears recognition info wise.


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Thanks to each of you. I will explore the things you have suggested and post on results.


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Norton probably couldn't help since it's not maleware. I use norton security and if it were maleware I am quite certain Norton would detect it. I know most can't stand Norton but I have used it since windows 98 and it has never let anything in and saved me a few times when a legit site got hacked with spyware. I usually use the chat feature in the Norton program when I need help and someone comes on right away and is most helpful. It sounds like the MS program has a glitch or something. Mary

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I agree with acraftylady. I used lots of the free software and wasn't satisfied that they were good enough in today's world. I also ran a good software that wasn't free and had lots of trouble with their updates. They were rated as one of the best. I decided to try the much-maligned Norton products and haven't been happier. No troubles and very nice customer support.

Piasano, as suggested here by another, use Norton's "chat" tool to work with this company. If necessary Norton will be able to lock into your pc to check it and see for themselves where the problem is coming from. It's a safe tool and they will unlock and break all contact with you when they resolve your PC's problem. Along with others in the industry, top Norton security personnel works with our government to detect and resolve hacker and other security problems.

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Like Summerstar, I too had repeated experiences of incompetence with various well known free versions. Since switching to Norton >5 years ago, with more than half a dozen family PCs, we've had no problems and no issues. It operates capably and quietly and invisibly.

I've had maybe two situations, not the product's fault ultimately, when I had to contact tech support. They were polite and capable, and fixed the problems painlessly using remote access.

I'm a Norton fanboy. For what's a small amount of money given the bigger picture, I can only scratch my head when hearing of others struggling with a litany of problems and unnecessary utility programs because they remain stubborn about paying a few bucks to avoid problems. But, life is about choices, and everyone is free to pursue their own path.

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Opinions vary on commercial AVs, and there is no right or wrong. However, the best and most consistent AV is an informed and disciplined user.

I had another paragraph which I deleted. I was afraid the bluntness would unintentionally be offensive to some.


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I don't want to be presumptuous to assume that the preceding comment relates indirectly to something I said or did. So I won't. But anyone wishing to express views offline can do so easily by using the email function shown on most user pages.

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My deleted paragraph was expanding on the aforementioned "disciplined user".


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OK, sorry for my conclusion jumping and bluntness.

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