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cmmarchSeptember 2, 2011

Anyone try Costco's Kirkland induction suitable cookware? Just saw a 13 piece 18/10 stainless steel, dishwasher safe set at our local Costco. Looks like a great set, great price too........anyone have any Costco Kirkland induction suitable cookware? My new kitchen should be ready in mid-OCT and I am having an induction cooktop put in - can't wait but need new cookware.


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I don't know about this Costco Kirkland set, so can't comment specifically about that. But, in general, the larger a set is, the more likely it includes stuff you don't need and seldom use.

Having been where you are now myself (just about a year ago), I would say to look closely at the pots and pans you actually use now (i.e., whatever is not induction ready), then find individual induction-suitable pieces that will be the best replacements for your current stuff -- there are certainly old threads here about induction cookware. You can do this gradually, starting with a few pieces you use a lot.

You may still end up getting Costco's set, if it's 13 pieces are ones you'll actually use and need. But you'll have a clearer idea about your needs and the costs if you think through your favorite individual pieces first -- and you're less likely to buy a set, then start getting individual pieces because the set didn't have this or that...

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Our kitchen, with our first induction cooktop, was just finished. We looked at the Kirkland cookware set, but the pieces are way too heavy for my wife's weak wrists.

We decided on Ikea's Favorit 7-piece set (link below) for starters, $99. We like the weight, not too heavy, nor too light, and the prices are great. We added a larger frying pan, and Ikea's 365+ (lower line) 11 qt. stock pot at the same time. We'll add more pieces as we need them, and we will most likely need several more. Not much of our previous cookware was induction compatible, with the notible exception of my Allclad 12-inch fry pan.

I like the Ikea stuff, but not tied to it. It's probably not considered lifetime cookware by some, but I was impressed with the quality when I saw it. It seemed to be pretty decent quality even before I considered the price. It's cheap enough to replace some items if they do get too beat up. Time will tell.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea Favorit 7-piece cookware set

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I meant to say we added a smaller fry pan to the Favorit set, not a larger one, since the set includes an 11-inch fry pan. I also want to add that the fry pans are relatively thick walled, made of anodised aluminium with a magnetic steel bottom I think. They have a non-stick interior surface.

The pots are stainless steel with magnetic steel bottoms.

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thanks for the advice, I had not thought about IKEA....closest one to me is about 1hour but I will stop in when I am in that area and check the set out.

any other suggestions for induction cookware?

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Tramontina tri-ply is very popular here. Available through walmart, sometimes found at tuesday morning, too. Inexpensive but very good quality. (You need to be sure you're looking at the right line--tramontina makes other cookware that isn't induction-compatible, too.)

I don't like the ikea much myself, because I dislike their non-stick finish, but if my current cookware ever needed replacing I wouldn't have any problems going with tramontina.

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I'm looking to go with an induction range sometime by next summer. None of our current T-Fal cookware will work with induction, and the black non-stick coating on the inside has been coming off for over a year now. So we really need a new set of cookware now, that will also work with induction when we can afford the new range.

I've looked online, and its tough finding a reasonable priced induction ready cookware set that is also dishwasher safe.

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Fori is not pleased

I've heard good things about the Kirkland stuff. My mother has it and her only issue is that her set lacked a non-stick skillet. I finally ordered her one since she was pulling out an old electric frying pan to do eggs. Sheesh!

I have some Ikea pans (365 line I think) and they work well enough. I prefer Circulon Infinite for non stick and have a mix of stuff for the rest.

But yeah, the Costco ones should be plenty good.

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Thanks. I went back and bought the Costco set as often they sell out of some items and I say "wish I got it when I saw it". My cabinets are scheduled to go in this week so once my new kitchen is complete I will post a review of this 13pc 18/10 stainless Kirkland set (my induction cooktop is Wolf 36"). I know it will take time getting used to the induction, my previous was ceramic electric cooktop.
I will also consider a "non-stick" fry pan as other poster suggested. Don't want to have to drag out the electric skillet for eggs.......

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CMMarch, How did you ever like the Kirkland cookware?

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Last month we replaced our old T-Fal pots/pans with the EmerilWare Pro-Clad set from BedBathBeyond. It's made by All-Clad, but the 12-piece set was $299 and came with a bonus 12" fry pan ($80). So for $299 - the 20% off coupons they send out, it was $240 and came with the 12" fry pan.

It is dishwasher safe (and I've done this for a month now with no problems). It also works with induction, which is good for when we replace the radiant stove.

The only thing I don't like about the EmerilWare Pro-Clad is the blue/rainbow color that gets on the cooking surface, but I've heard that most all stainless steel pans do this, and is easy to get rid of with white vinegar.

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We've had the EmerilWare Pro-clad for a couple of years now. It works great on induction, love the glass lids, and it's so easy to clean.I've done taters and eggs several times lately for breakfast, and I'm amazed at how easy the mess comes off the pan, I just let it soak a bit. It cleans as easy as my coated expensive fry pan, sorry the name escapes me now, (It came free with the Elux cooktop).
The coating has held up well on it but even so, I don't find it any easier to clean than the Emeril Ware.


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Even when spraying the small fry pan to makes eggs (up, scrambled, omelet), it still sticks to the stainless. Have to soak it and use a scrubber to get it cleaned off. With the (old) T-fal set it didn't stick at all. Maybe I should try a different sprayer.

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I, too, had to replace my beloved cookware (Calphalon anodized, many pieces, including a griddle, that I've had since I got married and expected to last a lifetime) when I switched to induction, and I always meant to post the results of my purchases here, because I bought many different brands. So here goes:

An inexpensive set of stainless saucepans in graduated sizes, with glass lids, by Cooks Choice for about $80 on Amazon - they are serviceable, great for boiling water for pasta, hard cooked eggs, etc.

An All-Clad 8" skillet - love it. I'd buy everything from All Clad, if they weren't such a fortune. Sigh.

An enamel/cast iron 5-quart Dutch Oven by Emeril - very nice, but weighs a ton. Cheaper than LeCreuset. Nice quality. Did I say heavy?

A 4-quart sauce pan from Demeyere - if you can afford it - it's what all the restaurant chefs use - go for it. A beauty. Will leave it to my sons in my will, if they're good.

A 9-quart enamel stock pot from Le Cousances - thought it was a bargain on eBay, no lid (I have another that fits) but I think I paid too much. A great pot for chicken soup, stocks, etc. I'm not complaining.

And the bummers: a 12" skillet by Wolfgang Puck - inexpensive, and not even worth that. I will save up my pennies for either an All Clad 6-qt saucepan or Demeyere skillet.

A no-name stainless griddle, buzzes, food sticks. I use it mostly for son's enchiladas, then spend the rest of the day scraping off the cheese.

I also have some vintage Le Creuset from my mother (flame orange, anyone?) that I never used before, but use daily now - two frying pans, and a nice double boiler, the top of which is a 7" skillet. Love to get the big skillet smoking hot on the induction hob and dry sear steaks and chops.

I agree with chac mool - buy your pots and pans ala carte, rather than in a set - just buy what you use...

Hope this helps!

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I just let it soak in the sink, maybe an hour or 2, until I get around to cleaning it, and the mess just drops right off it,(the SS), the other expensive coated one, just takes a lil more elbow grease, but not that bad.
Maybe it's our water here, It will disolve about anything and in fact did "Total our 9 year old KA DW" so the Miele gets only fed soft water from a whole house water softener,
(well on the hot side anyway).

We've had a lotta pots and pans during our numerous years here on "Terra Firma" and that Emeril Set was one of my best purchases, wife still comments on how much She likes them----(Your Mileage may vary, of course).


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Can't wait to hear about your Wolf 36 inch induction. We are t-2 weeks to demolition and we are also putting in a Wolf 36.
I have an eclectic set of induction pots.
Several All-Clad from over the years (and an 8 qt that I bought to test on my side burner)
One calphalon that works
One Staub
Then I found a CIA set that had just the missing pieces - a 4 qt, 6 qt, and a non-stick fry pan.
Now, just need to find a griddle and should be all set!
PS Garage sale on Calphalon!

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Thanks a2gemini, that's what my coated pan is, Calphalon.
It's nice stuff, but we just don't need anything that pricey for us, alto it is a nice blue color.


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My set is very eclectic as I go into the stores looking for the special intro pans.
If you are patient, it can be quite rewarding.
My original calphalon was just as eclectic - I don't think I had more than 2 pieces of the same variety. A couple of fry pans came as sets and my last purchases were the Unison which could go into the DW. I lucked out on specials on the 1 qt and 4 qt soup style pots. They were so cute and I will miss them.
I know true chefs never put the pans in the DW but those of us with hand problems appreciate being able to toss them into the DW.
The CIA set was on sale and I couldn't resist that it had just the missing pieces that I needed.
Still looking for a griddle for pancakes - I think I want a non-stick griddle and so far not much luck in this area.

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We are about to start demo of our kitchen and will be installing 36 " Wolf induction. I have several hundred thousand AMEX points and will get a bunch of Williams Sonoma gift cards with those. I think I will go with All Clad triply pieces and some LeCreuset dutch oven pieces.

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We use mostly Le Creuset enameled cast iron and All-Clad stainless. Both cook very well and will likely last forever, but the All-Clad (every damn piece of it) buzzes annoyingly on induction, while the Le Creuset is silent.

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Saltimbocca -- which AllClad line do you have that buzzes?

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I'm not sure - we got some at Bloomingdale's and some discounted at T.J. Maxx, but they all have exactly the same look, stainless inside & out with the All-Clad logo on the base of the handle where it attaches to the pan. The largest piece, a 12-1/2" saute pan with cover, also has printed on the bottom:
Handcrafted in the USA
5 Qt.
No. 27211

Does that tell anyone anything?

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