Tiling question: how to size anchor and bit

fourambluesNovember 12, 2013

Well, this is actually for a kitchen backsplash, but probably more folks with tile expertise are on this forum?

So... for well over a year now I've had a stainless shelf for over the range. I've been too afraid to drill into my backsplash tile! The size of the screws that came with the shelf isn't specified. (The display at HD with the holes to size screws was not helpful. They're either #8 or #10, I think.) I need to get the appropriate size anchors (straight tubes, right?), and figure out how to choose the correct diamond drill bit relative to the anchor size. Any words of advice would be wonderful - I'm ready to get the shelf off of the floor (and my to-do list) and onto the wall!

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Locate your wall studs; you could verify by drilling a small hole through the grout line. After drilling the tile, (don't put your drill on "hammer") screw through the shelf and tile and into the studs with a stainless steel panhead screw.

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Trebruchet, there's only one stud, so I'm stuck with two of the three screws going into anchors. Thanks for the response!

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It depends so here goes.
Assuming it's a # 8 OR #10 - as the bore-countersink bore on your shelf will fit that screw. No Biggie, as a panhead will work equally as well.

Anyhow, you're looking at either a 3/16 or 1/4 drill bit, depending on what size anchor. Your anchor WILL tell you what size bit you need. If it's ceramic, any diamond bit will do. If it's porcelin, I would use a Armeg PTC bit (google it). THAT size is based on what sized hole is called for the anchor. Use a good anchor like these and call it a day. I would not loose sleep on hitting a stud with good anchors.


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Thanks so much, chefwong! I just watched a video of that drill bit going through porcelain like butter! Wish me luck...

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