Make Windows7 look like XP

Sue_vaAugust 4, 2013

I've had my HP Windows 7 a couple months now and I find it somewhat dis/un organized.

I went back through Search here and found good threads discussing the pros and cons of Win7 and found mention of a site I have been looking at :Make Windows7 look like XP.

In that Search thread I just finished reading, Ravencajun okayed it and gave the link. I think I will go and read more of it. Have any of you made that change, and if so, are you pleased with it?

If I decide to go with it, and then regret it, will I be able to change back to the way Win7 was?

Yeah, I am one of those Senior Citizens who were mentioned as "not liking change." I was happy, happy, happy with XP.



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Even though it was an adjustment, I like W 7 as well as I did XP. I am different than most peeps, I enjoy the learning.

Just curious what is it you don't like? The part I hated was the change in email and going from works to word.

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I had a tech "build" me a machine, have all I wanted from previous XP, but had I known that the folder for the docs would be sideways, and could could have no pics on them, would have stayed XP if at all possible, nothing you can do about that, tried it and no go. Also had trubble finding downloads, and docs in my background, they seem to be more hidden, or were anyway, I have had my W7 about 3 months now, and have become used to it, not a fan by any means, but am used to it finally.
One final note, I also had files that simply disappeared from the documents, and googled, W7 has this problem, and it has since been rectified, at least in my case.
I also had a friend find me an add on, for the pdf's has pics on them which helps find what I am searching for, rather than on the folders as in XP.
Brought all the goodies with me from XP that I could, love my Word, my pdf makers, and learning a new mail program, I would not pay the hundred dollars for OE mail, and as I had TB on the XP computer, took that along as well. All in all, has been a heck of a learning process, those that find or found it easy, good for them, for those of us that have trubble, well, it is hard, and I am not ashamed to admit it was hard for me. ADD is part of the reason, and had to redo, redo and redo before I could get programs and how they worked into my head. Since I wrote everything down, has helped a great deal, and am so grateful that I did not have to take W8. Maybe by the time I need a new machine again, they will have redone the OS and come up with something simple again, I know it can be done, and senior or not, there are things that are hard for even youngsters, anyone younger than 65.
Just remember folks, one day you will be older as well, and understand what I am speaking of, let's hope you can move thru the process as easily as you can, for those of us with issues, it is a real hardship.

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Shaddy computers are very strange. I have had W 7 since it came out and have never had the problems you have had. I bought my computer already made, maybe that makes a difference. I don't use the libraries, just make my own documents folder for every thing on the desktop like they used to be.

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Coincidence. I had decided that no one other than Emma was going to respond to my plea, so I came back here to thank her for her response; now I see one other reply, but it is more or less my situation also.

Emma, There are a number of things I dislike about WIN7. First is the lack of simplicity that XP had. Ever since I got my first PC, about 20 years ago, I have used Corel Word Perfect. There, every thing that I saved went to one place: Documents, saved alphabetically with a 2-3 word text location, no pics, or icons.

Now my documents each has a name with the Corel Word Perfect icon, taking up a lot of space, all in a colorful folder, one for each category.

With XP, I kept my "most used" sites on my desktop, each in a small folder, which I then combined in one folder. Now there are a few of those on my desktop, each with colored icons. In one yellow folder, named desktop, unlike any other folder, are several sites, . There is also in that folder, icons to take me to almost every place I go. The neat picture album on Photobucket doesn't even exist any more, and my pictures are scattered here and there, in 2 0r 3 places. Those are just some of the examples of mass confusion I have. I have yet to find where my Bookmarks are. I use Thunderbird for my default mail, and I am getting a lot more Junk mail than ever before.

I'm far from being a pro, but over the years, I have been pretty good at keeping my PC going through all the changes, having depended on this forum and Google to help me. I am very disappointed with the lack of help in this instance.

As Shaddy said, I am trying to get used to it, but why could it not be more like XP, instead of so different?

Thanks for "listening" to my rant.


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Your welcome Sue, As I said I do not use the Library that came with 7, because I lost some control over what is saved there. I removed them from the task bar and put the same 3 folders we have always had, recycle, my computer and documents on my desktop. Everything stays where I put it. Maybe settings are part of the problem. If you have large icons there are ways to change the view. I use "list" on almost everything. When you open your folder there is an icon with a down arrow on the top right side, hover your cursor over it and it should say "change the view". Click on it and a menu will come up with small, medium, large, extra large icons and list. Book marks should be on the tool bar. Hope this helps some.

Wanted to add, graphics software often changes the icons on your PC.

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Sue, if you haven't tried this little app, give it a try. At least it will maker your start menu look more like XP. It's called Classic Shell.

The fact that you're receiving more spam in TB has nothing whatever to do with Win 7, and everything to do with TB. I tried TB, could not get used to it, and went with Windows Live Mail. It's not OE, but not that different, either.

Here is a link that might be useful: Classic Shell

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PKponder TX

Sue, when you are in the folder that shows all of your documents in "pictures Template" or the Corel icon, look to the top and notice the tabs. Click on View and you should see the settings to change to something more to your liking. You can also choose the sort and arrange options here. Play with it until you get it the way you want. Preferred view is very personal and individualized :-)

I found a very easy to follow pictorial guide at the eight forums.

***edited to add: Just realized it's Windows 7 not 8. Ooops ..that's much easier to find, just click View and choose details or another layout that you like, and a different link from the seven forums. Sorry to cloud the resolution with an inaccuracy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Windows 7 apply folder view

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Thank you, ladies. Looks like the gents have more important (?) things to do.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Pain Management Clinic for spinal injections. I plan on using my "recup" time here, working on your suggestions/helps.

I'm for sure hoping to get all this up and running in a much better way. I just can't understand why "THEY" had to make it so clumsy, after we were happy with XP; or at least I was.



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I understand (but don't agree with) your sentiment that you prefer to avoid changes. It's silly to try to fight it, because new products or versions of any kind (toasters, autos, PCs, software, TVs) ALWAYS have changes. That's what product producers do. Changes aren't always the improvements they're intended to be but they often are. In any event, you can't avoid them.

Many users I try to help (more experienced citizens included) confuse "What" they do with "How" they do it. You should learn about "What" you do and CAN do with a PC, that's what's important. The "How" is variable and can change from machine to machine, or from version to version. If you really understand "What", "How" becomes secondary and trivial.

The car I have today starts differently than the one I had 10 years ago. So what? I know I need to start it, it doesn't need to work the same as older models did. In fact, I'm glad it's different, it's better. Whether with a car or a PC, when I forget a new way to do something, I laugh at myself and then get on with it. Try it.

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