Layout help with gut bathroom remodel

beaglesdoitbetter1November 28, 2012

We are doing a gut remodel of a bathroom in our FL house, taking down walls. To give me the room for the bathroom, we're also taking out a walk-in closet and I'm replacing w/ a bank of built-ins in the new bathroom. I am having some issues getting the layout right, though, even though the room is going to end up pretty big.

Here is what I am working with so far. Absolutely nothing is set in stone (except the outer dimensions of the room, which will be a 13 x 10 square once all the walls come down in the current space:

Along the wall that is marked as having the toilet room and the hanging storage, etc., I am planning on creating a wall that looks like this:

The last "closet" door on the far wall will actually be the entrance to the toilet room, but it will just look like any other closet door.

So, in the space that remains in the room, I want to fit a clawfoot tub that is 60x30.

I also would like to fit two vanities and a large walk-in shower. I really like the look of something like this for the walk-in shower:

My original plan was to center the tub in the room, but I don't think I have the space...

So, any suggestions for how to make everything fit. The closet wall does not have to stay where it is, it can move. But I do need to have:
1. Closet wall
2. Toilet room
3. Walk-in shower
4. Clawfoot tub
5. Two vanities

There is currently a small window on the wall across from where the closet wall is. It looks out on a little side yard and I can just its size a bit if needed.

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I don't understand your toilet room. Do you mean to say you will only have the toilet room be 3x3 feet? Do you intend to close the door while it is in use? If so, you need at least a 5' dimension somewhere.

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ooh. I thought I had an idea and realized I forgot the entrance door. How do you enter this space?

6 foot vanity along left wall
shower in top right corner, and
tub protruding from center bottom

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That's a powerfully cramped space for the toilet room. If you can't expand it, I'd just give that space over to storage and put the toilet out in the room.

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I agree. The toilet room was a big concern. What about this possible layout:

Kind of a take-off on this picture:

The wall of closets would go on the right side. Toilet room in one of the 4 ft boxes and walk-in shower in the other.

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lyvia, the doors are on the original picture where it says "doors swing out." Thanks!

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You NEED a minimum of 24 inches and some areas even more infront of the toilet bowl to meet code. For most rooms and most toilets (ie, not a wall mount) this translates to just under 60 inches--5 feet. Even 4 feet is too short a space for the toilet room.

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There was a 54" long toilet room in one of the finished baths posted here. You would have to check code, but the owner said it worked fine for her family.

You might consider a slightly wider door for both toilet and shower. 24" could feel awfully small, especially in relation to such a large room.

The overall concept of the tub between shower and toilet room looks good to me, and it does leave ample space for storage. I love your inspiration photo of the wall of closets, and look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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I could always use a wall-mount toilet or even make that area a little bit longer if I need to although I'd prefer not to lose closet space to toilet room space.

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Think of the most cramped, unpleasant public restroom stall you've ever had to use. That's pretty much what you're proposing here.

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Beagles, have you seen this site. It is so helpful. Even though you are young don't over look the possibility that you might end up in a wheel chair for a short while. My nephew was in a wheel chair for 6 weeks after jumping from a garage to the ground, in some stupid stunt, and he broke both heels. Ouch! Anyway they had to navigate their small bathroom and it was a PITA. Not to mention getting around a century old middle school that was not built to accommodate wheel chairs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Illustrated Rules of Good Bathroom Design

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Can you show where the windows are? Is there one centered on the tub all as in your inspiration photo?

Are your entry doors centered on the front wall? Can they be changed from doors to a single door? And can that door be shifted left or right if needed?

I have a few scary

Code minimum for a toilet closet is 30" wide by 60" long. 30" is a little tight, 36" is better. The 60" is fine.

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OK, so if my plan won't work, how can I fix it :)

enduring there are two other full baths w/ tub and shower on the same floor. I am not worried about making this one handicap accessible.

mongoct there is one window on the rights side. I've labeled it here. It is currently a small, stupid high window which I was planning on making a little bigger and longer. It was going to be in between the two vanity mirrors in the current proposed plan and I was going to put a glass cabinet w/ glass front and back in front of it to let light filter through but get more storage and obscure the view.

The doors can be changed or moved from side to side if need be. The window could be changed and moved to- but the bathroom faces the front of the house and it is a ground floor house so there can't be a window in the front.

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