Toaster oven recommendations

cookiepaSeptember 30, 2012

I need a new one! Its just the two of now. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I currently own Delonghi. I have no complaints but wonder if there's a brand/model that is more efficient and improved. Its been some time since I purchased the Delonghi. Thanks for all responses.

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I have the $50 Hamilton Beach 6-slice toaster oven (also convection) that I bought a year ago at Bed Bath & Beyond. It also fits a pizza. I LOVE that thing! I use it daily on the convection setting to do practically everything. I've never made toast in it, though.

It's kind of funny because I bought it after moving into a rental home and leaving a GE Advantium behind, and I have to say I use it more than anything, even that Advantium! We are building and it's funny to think I will miss it when I have my "new" kitchen :-)

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Breville makes great toaster ovens - I believe they now come in three sizes - I have the large one and love it - it not only makes good toast but works as a good, small second oven. They're a bit pricey, but worth it.

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I have the large Breville and I use it a lot as a second small oven - and it does well - but mine is terrible at toasting. I only make a couple slices of toast a week but still I've considered buying a "toaster" because it's so bad.

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I have an older Cuisinart Classic. The new ones are less than $80 at BB&B, and the rack on the new one comes out automatically when you open the door.

We like it. We use it mostly for toast, but I have grilled tuna melts and hot dogs in there, too. It seems to take a long time to make the toast, but I haven't actually compared it to the Breville. It could just seem long because we're hungry and impatient for the toast.

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My newish big Breville makes great toast. I especially like that I can use any size loaf slice the bread to any thickness I want. And toast up to six average slices at one time.

Also works well as a convection oven and broiler, of course, but I use it most often for toast (several times a week, breakfast toast and dinner olive/garlic toast or mini buns.

I used the BBandB 20% off coupon, by the way. You can get the coupon on line by signing up for their emails. Certainly worth doing with something this pricey.

Probably my best kitchen small appliance.

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I'll 2nd,3rd, 4th Breville

I purchased mine BBB after reading many posts here & Amazon.
nearly 2yrs later - Love that toaster oven - gets more use than the large 36" oven part of the range

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