priority entry to family room or bathroom window

lyviaNovember 14, 2012

If you could choose...(the projected family room would be partly an old bedroom and partly over the garage, which is sort of behind the current bedrooms, resulting in this dilemma)

option A. give the tub a nice ordinary window, but the entry to the upstairs family room is squeezed in between the hall bath and two bedrooms.

option B. Let the bathroom take the upper hallway. In this arrangement, you would go halfway upstairs then either turn right and go up a half flight to the family room, or u-turn and go up a half flight to the hall bath and two bedrooms. You get separation of family room from the beds, and a gorgeous stairwell with huge windows, but instead of a direct window from the bathroom to the outdoors, an interior window would allow light in from across the stairwell. It would be high on the stairwell, and there could be shutters or a curtain on the stairwell side of the window to adjust privacy/daylight.

What do you think?

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Will the window also be high up in the bathroom? If so, I'd do option B with a stained/leaded glass fixed pane. Have a good exhaust fan installed. Don't think you'd miss having an outdoor window. Lots of baths don't have windows at all.

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option B.

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