Shims to level marble vanity top, ok?

bethinncNovember 6, 2013

I realized yesterday (about a week after the installation) that the fabricator/installer of our crema marfil vanity top used shims in several spots along the front of the vanity when they installed the top.

Wide shot of entire vanity

Close ups of the shims as seen from front of vanity

pics from inside the cabinet showing the shims

When asked, the GC said shimming is normal because the top needs to be perfectly level. I just want to be sure that the top is adequately supported. From my layperson's view, it seems like it would be better if it were supported all the way around by the cabinet boxes, rather than just in a few spots around the perimeter. This is a bathroom vanity, and I don't anticipate anyone sitting or standing on it, but still... Is this kind of installation normal/ adequate? If so, great! If not, what kind of remedy I should request?

Thank you!

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not ok IMO. The vanity should be shimmed and leveled, then the top is set on a perfectly level surface.

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The GC is the one who should have left a perfectly level surface for your counter installer. I'd want a few more shims installed to spread the load, and I'd expect the GC to do it without raising any type of fuss or charging extra.

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The shims should be plastic or composite, not wood, which is dimensionally unstable and compressive. The shims should have been used under the cabinet so the cabinets would be plumb and level. This would provide continuous perimeter support for the stone and precluded the need for molding to cover the now-exposed shims.

If the top were shimmed a heavy 1/16" or so, it wouldn't be a big deal, but that cabinet wasn't installed, it was dropped off and screwed in.

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